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Analytics for a Better Experience


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  • by DaGoaty
  • by tim geers (
  • by OliBac ( steps to reach the goal.
  • Successful campaigns require a lot of balance and an understanding of how each piece works together.We start with the macro-level goals- the large goals of an institutions. For schools this is typically increase the number of students enrolled, increase student retention, and raise more donated dollars.These goals are then supported by departmental goals, which are in turn supported by micro-level goals typically in the form of a measurable action. Let’s see how this works.
  • Set up goalsBe sure to include a Goal Value, even if it is only a relative value ranked by importance – Going to an event may be worth $50 on average, while getting someone to pay their alumni dues may be worth $150 on avergae, etc.This example goal uses a form thank you page as the definition of a success. When a user fills out this donation form, they will be taken to the donation form thank you page. Every time someone accesses that page it will be considered a success—this is because the form is really the only way to access the page. The page is specific to the form. Since we set $100 as our goal value in this example, every time someone accesses the thank you page, it is considered a goal conversion worth $100. We can then look at the Per Visit Goal Value to determine the effectiveness of individual sources, mediums, and campaigns in monetary terms.
  • by El Bibliomata (
  • by Joost J. Bakker Ijmuiden (
  • by Sean MacEntee (
  • Transcript

    • 1. Analytics for a BetterExperience
    • 2. It starts withhaving goals
    • 3. Events CampaignsMicro-level Micro-level Goals Departmental goals Macro-level Micro-level Macro-level Institutional goals
    • 4. EventsBlack Tie Presidential Campaigns Goals Mailing Event Campaign Increase Departmental goals Annual Fund Contributions Increase Donations Institutional goals
    • 5. If you can track it, you can measure it.If you can measure it, you can improve upon it.
    • 6. Set Up Google Analytics Goals
    • 7. Compare Campaigns
    • 8. Campaigns
    • 9. Compare Mediums
    • 10. Mediums
    • 11. Compare Sources
    • 12. Sources
    • 13. Determine What Works
    • 14. Goal URLs
    • 15. Pages At-a-glance
    • 16. Pages
    • 17. Pages Comparison
    • 18. Compare Landing Page Visits to Bounce Rate
    • 19. Time On Page
    • 20. Pages
    • 21. Compare by Location
    • 22. Geo-targeted Campaigns
    • 23. Who are you targeting?
    • 24. Multi-channel Funnels
    • 25. Forms• Keep it to essential questions• Use Event Tracking to create the best form funnel
    • 26. Engaged with the Site Went to a landing page Received an email
    • 27. Additional Suggestions• Clear Calls to Action• Internal linking
    • 28. Testing: Let the User Choose
    • 29. Questions?Go to to sign up for afree, 20-minute analytics consultation.
    • 30. Flickr Image References• Slide 1: by DaGoaty (• Slide 2: by tim geers ( /)• Slide 3: by OliBac (• Slide 25: by El Bibliomata (• Slide 28: by Joost J. Bakker Ijmuiden ( ijmuiden/5619821352/sizes/o/in/photostream/)• Slide 29: by Sean MacEntee (