Inbound Marketing Summit 2009


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Writing Engaging Content for the Next Web and the Socializing of Information

Content-centered marketing is undergoing a transformation, one where the content is moving from:
- promotional to non-partisan - some call it thought leadership.
- highly-controlled to less-controlled - more legos than logos.
- occasional to ongoing - life stream your business.
- corporate voice to authentic, personal voice. Who should embody the voice of the company?
- one-way to conversational.The one overarching concern remains that of message consistency - and effectiveness.

How do you keep that with such a messy medium that is conversation? Learn how losing control of your content is the best thing that could happen for your business.

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Inbound Marketing Summit 2009

  1. 1. Writing Engaging Content for the Next Web and the Socializing of Information Valeria Maltoni, Inbound Marketing Summit October 7, 2009
  2. 2. cutting edge solution-driven now more than ever leading scalable easy to use robust synergy best of breed in this economy er/best best of breed holistic enabling peak performance user friendly paradigm groundbreaking innovative market-leading turnkey world class cutting edge paradigm better/best mission critical holistic solution-driven flexible industry standard easy to use innovative insight, action, results turnkey now more than ever enabling peak performance value added scalable world class synergy benchmark solution-driven groundbreaking mission critical in this economy cutting edge groundbreaking market-leading
  3. 3. definitely opinionated
  4. 4.
  5. 5. highly controlled
  6. 6. less controlled chaos?
  7. 7. ongoing
  8. 8. context
  9. 9. RSS relationships activate content
  10. 10. words are like legos for readers
  11. 11. are you helping customers tell a story?
  12. 12. are we there yet?
  13. 13. where are you going?
  14. 14. your content = their special powers
  15. 15. content delivery share thought leadership educate connect the dots interact build community share assets build community communicate research comment educate share thought leadership educate humanize address different learning styles
  16. 16. is it... helping conversion connecting to value building relationships extending to influentials engaging via education
  17. 17.
  18. 18. staying connected getting things done
  19. 19. How do you get there? they see something different
  20. 20. universal opt in form on-exit survey permission to connect
  21. 21. rules of engagement
  22. 22. think pass along value
  23. 23. think their POV
  24. 24. build over time reaches-10096+foot-mark
  25. 25. from customers to fans
  26. 26. Valeria Maltoni, Inbound Marketing Summit October 7, 2009