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  • Minimizing the losses...in terms of energy.
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  • 1. Headquarters U.S. Air Force Integrity - Service - Excellence U.S. Air Force Energy Program Mr. Doug Tucker Staff Engineer for the Deputy Assistant Secretary (Energy)
  • 2. Installation Energy Demand vs CostIntegrity - Service - Excellence 2
  • 3. Operational Energy Strategy and the Air Force Energy Plan MORE FIGHT,ENERGY STRATEGYOSD OPERATIONAL REDUCE DEMAND ENERGY PILLARS 1 LESS FUEL AIR FORCE MORE OPTIONS, LESS RISK 2 INCREASE SUPPLY MORE CAPABILITY, CULTURE CHANGE: 3 LESS COST Increases energy awareness Ensure that the armed forces have the energy resources they require to meet 21st century challenges Integrity - Service - Excellence 3
  • 4. Reduce Demand – Installations GOAL Reduce energy intensity by 3% annuallyPROGRESS: Energy intensity down 16% 35 facilities & 812 homes LEED-certified $274M investment (FY „11)NEXT STEPS: 20% reduction in square footage by 2020 Complete smart metering deployment Isolate process energy Integrity - Service - Excellence 4
  • 5. Increase Supply – Installations GOAL Increase use of renewable energy to 25% by 2025PROGRESS: 6% of electricity from renewable sources in FY11 131 projects at 56 installations (37MW)NEXT STEPS: 50 renewable projects under construction or awarded (19 MW) 6 Enhanced Use Leases (610 MW) Integrity - Service - Excellence 5
  • 6. Partnerships GOAL Authorities available to meet Installation Energy Goals Commercial Aviation Industry Enhanced Use Lease Alternative Fuels Initiative Energy SavingsEnvironmental Security Performance ContractsTechnology Certification Program Utility Energy Private Sector Services Entrepreneurs ContractsPower Purchase DOE Labs Agreement Government Utilities Integrity - Service - Excellence 6
  • 7. Conclusion “Fundamentally, we know that saving energy saves lives. Whenever our forces go into harm‟s way, they must have the best tools possible.Improving our energy security can help us do that, and we really don‟t have time to waste.” – General Martin E. Dempsey Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff October 18, 2011 Integrity - Service - Excellence 7