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Customer Response To LBY Social Media


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The quotes in this presentation are verbatim answers from a survey of the audience for Lion Brand Yarn's blog and podcast.

The quotes in this presentation are verbatim answers from a survey of the audience for Lion Brand Yarn's blog and podcast.

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  • 1. What Our Customers Are Saying
  • 2. I love the blog’s helpful hints and suggestions.
  • 3. Great tips for the novice.
  • 4. I enjoy the stories very much and am inspired to make donation crafts.
  • 5. I love to see what my next project will be! What an inspiration !
  • 6. I enjoy the stories from far away locations. It's almost like taking a mini-getaway with a knitting buddy !
  • 7. I really appreciate the Notebook. It's always interesting to read different facets to crocheting and knitting, and seeing different methods.
  • 8. I like the fact that your company is going above the normal customer service by offering this.
  • 9. I like seeing what other people are working on, and I appreciate the ideas/education .
  • 10. Reading the Lion Brand Notebook gives me insight into what's happening in the craft world.
  • 11. I try to spend as little time as possible at the computer, but I always make time to read the Notebook .
  • 12. I love that the Notebook is really an amalgam of many things: tips, patterns, community notes, and articles/web discoveries.
  • 13. I teach crocheting and am always discovering something on the site that might be of interest to my students.
  • 14. The stories are great. I find that I laugh and learn at the same time.
  • 15. I love this blog because it brings me all things knit/crochet in short bites, and you never know what will turn up there -- patterns, knitting in the news, etc.
  • 16. I love the different stories that are published. It helps us all feel connected to one another no matter where we are from.
  • 17. I get so much information that helps me to continue challenging myself with my knitting.
  • 18. I get a lot of tips from this blog. I also feel a kinship with the people on the blog.
  • 19. It's like a breath of fresh air to be able to get information, new ideas, product info, patterns, and links without the pressure most commercial web sites have.
  • 20. I follow the blog by RSS, a nice addition to my blog folder 'inspiration' .
  • 21. I love the knit and crochet-alongs -- they're very inspiring and helpful .
  • 22. I love seeing the videos, especially those on crafts I haven't yet tried.
  • 23. I learn so much from it, and I’ve been crocheting since I was nine years old.
  • 24. I've asked a couple questions on the blog and have learned so much from the great responses .
  • 25. The video clips are great!
  • 26. I always read the notebook, at least once a day. It's really informative , and it’s fun to read the comments, too.
  • 27. I love reading everything that the knitters are doing. I have found it hard to find other knitters in my community, so it is lovely to join the community of Lion knitters.
  • 28. I love listening to the podcast, and the links from the show are great. I like hearing what's on the needles, and the reactions to the projects, and suggested projects.
  • 29. I so enjoy the podcasts ! Keep them coming. Weekly would be my wish!
  • 30. I always knit while listening to YarnCraft.
  • 31. This is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen as soon as they are up and have listened from the very beginning.
  • 32. I love it when they have guests with new and fun projects. Listening on my computer is easy and I can hear everybody perfectly.
  • 33. The hosts sound very friendly, just like someone that I would like to know.
  • 34. The show is up to date with what is happening with the fiber arts. I love hearing what is up and coming .
  • 35. I like the podcast because at the end of the day I can just relax and listen to something I am really interested in.
  • 36. I learn something new each time I listen in.
  • 37. YarnCraft is very cool and makes me feel like I am getting private lessons .
  • 38. I usually listen with a notebook nearby because I learn so many interesting facts, helpful hints, and suggestions.
  • 39. YarnCraft is like having my grandma sitting next to me again.
  • 40. I think it's great to hear actual people speak about the topics and explain with words that I can understand as a beginner.
  • 41. It is so nice to have this service available for my listening. It gives me hours of pleasure .
  • 42. YarnCraft is great. I listen to it on long drives and it's like having Liz and Zontee in the car with me .
  • 43. I really look forward to the podcast and find it interesting. It makes me feel connected to the yarn crafting community.
  • 44. I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate in the afternoon and listen to YarnCraft.
  • 45. I like the personal touch given by listening to someone’s voice, and the topics are very interesting.
  • 46. Instead of sounding like instructors, they sound like a friend sitting next to me stitching .
  • 47. I feel better about my projects because of the podcasts.
  • 48. I love the podcasts, especially Liz and Zontee's mellifluous voices. I enjoy hearing what they're working on.
  • 49. As a person who is blind, the podcast helps me keep up with current trends. It is wonderful to have a trusted company provide information in a format that is accessible!
  • 50. I enjoy the show. It’s refreshing, encouraging , and quirky in the way that only crafters can treasure.
  • 51. YarnCraft is informative and keeps me up to date on what's going on in the crochet world, as well as gives me ideas and inspiration .
  • 52. Unique, informative, knowledge based, and educational.
  • 53. My 16 year old son and I look forward to listening to Liz and Zontee every other Tuesday. We make a pot of tea, get comfy on the couch and knit while we listen to the podcast.
  • 54. I LOVE listening to Yarn Craft. I always listen more than once; it's good for inspiration !
  • 55. I love the podcast, especially when I get to find out the newest patterns available and good yarn news.
  • 56. Your podcast helped create a memory in my family that I will always treasure .
  • 57. Your podcast is the best. I love that when you talk about a project I can easily find the pattern.
  • 58. This was the first podcast to which I’ve listened. What you are doing is preserving a precious heritage that needs to be blended with today’s technology to become the best it can be. Bravo!
  • 59. Liz and Zontee have gone out of their way to help their listeners and answer all of their questions.
  • 60. The podcast and the notebook are a great source of inspiration .