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  1. 1. Shaping the future of food Alimentaria 2008 trend report
  2. 2. Objectives of the reportIdentify and examine the macro trends in the foodindustry observed in Alimentaria 2008 related toproduct concept & positioning, product content andpackagingContrast the trends perceived in Alimentaria 2008 withthe real evolution of the industryGive detailed examples of products present inAlimentaria 2008 that show trends’ evidence (Refer to theAnnex)Draw future challenges and opportunities forcompanies within the industry
  3. 3. Agenda1. Alimentària 2008 Fast Facts2. Macro food trends3. Annex: Food trends illustration
  4. 4. Alimentaria 2008 Fast FactsThe leading Food and Beverage industry exhibition in SpainOne of the world’s most important events in the industry5,000 companies presentOver 120,000 m2 of exhibition spaceCombined with entertainment-, research- and innovation-orientedevents such as The Spain of Cured Iberian Meat products or TheInternational Pizza Championship
  5. 5. Alimentaria 2008 Fast FactsAlimentaria 2008 was made up of the following shows Frozen food Show for bottled waters, beers, juices and ciders Fresh fruit and vegetable show Olive oil and vegetable oil show Show for sea food, aquaculture Show for meat and meat and farmed fish products products Show for preserved and semi- preserved food Organic food Hotel, restaurant and catering food show Wine and spirits show Milk and dairy products show Show for food products in Some of the international general companies Show for sweets, biscuits and Show for Spains Autonomous confectionery products Communities
  6. 6. Alimentaria 2008 Fast FactsThe situation of the food industry in 2008The food industry is undergoing a period of consumption stagnation andmargins decrease due to the increase of the price of raw materials andthe increasing power of retailers and distributor brandsThe situation forces companies to seek new markets and to increase thevalue perceived (and as a result the margin) of their offer throughinnovationThe industry needs to accelerate their innovation cycles to defend theirposition within the market The quality of distributor brands is increasing and they are even taking a step ahead by launching new products before the traditional brands do (ie. Aldi was the first brand to launch flavoured water in the German market)
  7. 7. Alimentaria 2008 Fast FactsAlimentaria 2008 showed a partial picture of the industrysituationAlimentaria was not an accurate reflection of today’s industry because itwas just represented by brandsRetailers with distributor brands are becoming very relevant in somecategories and as retailers were not present this could not be perceivedHowever, this year, the retail point was examined with the FutureShop Project, an activity centred on Research, Development andInnovation organized by Alimentaria, as a response to the importance ofthe point of sale: A 70% of buying decisions are taken in the shop*And Innoval Awards (also organized by Alimentaria), whose aim is tohonour the industry’s most innovative products, showed that the industryis betting on innovation with new innovative solutions for both the homeand professional catering segments* Source: Press Dossier of Alimentaria 2008
  8. 8. Alimentaria 2008 Fast FactsThe future shop projectThe Future Shop project (organized by Alimentaria) is an initiative that shows howdistribution points must evolve in order to adapt to the needs and demands of the buyer ofthe future (Inspired in the study carried out by TNS for Alimentaria titled ‘The Demands ofthe Buyer of the Future’)Some examples of what wasIntelligent shopping cart: RFID shown: Electronic labels will provide the trolley with automated payment customer the exact price of the It acts as a personal assistant product with a quick, simple, in the point of sale , making reliable and automatic process recommendations and (presented by Jos de Vries and providing key info to the Wincor Nixdorf) customer (presented by Wincor Nixdorf) New technologies of Automated A new generation of refrigeration Checkout will improve current solutions characterized by their slow payment processes excellent refrigeration capabilities The customer decides whether to For instance, Evergreen go through a traditional check-out technology maintains the fruits with a cashier, or use a self- and vegetables fresh longer and service system in which it is the they are excellently displayed customer who scans the items, (presented by Smeva) bags and pays (presented by Wincor Nixdorf)
  9. 9. Alimentaria 2008 Fast FactsInnoval awardsInnoval awards’ aim is to honour the industry’s most innovativeproducts (organized by Alimentaria)Among all the products presented, Inedit was one of the most powerfulat innovation. That is because of the following reasons: This new beer is suitable for the finest meals, matching any kind of food, what makes it a wine competitor at dining tables It’s a unique blend in the beer world made from barley and wheat malts and flavoured with herbs It has been co-created by Damm’s top brew masters and by the team of sommeliers from El Bulli, directed by Ferran Adrià It will be first available in hotels and restaurants giving a premium and exclusive positioning to this new beer Inedit. Damm’s new innovative “beer”
  10. 10. Macro food trends5 trends are the main drivers of the food industry Wellbeing Convenience Pleasure Natural & Authenticity Eco
  11. 11. Macro food trendsFacts & opinions supporting trends In 2008, main trends continue growing although they have In 2006… evolved and entered new food categories ‘Every study and surveys point out that the ‘Every study and surveys point out that the three main growing drivers when filling the three main growing drivers when filling the shopping bag are: healthy, convenient shopping bag are: healthy, convenient and pleasant products’ and pleasant products’ ‘The consumer is interested ‘The consumer is interested Silvia Escudé, Communication Manager at Nestlé Silvia Escudé, Communication Manager at Nestlé in pleasure, convenience in pleasure, convenience Innova Innova and health’ and health’ José Arcas. President of Nestlé José Arcas. President of Nestlé España and of Innoval (Alimentaria España and of Innoval (Alimentaria ‘I would highlight that there are ‘I would highlight that there are 2006 Edition) 2006 Edition) more sustainable and more sustainable and convenient formats and also the convenient formats and also the combination of ingredients that combination of ingredients that continue to surprise us.’ continue to surprise us.’ José Carlos Lacasa. President from the José Carlos Lacasa. President from the multiproduct show and Board Adviser at multiproduct show and Board Adviser at Lacasa Lacasa
  12. 12. Macro food trendsEmerging targets identified: Immigrants, singles and seniors Immigrants Singles Today, one out of ten Today, one out of ten Single households Single households Spaniards has a Spaniards has a are increasing and are increasing and foreign origin foreign origin correspond to correspond to 21,5% of the total 21,5% of the total Seniors The population pyramid The population pyramid (talking about emerging targets) In (talking about emerging targets) In is becoming older. is becoming older. 2010, the number of single 2010, the number of single Currently 20% of the Currently 20% of the households will have increased by households will have increased by population is above 60 population is above 60 17,1%, the number of immigrants 17,1%, the number of immigrants and projections point and projections point by 35% and the volume of seniors by 35% and the volume of seniors out that in 2050 it will out that in 2050 it will by 9% (vs. 2007) by 9% (vs. 2007) almost be doubled almost be doubled Source: Conclusions of the future shopper demands study by TNS presented in the VII Foro Internacional de la Alimentación in the context of Alimentaria 2008
  13. 13. Macro food trendsThese trends do not stand alone and many productsleverage on more than one Wellbeing Convenience Natural & Eco Authenticity Pleasure
  14. 14. Macro food trendsNew products that respond to different trends are beinglaunched Wellbeing Convenience Natural & Eco Authenticity Pleasure
  15. 15. Macro food trendsTrends’ illustration Wellbeing Convenience Natural & Eco Authenticity Pleasure
  16. 16. Agenda1. Alimentària 2008 Fast Facts2. Macro food trends3. Annex: Food trends illustration
  17. 17. Macro food trends1. Wellbeing Wellbeing Convenience Natural & Eco Authenticity Pleasure
  18. 18. Wellbeing Main drivers and highlights Wellbeing is related to health but refers to the human being in a more holistic way (body, mind, feelings, etc.) Today wellbeing products go beyond eating healthy and: Introduce functional benefits acting, in many cases, as a medicine and blurring the limits between the pharmaceutical and the food industry (Functional food) Facilitate substituting or reducing ‘unhealthy’ traditional food, drinks or snacks, without having functional properties (Other healthy food) Keep natural properties and provide food security (the value of natural is explored more in detail in 4th trend: Natural & Eco)Note: For more detailed information, please refer to Annex Food trends illustration
  19. 19. WellbeingSub-trends summary Other healthy food Wellbeing Functional Convenience food Natural & Eco Authenticity Pleasure
  20. 20. Other Functional healthy Wellbeing food food Main drivers and highlights: Functional food Dairy (yogurt, milk…) was the first category where functional health benefits appeared: cholesterol reduction, improvement of digestion, reduction of blood pressure, etc. Now new categories are entering this market (ie. Ice cream, soft drinks and candies) Kids are a very relevant target when talking about health care and therefore of functional food: increase defences, facilitate digestion, etc New functional benefits addressing new contexts and moments of consumption appear (ie. Relax before sleeping) A new functional benefit that goes beyond the traditional limits of food has appeared: dermo-nutrition Cacao with herbs to relax before sleeping Complement Yogurt with “Healthy” flavours ing daily natural skin yogurt-based meals nutrientsNote: For more detailed information of the products above and other trends’evidences, please refer to Annex Food trendsillustration
  21. 21. Other Functional healthy Wellbeing food food Main drivers and highlights: Non-functional healthy food The soft drink industry is launching new healthier drinks, mainly targeting women with a healthier and lighter option: diet drinks, functional benefits, non or less sparkling and tea-based drinks Men are being targeted with global offers, not with specific products that could be perceived mainly for men Soy consolidates as the main substitute of milk for those lactose intolerant or looking for a functional and easier to digest alternative Other substitute products are being launched aiming to replace the unhealthy alternative (ie. salt or sugar) The Embutidos industry (the Spanish processed meat industry) a national not very healthy product, is starting to reposition some products as healthier Natural lemon based soft-drink Sweetened condensed Soy Sabrosanos: milk Healthier Salt substitute sausages and cured meatNote: For more detailed information of the products above and other trends’evidences, please refer to Annex Food trendsillustration
  22. 22. Other Functional healthy Wellbeing food food Main drivers and highlights: Non-functional healthy food While concern for obesity among kids increases, boundaries to reduce children consumption of industrial bakery are being established and it makes the industry respond with healthier products and educational campaigns Healthy preparation (ie. steaming) to keep natural properties and security, especially among kids, are two increasing values related to healthy food Against kids obesity Germ-free water (no need to boil) Baby food that keep natural flavour and nutrientsNote: For more detailed information of the products above and other trends’evidences, please refer to Annex Food trendsillustration
  23. 23. Agenda1. Alimentària 2008 Fast Facts2. Macro food trends3. Annex: Food trends illustration
  24. 24. Food trends illustration1. Wellbeing Wellbeing Convenience Natural & Eco Authenticity Pleasure
  25. 25. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodNew functional references are launched in this growingmarket Keeps you fit Fat absorbing With 20% fewer calories than other fat It absorbs fat ingested at mealtimes free yogurts and high soluble fibre content To be taken before meals It enhances calcium absorption by Benefits: wellbeing without worries providing added calcium (help in weight management) Low-lactose product that makes digestion Brand: Zerokilo easier Benefits: Wellbeing and convenience Brand: Kaiku
  26. 26. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodKids & functional products Complementing daily meals Enriched milks Nutrition complement: energy, vitamins Enriched milks for unweaned babies and and minerals for kids and teenagers after: it helps reinforce the baby’s immune Benefits: Wellbeing (help in situations of system, reducing the risk of allergies, insufficient feeding, anorexia, rapid promoting oral tolerance and facilitating the growth, intensive activity physical or baby’s digestive process intellectual, etc) Benefits: Wellbeing Brand: Meritene (by Novartis) Brand: Nidina (by Nestlé)
  27. 27. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodFunctional ice-creams With Soy milk Suitable for gluten intolerants Range of healthy ice- Regular ice-cream suitable creams: Soja and for gluten intolerants with an bifidus exotic flavour Benefits: Wellbeing Benefits: Wellbeing and and pleasure pleasure for everyone Brand: Clesa (Royne) including gluten intolerants Brand: Menorquina High-protein ice-cream Healthy flavours With 12% of protein; it Range of healthy flavours; could substitute a low-fat yogurts with a cereal meal topping, yogurt and cereals Suitable for sports 2 formats: single-serving people clear cup and family size Benefits: Wellbeing, Benefits: Wellbeing and convenience and pleasure pleasure Brand: La Lechera Brand: Wellness ice- cream
  28. 28. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodFunctional drinks Vegetal origin Tea & Philosophy Energizing coffee Functional drink with Range of different teas: High quality coffees with vegetal origin happiness Tea, Friendship tea, ginseng Benefits: Healthy and Inspiration tea, pregnancy tea, Addressed to different meaning (in line with … distribution channels: oriental way of life and Different formats including some consumers, restaurants habits) suitable for making a gift and hotels and vending Brand: Tealia Benefits: Wellbeing and pleasure Benefits: Wellbeing Brand: Today was fun Brand: nº1 Sportcaffé (manufactured by Corret to Suite)
  29. 29. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodOther healthy soft drinks targeting mainly women More functional or 0 calories O,0% beers Antiox (Minute Maid) Vitalinea Citrus and Agua de Moritz (more sophisticated branding for a Vitalinea Lima with 0,0% beer: ‘water’ instead of ‘without alcohol’ calcium and magnesium Fanta Zero San Miguel 0,0% with Lemon-flavoured Tea
  30. 30. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodOther healthy non- functional soft drinks targeting mainlywomen Natural fruits-based Tea-based or-flavoured The bottle of fruit Limonada & nada Mangajo juices & tea (Swell smoothies) (Minute maid) Font Vella Sensation Green tea and Rooibos tea Granini Sprite Duo Esencial Fruit Smoothie (Solan de Fanta Verdia Cabras)
  31. 31. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodNew contextualised functional benefits Relax before sleeping Teens candies Helpful chewing gums Cacao with herbs to prepare a Range of candies Chewing gums helping hot drink for kids before going to targeting teens and consumer in different moments bed party moments: ritmic, of the day or of life: that Benefits: calm for kids to sleep nonstop, speed load, stimulates sun tanning, for quit well and for parents … smocking, against bad breath, Brand: Nesquik Benefits: energy, against seasickness, or even wellbeing and pleasure for teeth cleaning Brand: Agüera Benefits: Wellbeing Brand: Fleer española
  32. 32. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodDermo-nutrition With natural skin nutrients With collagen First dermo-nutrition dairy drink with Another dermo-nutrition dairy drink Borage oil, natural oxidants and targeting more explicitly women above Vitamin E 25 Benefits: Wellbeing (it nourishes the A part from the skin, it also takes care skin from inside out providing nutrients of bones and joints that skin needs in a daily basis) and Brand: Colágeno post 25 (Kaiku) convenience Brand: Essensis (Danone)
  33. 33. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodAn extension of Soy dairy products to the whole category Yogurts Cereals & Juices Sweetened condensed milk Brand: Clesa Brand: ViveSoy Brand: Soymilk (Olievra)
  34. 34. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodHealthier food seasoners Salt substitute Low-sodium salt, (0% sodium) without the bitter flavour characteristic of other products Benefits: Wellbeing and pleasure Brand: VitaSol (Gallina Blanca)
  35. 35. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodHealthier cured and processed meat Sabrosanos low fat Butimon & Jalmon Jamón Ibérico de bellota is healthy Chorizo, Hamburger with Smoked salmon in a Repositioned as very healthy vegetables, ‘mortadela’ low fat sausage shape (Butimon) and in a ham Benefits: Health (Reduces the Awarded with the ‘Flavour of the shape (Jalmon) harmful cholesterol, enriched year prize with vitamins, etc.) and Benefits: Healthier pleasure Brand: Serrano snack than traditional sausages
  36. 36. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodHealthy preparation & Security Keeps natural properties Risk-free water Baby Food that keeps all the natural flavour and Purified water, mineral-free and germ-free (no nutrients due to the innovative production process (the need to boil) ingredients are steamed separately the appropriate Adapted to the physiological and nutritional amount of time) needs of the baby Benefits: Health, natural and convenience Benefits: Baby wellbeing and convenience for Brand: Naturnes (Nestlé) parents Brand: Aquababy (by Nafree)
  37. 37. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodAgainst kids obesityLooney Tunes Active proposes an active and sportive life tochildren, opposite to being sedentary, main cause of obesityamong kidsOther companies can hire Looney Tunes active to launch acampaign aiming to promote an active lifestyleBenefits: wellbeingBrand: Looney Tunes Active
  38. 38. Other Functional healthyWellbeing food foodConvenient health Snacking For kids Home-style base of montaditos: Fresh cheese for kids classic with rice, … providing nutritional With the non-genetically modified propertied suitable for wheat flour and virgin oil growing needs Benefits: Wellbeing and With a cartoon on every convenience (stay crisp up to 2 cup and different hours after preparation) flavours Brand: Risnak Benefits: Wellbeing, pleasure and fun for kids Special K Mini Breaks, All- Bran Brand: Burgo de Arias Mini breaks and All- Bran Bizcochito Benefit: Wellbeing pleasure and convenience Brand: Kellogg’s Modern version of sea bread and ship biscuits (an ancient solution for naturally preserving bread during long ocean voyages) Benefits: Wellbeing, pleasure, convenience and fresh preservation Brand: Daveiga
  39. 39. Capità Arenas 3-5, baixos 1a 08034 Barcelona T +34 93 206 17 F +34 93 205 96 info@creafutur.com39