Conversation Agent 2011 Yearbook Quotes


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An electronic collector's edition of 45 of the best Conversation Agent articles of 2011 with a special forward by the author will be available just in time for the holidays.

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Conversation Agent 2011 Yearbook Quotes

  1. Conversation Agent Yearbook Quotes from the “best of 2011” collector’s edition 1 year, 45 postsVALERIA MALTONI . Conversation Agent . @ConversationAge
  2. Special thanks for inspiring this project: “The minute that you understand that you can poke life and actually something will pop out the other side, that you can change it, you can mold it. That’s maybe the most important thing. It’s to shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just gonna live in it, versus embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it. I think that’s very important and however you learn that, once you learn it, you’ll want to change life and make it better, cause it’s kind of messed up, in a lot of ways. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again. − Steve Jobs
  3. 8 Social Media Behaviors that Wont Win YouCustomers “Social media may not be optional moving forward, in the sense that your customers and buyers search online with increased frequency and want to find your brand where its convenient for them to browse, share, buy.”
  4. “Within the space of two decades, we have gone from portals, tocontent-based destination sites, blogs, and other publication RSSfeeds, to social voting. Then we had more personalized socialstreams with related recommendations based upon what yousearched for in the past.And right into our phones with mobile apps. There is a demand formore customized experiences that are high value. You will need toexperiment a little with different combination to get to the right mix forthe people youre trying to attract − and for your bottom line.” Create Demand for Your Content
  5. Connecting the Stream with Action: Media Embraces Real Time “Thanks to the ubiquity of media with digital, the newsreel becomes both the thread of what is happening and a reminder of what happened − much of which we may have missed, given our speed and processing ability as humans. Therefore, media connects the stream with action in three important ways: embedded recording, ambient journalism, and public experimenting.”
  6. Youre Connected, Now What? “Connections are a gift. When you put a little bit of effort in maintaining them, youll be surprised at the developments and possibilities they bring into your work, and life. Often its the connections of the people you meetthat end up making a difference.”
  7. The 12 Habits of Highly Connective People“Few things give you more joy than doing a good deed. Often thatgoodness comes from introducing someone to something orsomeone else, and that someone else doing the same − and soon. We need to do this, more of it if were already doing it.Understanding the importance and power of networks, combinedwith new tools is our lifeline. We have the ability to transformbusinesses and institutions, and a need to undertake thattransformation.”
  8. “In this new digital world where physical goods live invirtual stores, where search and discovery coexist inthe hands of individuals and groups, relevance iseven more a must for your content to work. Theconversation as market works well here − becominga relevant filter is the key to commerce.” Become a Relevant Filter
  9. Connecting to Your Passions “Some of the words associated with passion are: Pursuit, progression, pull, connecting, discipline, and authenticity. Passion is becoming increasingly important to our personal success and we must learn to harness its magic without yielding to its unpredictability. Im most interested in the performance side of passion.”
  10. “Even though our networks continue to evolve and people move up and down different groups depending on different stages of our lives, work projects, or situations, whether we do it online or not, we still build lists and we well aware of who is top of mind, when, and why.” Update on FiltersPhoto: Jon Snyder/
  11. Ten Signs Your Business Hit The Wall“Is there conflict in your organization? Conflict has insidious ways ofnot manifesting itself. It runs underground when the prevailing wind isone of consensus... or else. It then shows up as lack of sustainedproductivity. Things are getting done on the cheap for effort and in acheck-the-box kind of way.Are people engaged and energized, or are they feeling all used up?Can you tell the difference? Maybe your business hit The Wall.”
  12. “[…] the science and art of seeing patterns, zoomingon what matters, connecting the dots, and betting onthe right futures that can make or break a businessstill depend on the ability to filter, sort, interpret,and make decisions.These are all characteristics of humanintervention.” The Value Equation: Curators and Aggregators
  13. “Developing relationships with customers needs to be bakedinto your business for it to pay off at scale − and where itmatters most, profits. Just like with initiatives in social media, inthat case, upselling is invisible. Its a natural outcome of havingestablished a mutual interest based on value.[…] The best way to upsell is to develop a system of reciprocitywhere value is exchanged between a customer and thecompany.Reciprocity is one of the levers in marketing by context building.Reciprocity anticipates a need − the good balance to strikebetween the entitled quid pro quo, and the lazy status quo.” When is it a Good Idea to Upsell?
  14. The Future of Media is Social, it Streams, and it Scales“The future of media:• Is social - reading, learning together and sharing with friends is more fun, and profitable• It streams - having the ability to quickly glance through content and connect with personal social presences makes sites sticky• It scales - updating and refreshing information and stories frequently is a sure recipe to get people to come back to your app or site and to bring their friends through sharingAll of which is sustainable when looking at it as a model for trade.”
  15. “its a time of great opportunity for newapplications and tools because the platformshave stabilized. There is plenty of room and workto be done on archiving and datacapture/analysis/utilization.The query set is what matters, and mobile willbe accelerating the development of the nextgeneration technologies.” Trends: Social is a Feature
  16. Ten Ways Leading Brands Lead “Are you making what the customer wants to do the most important part of the product? Do you spend time listening, observing, and anticipating, not just monitoring? Do you match your business processes to the right executions?”
  17. On a Collision Course“Sometimes both the tools and the rewards make it too easy.They make it too easy to hit the publish button before youvehad the chance to think about the content you are sharing.Yet you are sharing because there is a race going on.A race on who writes more, shares more, posts more, hasmore traffic to their sites, gets more followers, and so on. Insome cases, social over-sharing leads to the loss ofbusiness.”
  18. How do You (or can you) Measure Online Influence? “[…] no matter how influential a person or a few may be, based upon their credibility and trust, there is still a gap to cover between buzz and action, convenience and relevance, talk, and walk. That gap is better analysis of data/information. It is also better business acumen in knowing what to listen for.”
  19. “You cannot give 110% if youre not in love withwhat youre doing, and 100% isnt enough thesedays. If you dont love your work enough toprovide a consistently excellent stream ofcontent, hire someone who does.” The 5 Es of Content Marketing
  20. Connecting the Stream with Action: Technology and Humanism Meet “I would liken filters to the specificity of input the brain needs to grow. Currently, those filters are mainly search, like-minded groups, and a dash of serendipity in tools like Twitter and events like SxSW. Pull technology may not replace push completely, as I wrote almost four years ago. However, as technology becomes more humanized (e.g., IBMs Watson), there is indeed a chance that Artificial Intelligence agents will be Conversation Agents.”
  21. “Listening is very important for findingmeaning. And meaning is the key to connecting.Which is why networking is not an activity, not averb, its an outcome, a noun − a network.” Connecting People is the Secret to Success
  22. Want Better Response Rates? Make Emails Valuable “Email is not perfect. It feels like a conversation, it is more like a letter. Since it is in writing, it may not convey all the subtle signals you intended to wrap around it.”
  23. “[…] why Apple has such strong brand evangelists.Unwavering product focus. This is where Steve Jobshad the most influence: In the hands of peopleeverywhere, who, like me, found it easy to use Appleproducts.A really good experience is one you go back to overand over again.” Steve Jobs
  24. Social Journalism on Facebook“While there are clear advantages to using Facebook,for example, a journalist can do wonder for his brand,and really build an audience. Is reaching readersdirectly through Facebook compelling enough without amonetary component attached to conversation?Will publications and journalists issue corrections tostories in real time? Would you help set the recordstraight on a story facts and figures using Facebook vs.the Web site or trying to reach the editorial team?”
  25. The Stream Comes First “[…] the stream now comes first. Thats where we go to see what is going on, share the experience with others, make sense of things and support each other in a moment of need.”
  26. “You can meet opportunity with a robust archive by sharing the link to a relevant post or article to be helpful. Build pages that aggregate articles and posts to show the thought process, highlight patterns, and tell stories. I recently organized my voluminous archives into a hub. There is a meta narrative there, which is what informs my methodology and process for marketing that makes business sense.”Use Your Content Archives to be Relevant
  27. “When you help answer questions posed by other professionals, you demonstrate expertise and generosity − thus building visibility and earning a good reputation.”Ten Ways to Avoid Getting Pitches WhenAsking Questions on LinkedIn
  28. Be Social to Drive Social Effectively “People always got things done through connections. Your success depends on making others succeed. Who are you taking to lunch today?”
  29. […] nearly half (48%) of married dads report a fulfilled feeling fromlearning how to do new things around the house, such as cook ordo home repairs. And, about one in three fathers would beinterested to learn more about advanced home renovation (35%),basic home repair (33%) or landscaping and gardening (33%).Dads also admit theyd like some assistance with parenting tasks,such as shopping for school clothes or supplies (41%), talking totheir child about important issues (39%) or planning family outingsor trips (37%). Are Dads a New Market Opportunity?
  30. Ten Reasons Why Your Content Strategy Fails “Will your customers and prospects find you on the Web when theyre looking for what you provide? Will your articles, bylines, white papers, eBooks, blog posts convey that you understand the issues − from their pain points − like no one else in the market? Does your newsletter provide timely, relevant tips, commentary, and information that reveal industry or industry vertical knowledge? Do analysts and third parties pick up your thought leadership in their articles and amplify what you know?”
  31. “Curate information for your community. Showing trends, sharingresources, becoming the platform for all the services in yourneighborhood for newcomers and long timers alike. People goonline to find resources, how about building links to several in yourarea?Say youre in real estate, how about creating a welcome page withlinks to local veterinary, SPA, hairdresser and barbers, generalfamily medicine practitioners, home repair stores, plumbers,electricians, etc.? Profile your business friends every week.” Bridging the Content Gap
  32. What Influences Behavior “This is what everyone wants − to be respected, to have a chance to contribute, to create meaning and be considered as a human being. Which is why many choose to vote for themselves these days.”
  33. “[…] the biggest opportunity for companies insocial media is that to transform buyers intocustomers − to increase the number of transactionspeople have with them from one to more than one.[..] three major areas of opportunity I see fororganizations and brands to help business becomemore social: situational awareness, ambienceconcierge, and adaptive DNA.” Connecting the Stream with Action: Business Becomes Social
  34. “We can hardly make someone else orsomething else do what we want, can we?What we can do is having the proper attitudeand approach to open up opportunity.The more expansive our thinking, the easier tofind help and support along the way.” Ten Useful Hacks to Make Things Happen
  35. “Is there any way you can turn your one message, promotionalinitiative, one meeting, one time creative into a canvas over whichto paint more enduring − and rewarding − engagement?Does your value come with an expiration date? Would anyone findyour proposition interesting over time?Starting something gets you well on your way, of course. Stayingtop of mind is where it pays off. From buyers to customers,acquaintances to friends, single contributors to teams, and so on.” Ten Ways to Sustain Connections Over Time
  36. Record. Remember. Revisit. “Your content is how you continue to have people understand what you are by recording, remembering, and revisiting, which allow you to build the context of your story as it meets that of others and comes back to you as feedback. The best content (and products) sets the stage that welcomes conversation. In a world obsessed with social proofing, lets not forget that the most important conversation your customers and readers have is with themselves - their worldview, their stories, what they want to do.”
  37. 50 Job Resources for Makers “Do you know who you are? I dont mean your title, that means little here. I mean your craft, your skill, your love and strength. Many make the mistake of looking to others to find the answers. As long as you do that, as long as you depend on others to define you, as long as you wait for the job to tell you who you are, youre not going to be free to become that person.”
  38. Are You Missing out on Connecting?“While prior generations are still working on protecting and insome cases carefully managing personal image andreputations, GenY are looking to their social identity basedupon connections. However, connecting is a richerexperience than friending and becoming a fan.Regardless of which generation you belong to, connectingwith the right people and resources will help you get yourproject or work done, or to get the next job, or the first one.”
  39. “Real time streams and social graphs are training peopleto react. I see the transformation also in blog comments. Itis tempting to use the seagull move − who has the time,right?Reacting to information is the exact opposite of criticalthinking.It will not help you or your business understand why a trendmay be emerging, what it means to you, and how toreorganize your thinking about it.” The Five Rs of 21st Century Content Curation
  40. 5 Retail Trends Applicable to Your Business“[…] something businesses need to get better atdoing. Creating that connection between whatthey do and daily life.”
  41. “[…] a job that helps users (people, us) solve the worlds problems in unconventional ways through the use of the organizations technology products. People and their problems or quests, as it may be, at the center. Which is how you make the user the hero, and, yes, let technology speak for itself.”Find the Magic. Find the User. Connect the Two.
  42. “We all love a really good deal. At the same time, many of us are also prepared to pay for value. Why? Because we understand that we live in an ultra connected world, and investing in the right things is more sustainable − for us and for our communities. Deep discounting creates a race at the bottom effect and undermines quality. What we dont have, however, and where I see potential with Groupon, is an infrastructure that can connect small business owners with customers at scale.”How Content Seals the Deal at Groupon
  43. “Customer service is the best form of marketing youcould ever execute, even when you call it operations, Business 3 Ways to Show Your Customers You Appreciate theiror design of experience. Its an attitude.With every interaction, you have the opportunity tomake a person whole, develop a relationship, andget a referral. That means that you helped them seeyou care about their needs, you are listening andhearing what theyre saying, and they will win friendswhen they send people your way.”
  44. “Organizations opening their web site to customer ratingsand reviews is a defining moment, a big decision, and stillfairly rare.Even more rare on the Italian Web, where it consideredis a frightening thing, a taboo.The risk of disagreement is normally considered too high.” Impact of Reviews on Buying Behavior
  45. Failure “We learn the most when we apply ourselves to solving the problem at hand creatively. Good execution will make a winner out of failure.”
  46. Turning Pro “Turning pro means committing to doing the work to figure out what youre trading and the promises you are making, so you can make better ones. Its the condition we put ourselves in to make our own future by doing the work right now. It is how you get to meaning from purpose.”
  47. “When you design an experiencethat helps people dosomething differently and give them something to record,remember, see that is highly relevant in the context,motivation and opportunity marry. In the case of theopen market, you also have inspiration derived from faceto face and public interaction.Education is part of that.” Why Do People do What They do?
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