Driving Innovation Culture & Practice Training


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A 2 Day Training Course on the Cultural and practical aspects of driving organisational innovation.

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Driving Innovation Culture & Practice Training

  1. 1. Kick-start Business Growth with Strong & Sustained Innovation Practice!A dynamic program by Innovation Strategist, Angela Koch!Introduce new business processes, find creative ways to spur performance, work with greaterefficiency, build brand value, increase market share!!!DRIVINGINNOVATION CULTURE & PRACTICESINGAPORE 18-19 May 2011Innovation is a key element for any business to succeed today! You need to know what practices create aninnovative work environment; how to instill creativity and an innovation culture. What is the formula forchange? Relying on yesterday’s processes spell failure in a competitive market. This interactive workshopgives lessons from acclaimed innovation techniques of the best MNCs. You will take away models toproduce and evaluate new ideas and unleash the potential of your team and organization.UNIQUE SELLING POINTS OF THIS WORKSHOP  Identify and evaluate how innovation can drive the growth of your organization  Be Empowered with processes, tools and examples to put innovation into practice  Learn how to make innovation sustainable and continuous  Discover innovation processes, strategies and decision-making methods for all business types  Gain a real world appreciation for the cultural challenges of driving innovation in organizations “Innovation has been embraced by many leading organizations as the means for greater profitability and business growth. Innovation is not magic and it is not even difficult, it just requires a little focus to understand what innovation actually means and how it can be undertaken..” ‐ Roger La Salle, La Salle Matrix ThinkingThoroughly hands-on! Participants will walk away from the 2-day session empowered with processes,tools and examples to put innovation into practice. Combining classic and analytical innovation methodswith new “Design Thinking” methodologies.REGISTER EARLY & SAVE S$200!
  2. 2. DRIVING INNOVATION CULTURE & PRACTICE PROGRAM OUTLINE DAY ONE Module 1: Innovation as a Business Driver The Innovation Imperative Obstacles to Innovation Module 2: Experiencing the Creative Process in Action Group Work Exercise Lessons Module 3: The 5 Keys to Innovation Organisational Fitness, Innovation Process, Innovation Strategy, Culture, Ideas Case from Whilpool Module 4: Culture of Innovation Case Study: IDEO Module 5: Innovation Process – The 5 Stage Innovation Model Foundation Work Consumer Knowledge Idea Generation Idea Screening Implementation“Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower. Concentrate on really important creations and radical innovation.. Hire peoplewhowant to make the best things in the world. You need a very product‐oriented culture, even in a technology company.. Lots of companieshave tons of great engineers and smart people. But ultimately, there needs to be some gravitational force that pull’s it altogether.” Steve Jobs, Legendary and Innovative Leader of Apple ComputersThis workshop will benefit all in senior management positions including CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Departments andSenior Executives responsible for strategy, human resource, productivity, marketing, account and sales management.
  3. 3. DAY TWO Module 6: Stage 1 and 2 - Foundation Work and Consumer Knowledge Framing the business issues Gathering Inspiration Experience Mapping for Innovation Illustrative Case: Nippon Paint Buying Experience Exercise: Framing Your Innovation Challenges Module 7: Stage 3 - Idea Generation The importance of Creativity within Innovation 5 Practical Tools for Generating Ideas An Innovation Camp – IBM Innovation Jam Case Module 8: Hands-on Ideation Exercise Each group will select an Innovation Challenge from DAY 1 to focus on and practise using the idea generation tools to create “idea headlines”. Module 9: Stage 4 and 5 - Idea Screening & Implementation What does a good idea look like? Developing evaluation criteria for first level screening Better Product Ideas lead to better Marketing Programs Case: Tide China Module 10: Starting an Innovation Program from Tomorrow! 3 Things a Brand or Marketing Manager can do now! Inspire others to embrace Innovation Increase your pool of ideas by creating an Innovation Event Implement a simple web-based Idea Management system. CALL TODAY TO REGISTER: (65) 68292331 EMAIL: register@bluetrackcentre.com
  4. 4. WORKSHOP METHODOLOGYParticipation in the Innovation workshops obviously offers the expected theoretical understanding of the subjectmatter. In addition, theory is effectively translated into practice through a mix of exercises, case study presentationand sharing of best practices. Angela will share lessons from best-in-class multi-national innovators such as P&Gand the best of Asian Innovation. Participants are engaged in a dynamic and interactive workshop environmentwhere their own issues and experiences form an important part of the discussion and learning. Through acombination of classic analytical innovation methods with the new “Design Thinking” methodologies, this workshopwill offer delegates insights and understanding of proven approach to Innovation. Processes and tools shared in thisworkshop are applicable to all business types: consumer goods innovation, services innovation, business customerinnovation and even social enterprise innovation. INNOVATION StrategIST - ANGELA KOCHAngela Koch is a trained marketing and brand specialist who has spent the past 9 years working with Asianbrands seeking to reinvent themselves for a larger Asian or global audience. She is currently the DesignThinker & Innovation Facilitator and the Director of Innovation Strategy at Invitro Innovation, a Brand &Innovations Consultancy which provides an intervention for companies who find it difficult to deliverinnovative solutions to business problems.Angela has helped brands energise their new product portfolios by facilitating new product development; hercategory experience includes consumer goods, retailing, and telecommunications. Other areas of herexpertise include Brand Positioning Reinvention, namely defining Brand Architecture‟s for greater consumerengagement and brand success. Angela has personally lead brand and innovation for the following brandsacross Asia: ZUJI Asia Pacific, Tide China, Whisper China, Rejoice China, SKII, Dragonair, Tiger Beer Singapore,Archipelago Beer, Alive by F&N Foods and Celcom Malaysia. She plays a key role to ideate and innovatebrand, product and communication opportunities for the 50+ consumers in Asia. A major element of hersuccess is her intimate understanding of Asian consumers.Prior to Invitro, Angela have worked as Marketing Innovation Consultant on FMCG brands in South Africa,Strategy Director across TBWA and Leo Burnett working with clients such as South African Airways, StandardBank, P&G, Wrigley, Courts Retailers and Samsung and as Lead Innovation Strategist for The Distillery (anM&C Saatchi Business Consultancy) with clients including Celcom Malaysia, Asia Pacific Breweries, The HourGlass, Coca‐Cola Singapore and Inter‐Continental Hotel Group.Angela has authored key Asia‐Pacific consumer studies including the Miss Understood Asia Study (2005) and hasexperience across key Asia markets including – South East Asia, Greater China and Australia.
  5. 5. “Angela is a natural, she has unique ability to break down complex concepts and make them look so simple.” - Jasmine Xu,Marketing Director P & G China“Wow, we went from zero to heroes of innovation, great session!” - Lara Hussein, CEO M&C Saatchi Malaysia“The workshop was a wonderful eye-opener to new paths for our brand” - Melissa Siew GM MZUJI Singapore"Angela has the skills and the tools to squeeze innovative ideas out of almost any team" Kim Walker, CEO - Silver Group Asia“Angela and Invitro have inspired and energised our Taiwan team to see our business from a human perspective. So much so,we have asked her back to Taipei 5 times!” Katy Hsu, MarketingREGISTRATION DETAILSDRIVING INNOVATION CULTURE & PRACTICE SINGAPORE 18-19 May 2011Registration Fee: US$1200/ SGD1500 per participant.Early Bird Fee: US$1000/SGD1300 per participant for registration received by 15 April 2011.5% Group Discount for registration of 3 and more participants.TO REGISTER:Log on to http://www.bluetrackcentre.com/brochure/registration-form.pdf, orEmail register@bluetrackcentre.com or ContactSingapore Indonesia Malaysia rdLevel 42 Suntec Tower III, Temasek Puri Mattari 2, 3 Floor, Jl HR Level 20, Menara StandardBoulevard, Singapore 038988 Rasuna Said, Kav H1-2, Jakarta Chartered, 30 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 12920 50250 Kuala LumpurTel. 68292331, 8200133Fax 68292121 Tel. 62 21 5275392 Fax 5277717 Tel 603 21175347 Fax 21175350©BlueTrackCentre 2011www.BlueTrackCentre.com