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Geographically Distributed Multi-Master MySQL Clusters

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Global data access can greatly expand the reach of your business. Continuent Tungsten multi-site multi-master (MSMM) solutions enable applications to accept write traffic in multiple locations across …

Global data access can greatly expand the reach of your business. Continuent Tungsten multi-site multi-master (MSMM) solutions enable applications to accept write traffic in multiple locations across on-premises and cloud providers. This includes the following important real-world use cases:

• Improve performance for globally distributed users registering hardware devices by permitting updates on the geographically closest site.
• Ensure availability of credit card processing by spreading transaction processing across two or more sites. Users can still process credit card transactions if a single site is unavailable to them for any reason, including end-user Internet routing problems.
• Enable business continuity by using multi-master updates on different hosting providers for service scalability, personalization and software upgrades of GPS devices.

Individual Continuent Tungsten clusters already provide excellent single-site database availability and performance. In this webinar we review the benefits of combining multiple Continuent Tungsten clusters into a global multi-site multi-master topology for:

• Optimizing your installation for MSMM
• Optimizing your application for MSMM
• Monitoring and administration
• Failover and recovery of individual servers or entire locations.

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  • 1. ©Continuent 2014 Geographically Distributed Multi-Master MySQL Clusters Jeff Mace, Director of Professional Services
  • 2. ©Continuent 2014 Introducing Continuent 2 • The leading provider of clustering and replication for open source DBMS • Our Product: Continuent Tungsten • Clustering - Commercial-grade HA, performance scaling and data management for MySQL • Replication - Flexible, high-performance data movement
  • 3. ©Continuent 2014 Quick Continuent Facts • Largest Tungsten installation by data volume processes over 800 million transactions per day on 225 terabytes of relational data • Largest installation by transaction volume handles up to 8 billion transactions daily • Wide variety of topologies including MySQL, Oracle, Vertica, and Hadoop in production • Cross-site topologies widely deployed 3
  • 4. ©Continuent 2014©Continuent 2014 Continuent Tungsten Customers 4 1
  • 5. ©Continuent 2014 5 The Importance of Geographic Distribution for Business Data
  • 6. ©Continuent 2014 Use case: Registering and updating hardware devices • Users may be located in any region • DNS routes users to an available site with lowest round-trip latency • Each site offers full-service processing to users • BENEFIT: Transactions always process at the fastest location for user 6
  • 7. ©Continuent 2014 Use case: Credit card transaction processing • Customer connectivity to a particular Internet site is never guaranteed • Credit card processing apps use a list of potential sites • Credit card app connects to the first responsive site and issues transaction • BENEFIT: No credit card transaction is ever refused 7
  • 8. ©Continuent 2014 Use case: GPS device personalization and upgrade service • Local sites may be subject to prolonged failures that would otherwise • Business processing continues at other sites • Transactions reconcile automatically when down site(s) are restored • BENEFIT: Business processing continues without complex site failover or data loss 8
  • 9. ©Continuent 2014 Automatic Failover 9
  • 10. ©Continuent 2014 Automatic Local Failover 10 Application Tungsten Connector
  • 11. ©Continuent 2014 Automatic Local Failover 11 Application Tungsten Connector 1. Detect non- responsive master 2. Halt master connections
  • 12. ©Continuent 2014 Automatic Local Failover 12 Application Tungsten Connector 3. Select most advanced slave and wait for pending transactions to apply
  • 13. ©Continuent 2014 Automatic Local Failover 13 Application Tungsten Connector 4. Promote to master, reconfigure slave(s), and re-enable connections
  • 14. ©Continuent 2014 Automatic Local Failover 14 Application Tungsten Connector 5. Recover failed master
  • 15. ©Continuent 2014 Support Multiple Hosting Providers 15
  • 16. ©Continuent 2014 Support Multiple Hosting Providers 16 AWS Rackspace On-Premises App Server + Connector
  • 17. ©Continuent 2014 Bi-Directional Replication 17 AWS Rackspace master slave rack rack aws aws master slave Important Note: Continuent recommends 3 nodes for clusters
  • 18. ©Continuent 2014 Provider Failover 18
  • 19. ©Continuent 2014 Location Failover 19 AWS Rackspace On-Premises App Server + Connector
  • 20. ©Continuent 2014 Location Failover 20 AWS Rackspace On-Premises App Server + Connector
  • 21. ©Continuent 2014 Global Application Availability 21
  • 22. ©Continuent 2014 Global Application Availability 22 AWS Rackspace On-Premises App Server + Connector App Server + Connector App Server + Connector
  • 23. ©Continuent 2014 Demo 23
  • 24. ©Continuent 2014 Design for MSMM 24
  • 25. ©Continuent 2014 Application and Schema Design • Use auto_increment or UUID for primary keys • Avoid unique keys that may conflict from different locations • Shard users into different schemas if possible • Heavy INSERT workloads operate best • Avoid UPDATE/DELETE statements of the same data from different locations 25
  • 26. ©Continuent 2014 Server Configuration • Use auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset • Handle DNS management with Global Traffic Managers • 24/7 monitoring and response is critical if you are operating in all sites 26
  • 27. ©Continuent 2014 27 Wrap-Up
  • 28. ©Continuent 2014 Standard clustering designs provably fail when operating over distance • Synchronous replication adds severe performance drag (Daniel Abadi, Yale Univ.) • Global locks create exploding deadlock problems (Jim Gray, Microsoft) • Strong consistency between DBMS requires some/all regions to stop when network fails (CAP proof by Nancy Lynch, MIT) 28
  • 29. ©Continuent 2014 Async multi-master is overall best approach for multi-site operation 29 Europe North America Asia/Pacific SQL transaction processing in any region Optimized performance for users Local high availability in each region Continuous updates across regions
  • 30. ©Continuent 2014 www.continuent.com Follow us on Twitter @continuent ! Tungsten Replicator: http://code.google.com/p/tungsten-replicator Our Blogs: http://scale-out-blog.blogspot.com http://datacharmer.org/blog http://www.continuent.com/news/blogs http://flyingclusters.blogspot.com/ 560 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 500 San Jose, CA 95128 Tel +1 (866) 998-3642 Fax +1 (408) 668-1009 e-mail: sales@continuent.com