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Design Thinking Seminar by Invitro


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A 3 hour Design Thinking Seminar delivered by Angela Koch of Innovation Consultancy Invitro Innovation. This seminar is available for delivery in Asia. …

A 3 hour Design Thinking Seminar delivered by Angela Koch of Innovation Consultancy Invitro Innovation. This seminar is available for delivery in Asia.

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  • 1. Design thinkingDelivered to Ministry of Home Affairs, June 2012 Discovery Define Ideate Develop Test/ the Solutions Prototype Validate Problem
  • 2. First designed ar ticle? 1.7 million years ago
  • 3. man made = designed Design
  • 4. $19000Design
  • 5. 3 Stages of Design aesthetic innovation tactical strategic Surface level fundamentalAesthetic wrapping Emotional value Understanding needs & creating new value
  • 6. Design is increasingly understoodin a much wider sense as: the human capacity to plan and produce desired outcomes
  • 7. product14  
  • 8. ServiceWestpac, Impulse Saver Westpac Impulse saver
  • 9. product Clocky the mobile alarm clock!
  • 10. It’s Not Just For Products & Services THE DESIGN PROCESS CAN BE a powerful force for change
  • 11. Ability To solve wicked problems1.  How to get people to make healthy choices2.  How to save more rather than spend3.  How to harness the power of a community4.  How to change eating habits5.  How to make our roads safer6.  How to encourage recycling
  • 12. service Rapid Rescue, a location-based app that allows people who face a medical emergency to use their iPhone to locate individuals near to them who are trained in first aid.How to harness the power of a community?
  • 13. LAW: Declared potatoes Frederick the Great, a Royal vegetable King of PrussiaHow to change eating habits?
  • 14. How do you get motorists to obey speed limits?
  • 15. signage Tell people what speed they are travelling atDon’t give people information, use emotion!
  • 17. The design process puts Design Thinking into action. It’s a structured approachto generating and developing ideas.
  • 18. DESIGN THINKING IS A PROCESSDiscovery Define Ideate Develop Test/ the Solutions Prototype Validate Problem
  • 19. If you approached problemsin the same way designers approach design,you could find better solutions.
  • 20. “Design skills and business skills are converging. To be successful in the future, business people will have to become more like designers.” Roger Martin, Dean Rotman School of Business
  • 21. My job is mainly about: Maintaining the Status QuoDesign  thinking   is  for  you!   Making Improvements
  • 22. Traits OF DESIGN thinkers  EmpatheticCuriousCreativeDon’t fear failureExperimentCollaborative
  • 23. How Empathetic are You? Professor Simon Baron Cohen
  • 24. ? a Irritated b Thoughtful c Encouraging d Sympathetic
  • 25. ? a decisive b flirty c aghast d bored
  • 26. Become Students of Human Behaviour “to see what everybody else has seen, !and to think what nobody else has thought.”! Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  • 27. Rajan Tata saw what everybody else had seen,and thought what nobody else has thought!  
  • 28. Traits OF DESIGN thinkers  EmpatheticCuriousCreativeDon’t fear failureExperimentCollaborative
  • 29. Humans are Hard Wired to Create
  • 30. Breakthroughs occur when we engage our WHOLE BRAIN LEFT RIGHT  Analytical Intuition Logical Emotional Linear Spatial Verbal Visual Concrete Physical Numerical
  • 31. Breakthrough ideas blendLOGIC MAGICUnderstanding Imagining howthe problem things can be
  • 32. Be Comfor table with being Uncomfor table
  • 33. Where the magic happens Your Comfor t zone“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What youll discover will be wonderful. What youll discover is yourself.” Alan Alda
  • 34. Be more Playful
  • 35. LATENT ability
  • 36. TlLATENT    
  • 37. Condense a few weeks work into an hourDiscovery Define Ideate Develop Test/ the Solutions Prototype Validate Problem
  • 38. Activity: Discovery
  • 39. Defining the Problem “If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, ! Id spend 55 minutes defining it, ! And 5 minutes solving it.” - Albert Einstein
  • 40. Activity: Discovery
  • 41. Activity: Ideation
  • 42. We are all designers
  • 43. @invitrotweetsSeminars Training CoursesThe 9 Habits of Innovators Culture And Practice Of Innovation A 90 minute presentation with Activity A 2 day Innovation training Designed and Delivered forDesign Thinking Seminar BlueTrack Centre for open enrollment A half day or full day training Product and Marketing Innovation recently delivered for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore A 2 day training designed and delivered for IBN International10 Lessons in Marketing Innovation for open enrollment in Kuala Lumpur A 90 minute presentation Brand and Marketing InnovationPurpose-made Brands A 1 day training workshop design and delivered for IE A half day seminar on a more human approach Singapore for their clients to branding Entrepreneurial thinking A 2 day training designed and delivered for Dentsu Singapore Creative Thinking A 1 day training designed and delivered for Dentsu Singapore Innovation Facilitators Training A half day workshop for Innovation Facilitators to prepare them for the MediaCorp Innovation Blitz A 1 day training for Leo Burnett Hong Kong Strategic Planners to play the role of ideas facilitators.
  • 44. Speaking and Seminar work (Innovation)
  • 45. Angela Koch: Chief Ideas Facilitator, Invitro InnovationEducation: B.Com Honours (Marketing), University of Natal 1990Marketing Lecturer in Tertiary Institutions in South Africa Marketing Innovation Consultant on FMCG brands in South Africa Strategy Director across TBWA and Leo Burnett Lead Innovation Strategist for The Distillery Consultancy– Key clients: Celcom Malaysia, Asia Pacific Breweries, The Hour Glass, Coca-Cola Singapore, Inter-Continental Hotel Group. Chief Ideas Facilitator for Invitro Innovation – clients :, Cerebos Pacific Limited, Crystal Jade Group, Eng Wah Global, Extra Space Self-Storage, AustAsia (Greenfields Dairy), PG Singapore, MediaCorp, Singapore Tourism Board, Ministry of Home Affairs. Business Mentor for the SMU Institute of Innovation EntreprenuershipIncubatees 11 years Asia experience, 8 years in Singapore. 46   46