B2B Marketing - 10 Outreach Hacks & Tips used by Startups


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Do you want to know the B2B marketing strategies? Check this out! Top 10 B2B Marketing and Growth-Hacking tips and strategies that works! Why spend when you can hack it for free?

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B2B Marketing - 10 Outreach Hacks & Tips used by Startups

  1. 1. 10 B2B Outreach tips
  2. 2. This will work only if 1. You are selling to businesses 2. You’re a startup 3. You have no money for outreach
  3. 3. #10. Take the “cold” out of the email You can send a 1000 personalized emails every day, if you understand what “personal” means. Examples: - I was wondering if in Chicago.. - We have a common friend in John Doe.. - You’re running a mobile shop & involved in…
  4. 4. #9. Lame is better than impersonal Alright. You have no connection whatsoever with the guy you are reaching out to. At least, tell him where you found him.
  5. 5. #8. Everything works at scale. Scale is easy Response rates for emails, calls etc. are 1%-3%*. So you need scale to make meaningful impact. Scrapping. Machine Learning etc.
  6. 6. #7. Don’t try to find email IDs. Be efficient Guess the email ids – firstname@companyname.com is accurate 80% of the times. Rapportive-like tools don’t work. India, Middle East won’t work.
  7. 7. #6. Don’t sell. Get bought in, instead Anecdotally, every CXO gets 3 emails from Indian companies asking for “partnership”. It’s the business equivalent of “Can I make fraanship with you?” Write a blog about them, do an interview, ask for references or make introductions. Strike a conversation. They shall buy, one day!
  8. 8. #5. Your message has 4 parts to it. Refer. Introduce. Hook. Ask Each is a sentence. Finish your emails in these 4 sentences. This alone shall increase your response rate by several times. Kills these words: Partner, Collaborate, Value add, “We at”, fruitful relationship.
  9. 9. #4. Subject line – It’s counter intuitive Won’t work! Partnership Opportunity Company Name – Requesting a meeting Your Name – Your company Name – Campaign Name Works (for now)! I’m in Chicago..Can we meet? Brief call on xxxxx… this week?
  10. 10. #3. People need answers. Give them Quora is great place to be answering questions. When search becomes semantic, questions become the new keywords. What is the best way to… Who are the top…I’m in Chicago..meeting up What do you think of XXX who claim to do..Sometimes people need questions and answers 
  11. 11. #2. People need insights. Curate them. Curation gives you the opportunity to stay on top of trends and people. Use it as a lever to punch above your weight. High quality content is difficult to achieve. No one (except may be for Fred Wilson & Benedict Evans) can do it consistently. Curation is much easier and faster.
  12. 12. #1. People like to be on stage. Including me. Give people an audience. Interview them. Feature them on your blogs. Do a video. Elusive targets come wanting for more when you give free visibility. The guys at Konotor set up meetings for us with some really hard to meet prospects, with the “interview” bait.
  13. 13. Here is an offer you cannot refuse If you are building something cool for mobile, give us a shout. We shall write about you on our blog and interview you over hangout! vijay@contractiq.com