SIM Strategic Marketing forum 14-15 July


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A 2 day conference by Singapore Institute of Management

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SIM Strategic Marketing forum 14-15 July

  1. 1. Organised by: mANAGEmENT PrACTICES SErIES 1201 stRategiC MaRKeting FoRUM: neW tRenDs & insigHts in CReating & sUstaining CoMPetitiVe aDVantage JULY 14 &15, 2011 NOVOTEL SINGAPORE CLARKE QUAY register today at
  2. 2. intRoDUCtionEnterprises today are tasked with challenges to successfully implement good strategies, initiatives and ideas to achievethe desired results. Business needs are changing rapidly; active competition generates more choices and new technologiesalter the business landscape. Pressured with volatile economic climate, restructuring, privatisation, downsizing and stiffercompetition behind them, enterprises need to concentrate on growth and protect their business interests more than ever.This should begin with the marketing strategy.This two-day forum is designed to provide an ideal platform to learn about how today’s consumers think and behave, howthey react to the various media profiles and campaigns, where they search for information on products and services, whatvalues organisations should develop and highlight to best meet their customers’ expectations, etc.This forum is not just about marketing mix, brand extension, communication strategies or channel marketing. It alsostrives to look towards the future and provide insights for a successful relationship with the customers and clients. You willalso gain practical knowledge on social media, emerging trends and marketing ROI, as well as from real case-studies. tHURsDay, jUly 14, 2011 (ConFeRenCe) Product and Marketing Innovation Strategies By Angela Koch, Chief Ideas Facilitator, Invitro Innovation One of the few sources of organic growth left to many firms is through product or service innovation. But having a quality pipeline of viable ideas for execution does not come naturally to companies. Fast-track your Innovation Quotient with 10 simple lessons borrowed from leaders in consumer innovation. Key lessons include separating innovation work from the day-to-day pressures of work, involving everyone who can enable or derail progress, and fully engineering the innovation process from discovering an Innovation Challenge to testing idea viability. Revenue Accelerating Marketing and PR Strategies By Frederic Moraillon, Executive Director & Co-founder, Anthony Alexander Partners Where marketing generates revenue is where every marketer needs to focus in today’s environment. Now, more than ever, marketing executives are focused on the core of marketing: to understand their competitive technology and market dynamics, and put strategies into practice that drive greater brand recognition and revenue growth. Strategic Marketing Research and Analysis By Mike Sherman, Marketing/Insights and CRM Consultant The increasingly competitive and fast-paced business environment creates a need for the use of data and information in more rational decision making processes. This session will provide insights and strategies to plan, execute, analyse, and deliver high-quality market research and analytics. Aligning Marketing with the Corporate Business Strategy By Rob Hardy, Managing Director, Rob Hardy Consulting Services Different companies have different goals. The same company may have different objectives at different times. It may be revenue growth, market share, customer file size, bottom line profitability. These goals are not necessarily complementary. The marketing strategy needs to be aligned with the specific goals of the business at any given time. All of that said, basic rules should be implemented to ensure that the marketing plan being executed is as effective as it possibly can be. Digital Marketing in Creating an Effective Brand Identity By Lela H. McGregor, Managing Director, eventiveOne Today, having a mere website is no longer enough. If your marketing communications plan does not include a strategic digital marketing component, you are probably not doing your brand justice. This concise and informative session will give you an excellent understanding on how your brand can strategically leverage the powerful medium of the internet with current modern day examples to review, and how you can apply them to your brand today. How to Create Brand with Emotions By Shauna Li Roolvink, Principal Consultant, BrandHub Recent evidence shows that decision making is often a fast, intuitive process with a very strong emotional component. While brands must not lose sight of their rational benefits, the most successful brands are those which also evoke the strongest positive emotions. This session will explain the role of emotion in driving brand equity, including shaping feelings as well as other elements that make up the brand’s mental representation.
  3. 3. mANAGEmENT PrACTICES SErIES JULY 14 & 15, 2011 stRategiC MaRKeting FoRUM: NOVOTEL SINGAPORE CLARKE QUAY neW tRenDs & insigHts in CReating & sUstaining CoMPetitiVe aDVantage WHo sHoUlD attenDThis forum is also a good opportunity to interact Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), VPs/Directors/GMs/Managers/with a leading panel of speakers, and learn about: Team Leaders/Senior Executives who are in charge of Strategic• New Perspectives on International Marketing Marketing, which includes the areas of Branding, Marketing• How to Align Marketing with the Corporate Communications, Advertising & Promotions, Customer Experience, Business Strategy Market Research, Business Development & Sales, etc.• Getting Valuable Customer Understanding from Your Research Through open discussions and share of knowledge, you will get a• The Rise and Wherefores of Social Media practical perspective that shapes today’s marketing strategies and• How to Create Brands with Emotions best practices:• Defining and Measuring True Marketing • Thought leaders providing insights into forthcoming Success Metrics marketing trends• Why Everything in Marketing Has Changed and • Designed around your needs through industry research What to Do About It, etc. and analysis • Interactive workshops focused on practical solutions tHURsDay, jUly 14, 2011 (ConFeRenCe) Measuring True Brand and Marketing ROI By Angela Sim, Managing Director, Roi Strategy Consultants Marketing has evolved into a results-driven industry. With the variety of marketing options available, Return On Investment (ROI) analysis must form the basis for marketing decisions, just as it does for other departments like sales, finance or manufacturing. This session will focus on how to measure the true value of your brand, and the mechanics of developing a workable Marketing ROI plan for your business. Leveraging Social Media By Simon Ashwin, Regional Head, Social Media & Production Services - Asia Pacific, China & India, GroupM Gone were the days when a carefully placed newspaper or radio ad was the answer to building or maintaining customers. Today, your target audience receives their marketing and sales messages through an ever-growing number of media channels – with social media and networking sites at the top of that list. This session will show you how to listen to, connect with, influence and keep the attention of your audience by leveraging the key social media tools which are right for you. You will learn how to integrate social media into your current marketing channels so that it becomes part of your everyday marketing mix. FRiDay, jUly 15, 2011 (WoRKsHoP) Workshop I: Designing and Implementing A Strategic Marketing Plan By Rob Hardy, Managing Director, Rob Hardy Consulting Services The importance of an effective marketing plan cannot be stressed enough. A well-conceived and properly implemented marketing plain is the foundation of your business’ success. Customers want to know what’s in it for them. At such, your marketing efforts should be less about you and your business than they are about your prospects, clients or customers. In this first workshop, you will learn practical insights and strategies on how to develop an effective plan that will enable you to demonstrate why your client should choose you over your competitors. Workshop II: Designing and Implementing An Effective Integrated Marketing Communications Plan By Lela H. McGregor, Managing Director, eventiveOne In this second workshop, you will work through a step-by-step insight to build your very own effective integrated marketing communications plan with your own product/service, utilising the Marketing Toolbox reviewed during the session. The end product is your own concise executive summary and integrated marketing plan that you can implement straight away into your workplace. You will get to clarify your brand, revenue and cost objectives.
  4. 4. ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION 1. Hotel Reservations (for foreign delegates) the programme title(s) indicated on the back of the cheques. Please contact us for assistance in hotel reservations. Mailing address can be found at the bottom of this brochure. Date July 14 &15, 2011 2. Registration and Payment 3. Refund of Fees Time 9.00 am – 5.00 pm A place will be reserved for you upon receipt of your registration If notice of withdrawal is given in writing. (Registration starts at 8.15 am) by fax/e-mail. Please inform us in writing of any change in your • 100% refund for written notification 14 days before registration 14 days before commencement of programme, commencement Venue Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay after which 25% of programme fee will be chargeable. • 75% refund for written notification within 14 days before If no notification is received by commencement date, the full commencement Closing June 30, 2011 • After commencement/No show – No refund programme fee will be charged. Date 4. Changes to Programme For foreign delegates sponsored by their companies, GST is not Programme Annie Tan / Dawn Foo applicable. If payment is made through a local company, GST Changes in programme date, time, fees and speakers may occur Secretariat will apply. due to unforeseen circumstances. However, SIM will ensure Payment must be made by the closing date stated. All cheques/ that every effort will be made to inform participants of the Tel : (65) 6248 9422 / 6248 6137 bank drafts must be made payable to ‘Singapore Institute change. SIM reserves the right to cancel the programme due to Fax : (65) 6467 4401 of Management’, crossed and marked ‘A/C payee only’ with unforeseen circumstances. E-mail : For more information on SIM programme and services, please visit our website at *Qualifying companies may apply for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC). For more details, please visit or email register today at RegistRation Form mANAGEmENT PrACTICES SErIES stRategiC MaRKeting FoRUM: neW tRenDs & insigHts in CReating & sUstaining CoMPetitiVe aDVantage I am attending ( √ Please tick ) SIM Members Non-Members 2-day programme S$1,350 + 7% GST = S$1,444.50 per person S$1,500 + 7% GST = S$1,605.00 per person 1-day Programme (Please tick one below) Conference Workshop S$800 + 7% GST = S$856.00 per person S$900 + 7% GST = S$963.00 per person Group Discount of 3 or more participants from the same organisation attending same 2-day/1-day programme 2-day programme S$1,100 + 7% GST = S$1,777.00 per person S$1,200 + 7% GST = S$1,284.00 per person 1-day Programme (Please tick one below) Conference Workshop S$650 + 7% GST = S$695.50 per person S$750 + 7% GST = S$802.50 per person Fee includes two Tea Breaks, Lunch and Programme Materials Participant’s Information Participant’s Information Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. NRIC: NRIC: Job Title: Job Title: Tel: (O) (Hp) Tel: (O) (Hp) E-mail: E-mail: Participant’s Information Participant’s Information Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. NRIC: NRIC: Job Title: Job Title: Tel: (O) (Hp) Tel: (O) (Hp) E-mail: E-mail:Contact Person’s Information (if different from primary participant)Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. Job Title:Tel: (O) (Hp) Email:Billing InformationCompany:Address: Country: Postal Code:Tel: Fax:For more participants, please list down their details in a separate sheet and fax over together with this registration form. EC – A B C D E GST registration No. MB-8200000-8 Please fax or send registration form and cheque (by mail) to Ms Annie Tan / Dawn Foo (PGM). RMM.MAY11 Singapore Institute of Management, Management House, 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616 Fax: (65) 6467 4401. We will acknowledge receipt of your registration by post, e-mail or phone.