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  • Hi, I’m Tiffany O’Dell, Education and Outreach Coordinator with Pierce County Surface Water Management. We participate in our local ECO Net group and the STORM group, and have a group of jurisdictions in the county who meet regularly to share and work on NPDES permit requirements. We were looking for a project we could work on together. At our local ECO Net meeting, someone suggested “Puget Sound Start s Here Month.” We thought this would be something simple that everyone could participate in. We all agreed to look at our planned events in 2011 and see how many of them we could cluster into the month of April.
  • I acted as the “coordinator” by just collecting all of the events and putting them into one calendar. All of the events were advertised in the Tacoma News Tribune and on the Puget Sound Starts Here events calendar. The Puget Sound Starts Here was a simple message we could all use with our individual efforts that would provide a common backdrop, and we hoped, draw more attention to our events and the campaign as a whole.
  • Shortly after working out the details of Puget Sound Starts Here month, an ECO Net grant was offered by the Puget Sound Partnership to increase public awareness of the Puget Sound Starts Here campaign. The Pierce County ECO Net really liked the Puget Sound Starts Here coaster campaign done by Seattle and submitted a grant application to do something similar in Pierce County. Pierce County was awarded a $10,000 grant to fund the production of coasters and coffee sleeves with Puget Sound Starts Here messaging. To draw more attention to the coasters and coffee sleeves, a photo contest was added, asking people to like Puget Sound Starts Here on facebook and post photos of themselves with the coasters and coffee sleeves to win prizes. ECO net organizations and local jurisdictions offered the coasters and coffee sleeves to restaurants and coffee shops in their areas with great results. The grant funds purchased 30,000 coasters and 52,000 coffee sleeves.
  • Early in 2011, STORM announced that part of the GROSS Grant funds provided by Department of Ecology would be given to sub-regional groups to promote Puget Sound Starts Here. Pierce County jurisdictions received over $14,000 and decided to use some of that money to purchase advertising for Puget Sound Starts Here month on the Tacoma News Tribune website. 4 different ads were developed highlighting events that were taking place week-by-week with a link to the Puget Sound Starts Here website events calendar where event details were published.
  • The biggest opportunity that fell into our laps leading up to Puget Sound Starts Here Month was when we were approached by the Tacoma Rainiers for a “Green” night at the stadium. (The Rainiers are the AAA feeder team for the Mariners)They had heard about the Puget Sound Starts Here campaign and thought it would be a good partnership opportunity. The cost of sponsorship was $5,000. Included in the sponsorship was a ceremonial first pitch, an ad in the game program, 2 PSAs played on the big screen at the game, 2 announcements by the game announcer, participation in the 7th inning stretch, and a booth at the entrance to the stadium. The city of Tacoma provided funds for the sponsorship, and the first pitch was thrown out by Bert the Salmon with the help of his buddy Scoopy Doo – two regional water quality mascots. Bert and Scoopy stuck around for the whole game, signed autographs, danced with fans, and helped the Rainiers mascot lead the 7th inning stretch and singing “Take me out to the ballgame”The night at the Tacoma Rainiers was so successful, the team has already contacted us requesting that we make this an annual event.
  • We thought that for an originally unfunded effort, Puget Sound Starts Here month was very successful. It could not have happened without the collaboration of non-profit organizations, local jurisdictions, and several specialty groups, including the Tacoma Rainiers, Mt. Rainier National Park, and the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium,. It seemed that because we were all working together planning something large, that when opportunities like the Tacoma Rainiers fell into our laps, we were able to pick them up and run with them, because the collaborative infrastructure was already in place. We ended up having 27 partner organizations plan 22 events during the month of April.
  • Thanks to the hard work of our partner organizations approaching businesses in their local area, we were also able to establish relationships with 50 businesses to use 30,000 coasters and 52,000 coffee sleeves at more than 80 locations. Locations were spread geographically across the county, from the Paradise visitors Center at Mt. Rainier, to Gig Harbor and everywhere in between.
  • Now, there is talk of Puget Sound Starts Here month going region-wide in 2012, so mark your calendars!
  • Collaborative Alignment: ECO Nets and STORM jurisdictions feed off each other. The whole is much more than the sum of the parts26%: great start50%: the problems facing PS can’t be solved with education alone. There need to be regulations and enforcement. If we get awareness and general acceptance up to 50% then the state, counties, and cities can put regulations in place and the majority will say “thank you” and “finally”. However, if regulations are issued without public support there will be outcry from all but the 10-15% who are “the choir”Acknowledgement and Support: it would be wonderful if PSP could tell elected from cities & counties that the work they are doing via STORM and individually is noticed and valued by PSP the local actions are moving us all to a cleaner PS. (Gerry and Martha mentioned that they would not mind if the local elected expressed support to the state leg for the work that PSP does.)
  • 2011-10-20-PSSH_For_PSP_Leadership_Council

    1. 1. Puget Sound Starts Here October 20, 2011 Puget Sound Partnership’s Leadership Council Meeting ● October 20, 201110/20/2011
    2. 2. Presenter: Doug Rice, King County | 206-296-8360 | doug.rice@kingcounty.gov STORM • STormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities • driver: Coordinated permit compliance • focus: Stormwater • members: 81 cities & counties w/ NPDES permits • major funding: 2 Ecology grants o $980,000 Stormwater Grant o $500,000 GROSS Grant (Grant of Regional Or Statewide Significance) 10/20/2011
    3. 3. STORM: What we do well • Collaboration: Phase I are resource for Phase II • Capacity building trainings • Social Marketing strategies • Monitor effectiveness • No formal agreements (but no entity w/ ultimate responsibly)10/20/2011
    4. 4. ECO Network • Education, Communication, and Outreach Network • driver: Action Agenda • focus: Beyond stormwater • members: 400 NGOs, cities, counties • major funding: PSP - 4 rounds to local ECO Net o $63k & 200k in FY10 o $100k in FY11 o $200k in FY12 o Plus 11 local coordinators (~$60k/yr total)10/20/2011
    5. 5. Major Initial Campaign Future Funders Users Alignment Users ECY •Ecology •STORM •7 local SOGs STORM •Individual Cities 81 NPDES cities & counties •Individual Counties (7 local SOGs) •PSP •ECO Network •11 local ECO Nets ECO Network •Individual NGOs 400+ members (11 local ECO Nets) •Tribes •Community groups •Individuals PSP •Schools •BusinessesSTORM=STormwater Outreach for Regional MunicipalitiesSOG=Stormwater Outreach Groups 10/20/2011ECO Net=Education, Communication, and Outreach Network
    6. 6. Puget Sound Starts Here Campaign • STORM grant created Puget Sound Starts Here brand • Open Architecture • Consistent messages • Phase 1: awareness building • Phase 2: behavior change • ECO Net & STORM efforts complement10/20/2011
    7. 7. Presenter: Suzi Wong Swint, Snohomish County | 425-388-6476 | swswint@snoco.org PSSH Campaign at two levels: Region-wide & in the Local Community Region-wide • 3 flights of TV ads • Web page • Radio ads • Social media 10/20/2011
    8. 8. Region-wide TV ads Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011 Broadcast TV KCPQ-TV, KCTS-TV, KING-TV, KIRO-TV, KOMO-TV, KONG-TV, KZJO-TV Cable TV Arts & Entertainment Network, American Movie Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, Do It Yourself, Food, Home & Garden TV, Lifetime, Oprah Winfrey Network, Oxygen, The Learning Channel, TNT, The Weather Channel, Versus10/20/2011 www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqP9mFoqygM&feature=related
    10. 10. Region-wide Web page Launched Sept 200910/20/2011 www.PugetSoundStartsHere.org
    11. 11. Region-wide Social media • 1,150 Facebook Fans - launched Sept 2009 • 1,185 Twitter Followers - launched Sept 2009 • Content posted by Rae McNally, Puget Sound Partnership with ideas from ECO Net and STORM members10/20/2011
    12. 12. Region-wide YouTube Dog Doogity Video launched June 2011 • 116,000+ views • $27,000 ($333 per jurisdiction) • Free media coverage: KOMO 4, KING 5, KCPQ 13, KIRO 97.3 FM, KISW 99.9 FM, Seattle PI, local weeklies, local blogs10/20/2011 watch “Dog Doogity” at www.ScoopPoop.org
    13. 13. PSSH Campaign at two levels: Region-wide & in the Local Community In the Local Community • 7 Mini-grants to local Stormwater Outreach Groups (SOGs) • Open Architecture o local flavor o but clear connection to main campaign10/20/2011
    14. 14. In the local community – with GROSS grant funds Northern SOG Drink Sleeves & Coaster10/20/2011
    15. 15. In the local community – with GROSS grant funds Snohomish SOG Bus Ads10/20/2011
    16. 16. In the local community – with GROSS grant funds Thurston & Kitsap SOGs Bus Ads10/20/2011
    17. 17. In the local community – with GROSS grant funds North King SOG 3 Scrolling Online Ads12 10/20/20113
    18. 18. In the local community – with GROSS grant funds Pierce SOG Online ads to support “April is PSSH Month”10/20/2011
    19. 19. In the local community – with GROSS grant fundsSouth King SOGDisplay Panels & Posters10/20/2011
    20. 20. In the local community – with utility fees Mill Creek made car air fresheners for commercial car washes10/20/2011
    21. 21. In the local community – with utility fees Everett, Kitsap Co, Lacey Free doggie bag dispensers to owners who pledged to Scoop the Poop10/20/2011
    22. 22. In the local community – with utility fees Bothell & Snohomish Co Used PSSH themes at fairsBothell Snohomish County 10/20/2011
    23. 23. In the local community – with utility fees Oak Harbor & Everett Banners reach all audiences10/20/2011 Everett
    24. 24. In the local community – with utility fees Bus boards = mobile banners Everett8 Eastside cities: Bellevue, Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland,Lake Forest Park, Redmond, Sammamish, Shoreline Lacey 10/20/2011
    25. 25. In the local community – with utility feesMonroe, Snohomish, maintenance van& Bothell Bothell’sTagged their maintenance rigs Their closed circuit TV trailer Monroe’svactor truck Snohomish wrapped 10/20/2011
    26. 26. In the local community – with utility fees Bellevue & Monroe movie theater ads Monroe also produced 3 radio ads10/20/2011
    27. 27. In the local community Branding by ECO Nets10/20/2011
    28. 28. In the local community Branding by ECO Nets PSSH webpageThe Indigo PSSH window clings Student art PSSH posters PSSH stickers PSSH tattoos 10/20/2011
    29. 29. Presenter: Tiffany O’Dell, Pierce County | 253-798-2468 | todell@co.pierce.wa.us April 2011 month in Pierce County! A local collaboration propelled by Puget Sound Starts Here
    30. 30. 1 2April is Month! Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 3 4 5 6 7 8 10:30 AM 9 9 AM Silver Creek Composting and Volunteer Worm bins Class Restoration 1 PM Tahoma Salt 6 PM Rain barrel 6:30 PM Natural Yard Marsh Volunteer Workshop Care Class Restoration 10 11 12 13 14 15 9 AM Parks 16 Appreciation Day 6 PM Soil Prep, 3 PM Puget Sound Planting Seedlings Starts Here Month 9 AM First Creek Class Proclamation at Volunteer Pierce County 6:30 PM Natural Yard Restoration Council Care Class Earth Day at PDZA 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 10:30 AM ResidentialEarth Day at Point 7:05 PM Puget 10AM Earth Day at Rain Garden ClassDefiance Zoo & Sound Starts Here Jerisich DockAquarium Night at the Tacoma 12 PM Yowkwala 6:30 PM Natural Yard 6:30 PM Natural Yard Rainiers Beach Volunteer Care Class Care Class Earth Day Restoration 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 9 AM Puyallup River 24th - 30th Coasters and coffee sleeves at local businesses Volunteer Clean-up 8 AM Water4Life Children’s Water 6:30 PM Natural Yard Festival 10:30 AM Natural Care Class Lawn Care Class Arbor Day Visit www.pugetsoundstartshere.org for more events throughout the year!
    31. 31. Opportunity knocks once . . .Coaster & Coffee Sleeve Campaign with photo contestPSP – Puget Sound Starts Here Awareness Grant $10K
    32. 32. Opportunity knocks twice . . .Advertising funds from STORMDOE – GROSS grant funds $14,200 (not all used here)
    33. 33. Opportunity knocks a third time . . .Puget Sound Starts Here Night at the Tacoma RainiersSponsorship provided by City of Tacoma $2,500
    34. 34. City of Edgewood The numbers:27 partner organizationsplanned 22 PSSH events in April 2011
    35. 35. The numbers: 50 businesses distributed 30,000 PSSH coasters and 52,000 PSSH coffee sleevesat 80+ locations in April 2011
    36. 36. month 2012 . . . Will it go regional?
    37. 37. Presenter: Peter Holte, City of Redmond | 425-556-2822 | pholte@redmond.gov Puget Sound Starts Here Campaign Effectiveness Results If you dont know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. --Yogi Berra 10/20/2011
    38. 38. An Awareness Campaign • Convey information: ―Stormwater pollution impacts the environment‖ • Make it RELEVANT to people’s lives: ―Stormwater pollution impacts YOU‖ • Purpose: increase people’s receptiveness to programs designed to protect the environment “Emotion trumps fact.” --paraphrasing a quote by Jon Stewart10/20/2011
    39. 39. May 2011 Phone Survey • ~1200 residents in 9 Puget Sound area counties • 1 in 4 (26%) respondents had seen or heard the phrase ―Puget Sound Starts Here‖ • 2 in 3 (66%) of those who heard it understood its intent • Most learned of PSSH from TV ads • Collectively, local SOG & ECO Net efforts had about the same impact as the TV ads “USA Today has come out with a new survey - apparently, three out of every four people make up 75% of the population." -- David Letterman10/20/2011
    40. 40. According to marketing experts, a 26% recall rate for a two-year old brand is ―very strong‖ Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it. --Unknown10/20/2011
    41. 41. An Effective Campaign • At 26%, the PSSH message reached beyond ―the Choir‖ • We ―primed the pump‖ for local, on-the-ground programs aimed at protecting the environment Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. --Albert Einstein10/20/2011
    42. 42. Context: What we knew • About 10 – 15% of the population are ―the Choir‖ • More people will pay attention if we make the topic relevant to them • Seeing the same message numerous times results in greater recall The beginning is the most important part of the work. --Plato’s Republic10/20/2011
    43. 43. What we wanted • To break through to new audiences — Get our message out to people who are receptive, but not necessarily aware • Build a receptive audience — Make the issue relevant to people’s lives and families • Connect and re-enforce outreach actions — Create a common brand and consistent messages People receive somewhere between 300 and 3000 advertised messages a day. --Stuart Elway, STORM survey/evaluation consultant10/20/2011
    44. 44. The message got through • Those who recall PSSH were 20% more likely to rate stormwater pollution from neighborhoods & roadways as ―Significant‖ • Willingness to change behaviors was most strongly correlated to the belief that local waterways had some pollution • Willingness to change behavior went up with exposure to the campaign • Half of those who saw the campaign understood the actions they were being asked to take We dont inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. --Native American Proverb10/20/2011
    45. 45. The Takeaways • 1 in 4 residents around Puget Sound saw or heard the campaign; 26% is VERY STRONG! • The campaign reached beyond ―the Choir.‖ • Maintain regional awareness efforts to increase people’s willingness to make changes • Continue and increase local on-the-ground social marketing programs that promote specific changes Message regionally, act locally. --STORM Members10/20/2011
    46. 46. Presenter: Doug Rice, King County | 206-296-8360 | doug.rice@kingcounty.gov Where We’re Going • Collaborative Alignment • 26% • 50% • Education Regulation • Acknowledgement and Support • Reverse the decline! 10/20/2011
    47. 47. 10/20/2011