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Corporate Reputation and Social Media
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Corporate Reputation and Social Media


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Paull Young's presentation at the Ragan 'Corporate Reputation and Social Media' Conference in Chicago 9 September 2009

Paull Young's presentation at the Ragan 'Corporate Reputation and Social Media' Conference in Chicago 9 September 2009

Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • UBG follows the peak and drop-off of a typical buzz event. Forum types included mostly guitar, music and travel. Micorblogs is Twitter. The social news aggregator was mostly Reddit. Video sharing is YouTube and Social Network is the publicly available feed on Facebook.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Converseon Social Media Approach to Reputation Presented by: Paull Young Social Media Strategist @paullyoung @converseon
    • 2. Who is Converseon?
      • Only leading provider of Conversation Mining with “end-to-end” capabilities – from listening and reporting to social media strategy development, technology and implementation
      • Clients include some of the world’s largest and most influential brands including Dow Chemical, Cisco, Siemens, Samsung, Newell Rubbermaid, Graco Baby, Palm, Telstra and more
      • Multiple award-winner for a range of social media programs
      Merit Winner in Social Media Podcast/ Videocast Category
    • 3.
    • 4. Myth 1: Social Media is Just for Geeks
      • Only 18% of adults in the US DON’T use any form of social media (Forrester August 2009)
      • 59% of brand marketers use social media – this will swell to 82% within 12 months (eMarketer August 2009)
    • 5. Myth 2: Nobody Reads Blogs
      • 81% of internet users have used the internet to do research about a product they are thinking about buying, with 20% doing this on the typical day. (Pew 2008)
      • 25% of search results for world's top 20 largest brands are links to user generated content (Techrigy 2009)
    • 6. Myth 3: Nobody Trusts a Random Blogger
      • Nearly two-thirds of informed publics (62%) trust corporations less than they did a year ago  
        • 47% trust a ‘person like me’ (down from 60%) while only 29% trust a company CEO (Edelman Trust Barometer 2009)
      • Nielsen (July 2009) surveyed 20,000 people from 50 countries: 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online
    • 7. Myth 4: People Just Complain Online
      • TripAdvisor: 20 million reviews, the “vast majority” positive
      • Yelp: 85% of 7 million reviews are 3 stars or higher
    • 8. Getting from Here to There…
    • 9. The “Conversation”
      • “ Search Engine Visibility”
      Enterprise Generated Content Mainstream Media Consumer Generated Content Podcasts Corporate blog Corporate website Corporate Video MSM blogs Online media vehicles Analyst forums Social media Reviews Newsgroups Detractor sites Blogs Forums Video Twitter The “waterline” visibility control
    • 10. The Blueprint for Effective Social Media Engagement… A Best Practice Approach to Joining the Conversation
    • 11. Online Reputation Requires an Organizational Approach
      • Every tactic, connection and piece of content posted online contribute to an organization’s online reputation.
      • Every Business Unit WILL engage online
      • Every engagement must ladder up to core objectives
    • 12. Listening at the Core . Conversation Mining is an enterprise solution designed to have the ability to extend across many disciplines. Media Research and BI Customer Service Public Relations Digital Communication Measurement Engagement Effectiveness Planning Search Display Creative Outreach Audience Brand Product Listening Platform
    • 13. Real Brand Examples
    • 14. Established 1878 Myth 1: Social Media is Just for Geeks
    • 15. Yarncraft Podcast & Lion Brand Notebook
    • 16. Social Media users convert at a higher rate than most other sources Social Media users are 83% more likely to be very brand loyal than people who don’t use social media
    • 17. Myth 2: Nobody Reads Blogs
      • “ United Breaks Guitars” YouTube Video
        • 5.2 million views
        • 34,227 Five Star Ratings
      • “ Within four days of the song going online, the gathering thunderclouds of bad PR caused United Airlines’ stock price to suffer a mid-flight stall, and it plunged by 10 percent, costing shareholders $180 million.” -Sunday Times
    • 18. Conversation Mining Data
    • 19. Word cloud for “United Breaks Guitars” Keywords associated with United’s Employees and Service including: flight, service, baggage claim, payment Keywords associated with the video including: artist’s name, social media venues, views, production
    • 20. Social Media Impacts Search Funnily enough, somewhere around the millionth YouTube hit, United underwent a miraculous change of heart and offered not only to make Dave Carroll whole but to re-imagine its customer-service apparatus.” -Advertising Age “
    • 21. Last Week: WWF, DDB & 9-11
    • 22. Myth 3: Nobody Trusts a Random Blogger A reader identifying themselves as ‘Tonya’ working out of Detroit has offered her perspective in the situation. It's enlightening to hear about Spirit's inability to handle call volume from the other side. On the same token, she explains some of the things that are out of their control. Keep up the stories and the comments -- we're now third on Google when searching for Spirit Airlines. It's only a matter of time before someone on the corporate level checks in to see what their policies are doing to their airline.” “
    • 23. Myth 3: Nobody Trusts a Random Blogger
      • “ A curious comment from Christy came in earlier on the Spirit Airlines post tipping us off. Basically, she and her husband sent in a complaint, and Ben Baldanza hit "reply to all" with his jerky response. Christy was kind enough to forward me the full e-mail she received, including headers showing the e-mail originating from legitimate Spirit Airlines servers.”
    • 24. Myth 4: People Just Complain Online
    • 25. Graco: Expanding Advocacy & Positivity Conversation Mining results showed: The volume of the online conversation for the Graco Brand nearly doubled The polarity of online mentions rose from 68% positive in 2007 to 83% positive in 2008 Amongst this shift, 100% of posts sparked by proactive outreach have been positive A significant increase in positive recommendations/ reviews - this desirable topic became the most common discussion for the Graco brand
    • 26. “ Another company getting it right- Graco . I’ve chatting with Lindsay on Twitter, watched as they crafted a MOMblog that actually is written by Moms about things Moms write about. It’s not just product discussion. I’m thrilled to say the Graco blog, it’s bloggers, and the other people involved in the effort are part of our community. That’s right, they did it-we gave them the secret handshake and everything. Why? They’ve engaged bloggers in conversations, events, and they kept it REAL.” - Queen of Spain Success Stories “ As a (relatively) new parent, the Graco brand certainly has made a footprint in our household. Through a new Twitter friend, I found out about the new(ish) Graco blog . As a corporate blog, this is one of the best I’ve seen yet. That’s pretty impressive considering the role the Graco Legal Department probably played in this launch, and ongoing maintenance! Here’s a few reasons why Graco is rocking this blog…” - Community Guy, Jake McKee
    • 27. Thank You Presented by: Paull Young Social Media Strategist @paullyoung @converseon [email_address] 212-213-4297 x313