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Catcher in the Rye Chapter 10
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Catcher in the Rye Chapter 10



Published in Education , Sports , Technology
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  • 1. The Catcher in the Rye
  • 2. Chapter 10
  • 3.
    • “It was still pretty early. I'm not sure what time it was, but it wasn't too late.”
    • “The one thing I hate to do is go to bed when I'm not even tired.”
    • “So I opened my suitcases and took out a clean shirt, and then I went in the bathroom and washed and changed my shirt.”
    • “What I thought I'd do, I thought I'd go downstairs and see what the hell was going on in the Lavender Room.”
    • “They had this night club, the Lavender Room, in the hotel.
  • 4.
    • “ Except for a few pimpy-looking guys, and a few whory-looking blondes, the lobby was pretty empty.”
  • 5.
    • “But you could hear the band playing in the Lavender Room, and so I went in there. It wasn't very crowded, but they gave me a lousy table anyway--way in the back.”
    • “I should've waved a buck under the head-waiter's nose. In New York, boy, money really talks--I'm not kidding.”
  • 6.
    • Three women are seated at the next table, and Holden summons up the courage to ask if any of them would care to dance.
  • 7.
    • “I started giving the three witches at the next table the eye again.”
    • “That is, the blonde one.”
  • 8.
    • “The other two were strictly from hunger. I didn't do it crudely, though. I just gave all three of them this very cool glance and all.”
    • “What they did, though, the three of them, when I did it, they started giggling like morons.”
  • 9.
    • So all of a sudden, I sort of leaned over and said, "Would any of you girls care to dance?"
    • I didn't ask them crudely or anything. Very suave, in fact. But God damn it, they thought that was a panic, too. They started giggling some more. I'm not kidding, they were three real morons.
    • "C'mon," I said. "I'll dance with you one at a time. All right? How 'bout it? C'mon!" I really felt like dancing.
  • 10.
    • “Finally, the blonde one got up to dance with me.”
    • “She was one of the best dancers I ever danced with. I'm not kidding, some of these very stupid girls can really knock you out on a dance floor.”
    • “You take a really smart girl, and half the time she's trying to lead you around the dance floor, or else she's such a lousy dancer, the best thing to do is stay at the table and just get drunk with her.”
  • 11.
    • “ They didn't invite me to sit down at their table-- mostly because they were too ignorant--but I sat down anyway.”
    • “ The blonde I'd been dancing with's name was Bernice something--Crabs or Krebs.”
    • “ The two ugly ones' names were Marty and Laverne.”
    • “ I told them my name was Jim Steele, just for the hell of it.”
  • 12.
    • “ Then I tried to get them in a little intelligent conversation, but it was practically impossible.”
    • “ You could hardly tell which was the stupidest of the three of them.”
    • “ And the whole three of them kept looking all around the goddam room, like as if they expected a flock of goddam movie stars to come in any minute.”
  • 13.
    • “They probably thought movie stars always hung out in the Lavender Room when they came to New York, instead of the Stork Club or El Morocco and all.”
  • 14.
    • “I danced with them all--the whole three of them--one at a time.”
    • “The one ugly one, Laverne, wasn't too bad a dancer, but the other one, old Marty, was murder.”
    • “Old Marty was like dragging the Statue of Liberty around the floor.”
  • 15.
    • “The bar was closing up for the night, so I bought them all two drinks apiece quick before it closed, and I ordered two more Cokes for myself.”
    • “All of a sudden, when they finished their drink, all three of them stood up on me and said they had to get to bed.”
    • “They said they were going to get up early to see the first show at Radio City Music Hall.”
  • 16.
    • “ With cigarettes and all, the check came to about thirteen bucks.”
    • “ I think they should've at least offered to pay for the drinks they had before I joined them--I wouldn't've let them, naturally, but they should've at least offered. I didn't care much, though.”
  • 17. Cool Teacher Site