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Higher education marketing conference presentation on alumni communications, alumni engagement, donor motivation research, and communications planning

Higher education marketing conference presentation on alumni communications, alumni engagement, donor motivation research, and communications planning



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ACM Development Conference Presentation ACM Development Conference Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • The  Power  of  Words    h-p://      
  • Data-­‐Driven  Alumni   CommunicaIons:  The  Method  to  the  Madness     Ann Oleson, Founder Converge Consulting!            
  • Our  Time  Together      •  The  top  findings  from  the  donor   moIvaIon  study    •  A  model  for  craLing  effecIve   communicaIons    •  Examples  of  relevant   communicaIons    •  Discussion,  applicaIon  of  findings   to  your  alumni/donor   communicaIons        
  • Outbound  MarkeIng  
  • Outbound  MarkeIng  is  Broken   800-555-1234! Annoying! Salesperson!
  • Inbound  MarkeIng  Blog! SEO! Social Media!
  • Be   Social   Content  Strategy   Blogging   ArIcle  WriIng   Calls  to  AcIon   On-­‐Page  SEO   Landing  Pages   Keyword  Research    Site  Architecture   Measurement  Ability  to  Edit  Site   AnalyIcs  Installed      
  • Alumni  CommunicaIons  
  • Alumni  CommunicaIons  Plan  •  Strategize   –  Research   –  SegmentaIon/Personas   –  Plan    •  Execute   –  Right  message   –  Right  audience   –  Right  medium   –  Right  Ime  •  Analyze/Course  Correct     –  EvaluaIng  what  works  
  • Research  •  NaIonal  benchmark   research   –  AFP,  CASE,  Wealth  Engine  •  Alumni  research   (quanItaIve/qualitaIve)  •  Data  Mining/Modeling  •  Social  Media  Listening/ Monitoring  
  • What  MoIvates  Your  Alumni?     Who  are  your  alumni?  What  do  you  know  about  them?            
  • Meet  Jennifer      •  35  years  old    •  VP  of  Sales  for  Company    •  Student  Government  Officer    •  Honors  Student:  3.9  GPA  •  Not  engaged  with  her  college  •  No  home  phone  number  •  Gives  10%  of  income  to   philanthropy  •  Serves  on  a  number  of   boards  in  community    •  Has  great  feelings  toward  her   college  but  never  been  asked   to  engage  in  a  meaningful   way      
  • Meet  Jennifer       Just  because  Jennifer  is   able  to  give  does  not   mean  she  is  moIvated   to  give.     How  do  we  understand   who  Jennifer  is,  what   she  cares  about,  and   how  to  reach  her?    
  • Research  ObjecIves  •  Develop a motivationally-based segmentation model !•  Uncover the motivations that drive the different types of relationships!•  Prioritize which alumni segments provide the best opportunities for colleges!•  Provide recommendations regarding how these different alumni segments should be managed to optimize their individual likelihood of donating!•  Develop a predictive model and applied tool to classify alumni into segments based on a minimum number of questions!
  • A  MoIvaIonal  SegmentaIon  of  College  Alumni  SegmentaIon  Method  and  Analysis  
  • Questionnaire DevelopmentSecondary  Research  Over 250 research articles concerning college donating and charitable givingwere reviewed to identify current issues, trends, and alumni motivations.! –  The following variables were identified in the literature and provided guidance for the questionnaire design.! Demographics     College  Experience     College  Rela4onship   Charitable  Giving   •  Age   •  Type  of  college   •  Personal  idenIficaIon   •  Personal  values   •  College  presIge   •  Pride   •  Gender   •  Perceived  need   •  Religious  values   •  Professors   •  Income   •  Campus/faciliIes   •  Benefits  from  giving   •  PoliIcal  orientaIon   •  Marital  status   •  AcIviIes   •  Uniqueness  of  college   •  Tax  benefits   •  Employment   •  Grades   •  ObligaIon  or  duty   •  Networking   •  EducaIon  level   •  Time  to  graduaIon   •  Professional  benefits   •  Life  saIsfacIon   •  TuiIon   •  Current  involvement   •  Ethnicity   •  Trust   •  Perceived  need   •  Scholarships/grants   •  Religious  affiliaIon   •  Family  legacy   •  PrioriIzaIon   •  Academic  major   •  RecogniIon   •  Residence   •  GraItude   •  Placement   •  Student  loan  balance   •  Social  experience  
  • •  Insert  slide  from  page  3  of  white  paper   segmentaIon  measures    
  • •  Insert  slide  from  page  4  of  white  paper  graph    
  • Persona  Development    The  naIonal  study  idenIfied  three  segments  of  alumni  respondents  that  vary  significantly  in  terms  of  their  ajtudes  and  moIvaIons  associated  with  giving  to  their  alma  maters:  •  Champions  •  Friends  •  Acquaintances  
  • !
  • Pull  image  from  page  5  of  the  white   paper    
  • Summary  of  Findings  ImplicaIons   –  Colleges  are  be-er  at  managing  relaIonships  with  ___________  than   they  are  with  _____________.     –  Colleges  ineffecIvely  manage  the  _______________  segment.   –  Colleges  spend  as  much  money  contacIng  Acquaintances  as  they  do   either  Champions  or  Friends.    This  is  a  waste  of  scarce  resources  that   would  be  be>er  spent  enhancing  programs  targe4ng  other   segments.      
  • Brand  Monitoring-­‐  Top  Tweeters  
  • Influence,  Themes,  SenIment  
  • Brand  Monitoring-­‐Benchmarking  
  • Execute  
  • Findings  from  the  Field:  CommunicaIon  Channel  Preferences  
  • Findings  from  the  Field:  Philanthropic  Interests  
  • The  More  You  Know…  I  work  for  a  non-­‐profit  organizaIon  in  Cambodia  and  fundraising  is  also  part  of  my  responsibility.    Ive  found  that  knowing  a  li>le  bit  about  my  donors  and  customizing  the  message  is  important  to  be  effec4ve  due  to  the  overwhelming  amount  of  requests  people  receive.    That  would  be  difficult  with  a  donor/alumni  base  as  large  as  XXXs  but  informa4on  gleaned  from  social  media  and  online  surveys  could  be  helpful.    Good  luck!  ChrisIna    
  • Strategy    DISCUSSION  
  • Champions are the most important segment for collegesTargeIng  PrioriIes   to target and manage. ! –  These alumni donate the most frequently and make the largest average donations. They are the foundation for alumni giving programs.! •  Although we did not focus on major gifts, financially able Champions have the passion to make major donations. ! –  Champions are the low hanging fruit for fundraising programs. Colleges who already have proactive alumni relations programs are likely enjoying at least some success with these alumni through self-selection.!
  • Champion  Comments         SomeImes,  I  dont  hear  about  all  the  events  so  post  on     Facebook  and  email  more  oLen!  I  really  enjoyed  the  Bowl   tour,  the  flight  was  great,  loved  the  football  buses,  all  the   events  were  amazing  including  the  paddleboat,  tour  and   best  of  all  the  fabulous  tailgate  party  and  big  win  at  the   Bowl.  I  plan  on  dona4ng  more  and  being  more  ac4ve  aSer   mee4ng  all  of  you.  Thank  you  so  much!  
  • Messages  to  a  Champion    •  Pride!•  Loyalty!•  Tradition!•  Affinity !!!
  • Harvard  Business  School-­‐  Thank  you  Video!
  • Blogs    Hopkins  Interac4ve  •  h-p://www.hopkins-­‐   –  Student-­‐run   –  Unmediated  voice   –  Excellent  use  of  photos   –  Aggregates  blogs  into  one   place   –  Includes  Twi-er  feed   –  And  a  link  to  the  Facebook   page   48  
  • ! Friends are the second most important target for colleges. !TargeIng  PrioriIes   –  Like Champions, Friends donate frequently. But their average donation is much smaller.! Friends provide outstanding opportunities for revenue growth. ! –  Friends donate much more to charities than any other segment, but only devote7% of their charitable giving budget to their college . ! –  Even small increases in the proportion of Friends charitable budget being allocated to their alma mater would provide substantial rewards.! Friends are already in the habit of giving to their college and other charities. ! –  Colleges need to do a better job persuading Friends that their college deserves more of their support relative to other charities.!
  • Feedback  from  a  Friend   Friend    From  a  Friend:  I  am  a  Head  of  School  for  an  independent  school  in  -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐,  -­‐-­‐,  and  therefore  have  quite  a  bit  of  experience  in  fundraising,  just  having  raised  $21  million  for  our  capital  campaign.    I  am  reIring  in  June  2012  and  will  be  returning  to  -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐,  where  I  have  a  home  close  to.    ASer  taking  some  4me  off  I  intend  to  get  more  involved  with  the  ins4tu4ons  I  a>ended  in  the  area.    You  may  contact  me  aSer  June  2012  here  is  my  e-­‐mail  and  phone  number    
  • Messaging  for  Friends  Message:    Friends    •  Uncover their specific affinity ! •  Major/Program! •  Greek! •  Student organization! •  Alumni association! •  Athletics!•  Tailor the message accordingly!•  Emphasize the impact of “changing the world”!•  May require collection of demographic and/or psychographic variables!
  • Just  Launched!  Hail  It  Forward  Give  back  to  your  Michigan  community  by  sharing  one-­‐to-­‐one  career  guidance  with  U-­‐M  alumni  and  students,  including  assistance  with  mentoring,  professional  branding,  relocaIon,  and  employment  opportuniIes.  For  example,  Zachary  Rable,  10,  is  looking  for  an  internship/shadowing  opportunity  in  the  field  of  urban  planning.  It  takes  only  a  few  minutes  through  Facebook.  To  help  grow  your  Michigan  community  and  help  Zachary,  visit  and  click  on  the  Hail  It  Forward  applicaIon  tab.    
  • Community  Building   Stanford  University   •  h-ps:// stanford   •  They  host  Facebook  takeovers   with  faculty,  called  “ office  hours”   •  They  post  student  pictures  and   videos  made  by  students  and   faculty   •  Their  audience  is  engaged  and   acIve   •  Posts  ask  quesIons  and   prompt  for  engagement  
  • Mobile  Apps   Ohio  State  Mobile  App     •  h-p://   •  Connect  with  alumni   •  Update  informaIon   •  Directory   •    
  • Photo-­‐sharing  Colgate  University  •  h-p:// photos/colgateuniversity/  •  Pictures  tell  the  story  of   Colgate  •  Quality  photographs  •  Updated  regularly  •  Make  the  school  accessible   and  interesIng  
  • Volunteers  needed      The  University  of  Northern  Iowa  is  looking  for  a  few  volunteers  to  help  host  the  UNI  tent  at  the  Principal  Charity  Golf  Classic  at  Glen  Oaks  Country  Club  in  West  Des  Moines  on  Thursday,  May  31.  Please  email  Amy  Mohr  with  your  name  and  preference  of  morning  (9  a.m.-­‐  1  p.m.)  or  aLernoon  (1-­‐5  p.m.)  if  you  are  interested.      For  all  alumni,  wear  your  team  colors  on  Thursday,  May  31,  in  support  of  UNI  and  get  in  free  to  the  Principal  Charity  Golf  Classic  in  West  Des  Moines.              Dr.  Noel  M.  Tichy  to  speak  at  Educa4on  Lecture  Series        UNI  alumni  and  friends  are  invited  to  a-end  a  free  lecture  by  Dr.  Noel  Tichy  enItled,  “Empowering  Leaders  at  Every  Level:  Great  Leaders  Must  be  Great  Teachers,”  on  Wednesday,  April  11  at  7  p.m.  in  the  Maucker  Union  Ballroom.  
  • !!Messaging  !! –  Low cost ways in which to keep updated and a way in which to engage!
  • Messaging  for  Acquaintances  Message:  Acquaintances    •  Benefits/Value Proposition!!•  Recognition!!•  Whatʼs In It for Me?!!•  Value of your Degree!!
  • Capturing Our Dreams Alexander Dawson School 2012
  • Examples  from  Audience    How are you using information aboutyour alumni to segment thecommunications that they receive? !
  • Analyze  Add  infographic  strategize,  implement,  analyze  
  • Sources
  • ApplicaIons  and  Analysis  •  Not  a  staIc  process    •  SegmentaIon  and  personalizaIon    •  Campaign  codes    •  Run  A/B  tesIng    •  Test  different  messages    •  Constantly  be  tweaking  message  
  • Take  it  Away…  1.)  Use  all  available  research  to  develop  strategy  (especially  research  relaIng  to  your  alumni)  2.)  One  size  fits  all  approach  to  alumni  communicaIon  doesn’t  work.  SegmentaIon  and  personalizaIon  are  keys  to  effecIve  communicaIons  3.)  EvaluaIng  and  tesIng  is  a  conInuous  process    4.)  Things  Change      
  • QuesIons?  
  • To  ConInue  the  Discussion  @AnnCOleson    White  Paper    Webinars