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  1. 1.
  2. 2. COMFORT all over Egypt<br />
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Hotel CV<br />More than 200 international hotel counts on COMFORT for the luxury of their guests<br />Now you can count on it too <br />
  5. 5. International chain: <br />Hilton:<br />Hilton Sharm<br />Hilton Dahab<br />Hilton Fayrouz<br />Hilton waterfalls<br />Hilton Sharks Bay<br />Accor Chain:<br />SofitelSharm<br />Mercure Pyramids<br />Novotel 6th of October<br />MercureDahab<br />SofitelMaadi<br />Novotel Air port<br />Hilton Taba<br />Hilton plaza<br />Hilton Ramses <br />Hilton Green Plaza<br />Hilton long beach<br />Hilton Hurghada resort <br />Sheraton:<br />Sheraton El- Montazah<br />Sheraton Luxor<br />Sheraton Sharm<br />Sheraton Miramar<br />Sheraton Cairo<br />Sheraton Soma bay<br />Mövenpick: <br />Mövenpick El-Gouna<br />Mövenpick El-Quseir<br />Mövenpick Aswan<br />Mövenpick El-Golf<br />Mövenpick El-Sokhna<br />Intercontinental:<br />Intercontinental City stars<br />Intercontinental Abu soma<br />Intercontinental Sharm<br />Intercontinental Port ghaleb<br />Steigenberger<br />Steigenberger El Gouna<br />Steigenberger Al Dau Club <br />Steigenberger Al Dau Beach<br />Four seasons:<br />Four season Sharm<br />Four seasons Nile plaza<br />Four seasons First<br />Marriott:<br />Marriott Sharm<br />Marriott Zamalek<br />Marriott Hurghada<br />
  6. 6. Rotana:<br />Rotana coral beach sharm<br />Rotana coral beach Hurghada<br />Crown plaza:<br />Crown plaza Port ghaleb<br />Crown plaza Sharm<br />Holiday Inn:<br />Holiday Inn City Stars<br />Holiday Inn Safaga<br />Holiday Inn Sharm<br />Swiss Inn:<br />Swiss Inn Pyramids Golf<br />Swiss Inn Dahab.<br />Oberoi:<br />OberoiSahlHasheesh<br />Oberoi Mena House<br />Sonesta:<br />Sonesta Luxor <br />Sonesta Cairo<br />Radisson Blu: <br />Radisson Blu Heliopolis<br />Radisson Blu El-Quseir<br />Club Med:<br />Club Med Taba<br />Club Med El-Gouna<br />Hyatt:<br />Hyatt Sharm<br />Hyatt Taba<br />Helnan:<br />Helnan Palestine at Alex.<br />Fairmont:<br />Fairmont Heliopolis<br />Savoy:<br />Savoy Sharm<br />
  7. 7. Hotels in Egypt: <br />Baron<br />Basma Aswan<br />Bay View<br />Cairotel<br />Camel<br />Coral Sea<br />Cataract <br />Citadel Azur<br />Cleopatra<br />Concorde <br />Conrad <br />Dana Beach<br />Dreams Beach<br />Fantasia<br />Flamenco<br />Ghazala<br />Grand Plaza<br />Naama Bay<br />Oasis hotel <br />Paradise Inn<br />Red Sea Oasis<br />Reef Oasis<br />Reemyvera<br />Renaissance Alexandria<br />Robinson<br />Royal Al Batros<br />Royal Plaza<br />Safir<br />Stella Di Mare Sea Club<br />Sultana Bay<br />Sultana Beach<br />Sultan Garden<br />Tamra Beach<br />Three Corners<br />Titanic<br />Tropicana Grand Azur<br />Ritz Carlton<br />Al Masah hotel & spa<br />Hotels in the Middle East:<br /><ul><li> Sudan</li></ul> Hilton (Khartoum).<br /><ul><li> Qatar</li></ul> Grand Regency (Doha)<br />Merweb Al Saad<br /><ul><li> Dubai</li></ul> Hilton<br /> Fairmont<br /><ul><li> K.S.A</li></ul> Hilton Jeddah<br /> Hilton Al-Madina<br /><ul><li> Kenya</li></ul> Afro Chic Hotel<br /><ul><li> Tanzania</li></ul>Movenpick Dar Es Salaam <br /><ul><li> Jordan</li></ul> Le Royal Amman<br /> Al Qasr Howard Johnson <br /> Le Meridian Amman<br />Kindi suites<br /> Bristol <br /> Marriot (Amman)<br />
  8. 8. Resorts:<br />Amigo<br />Arabella Village<br />Beach Albatros<br />Beach Club<br />Camel<br />Cascades<br />Cataract Resort<br />Coral Bay<br />Days Inn<br />Shams Alam<br />Sharm Inn Resorts<br />Sindbad Beach Club<br />Sultan Bay<br />Sol Melia<br />Sultan Beach<br />Taba Resort<br />Safir Hotels <br />Elegant Voyage<br />Falcon<br />GanetSafaga<br />Helioland Resort<br />Jasmine Village<br />Lahmy Bay<br />Lotus Bay<br />Presidential<br />Royal Azour<br />Nile Cruises:<br />Abercrombie & Kent<br />Dinesty<br />Eugeni<br />Escapade nile cruises<br />Florance Santa Maria<br />Flash International<br />Isadora<br />Isis Nile cruise<br />Jolley’s travel<br />Misr Nile Cruise<br />MovenpickRadamis & Hamas<br />Nile Vision<br />Nile Exploration<br />Optima Nile Cruises<br />Peacock tours. Spring tours<br />Rodina Nile Cruise<br />Song of Egypt<br />Sonesta Cruise<br />Seti First travel<br />Tarot Garranah tours<br />Travecotels<br />Wings tours<br />For details about retail & Comfort Home Collection CV click here <br />
  9. 9. Why COMFORT<br />
  10. 10. A specialized quality brand that provides you with first class products & professional services. <br /><ul><li>Comfort products conform to EU standards.
  11. 11. Professional customization to exactly match with international hotel standards.
  12. 12. International labeling system; care label, production date, size & specification.
  13. 13. Qualified sales team, through 24 months of technical training, they are able to provide you with the proper advices & services.
  14. 14. The only certified manufacturer by the ‘’Egyptian cotton mark ‘’ for Bedding & linen.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>As the market leader in the bedding & linen industry and through its “R & D” division COMFORT introduced: 
  15. 15. Cluster fibers (Feather alternative).
  16. 16. Feather & down bedding.
  17. 17. Flame resistant nonwoven fiber.
  18. 18. Hollow fiber filling (for better insulation & higher recovery).
  19. 19. Linen fabric’s Thread count system (TC).
  20. 20. Natural cottonbedding.
  21. 21. Natural Latex pillow.
  22. 22. Natural wool bedding.
  23. 23. Poly down bedding (down alternative), new High – Tech fibers that was introduced to the Egyptian market in Feb 2007, nearly at the same time it was presented in Germany.
  24. 24. Supreme mattress protectors.
  25. 25. Terry towel mattress protectors.
  26. 26. The Green pillow (environmental friendly product).
  27. 27. The quilt’s insulationcapacity system(Tog).
  28. 28. The SGS UK 1 fire code test for hotel use. </li></li></ul><li>Quality certificates<br />
  29. 29. Egyptian Cotton Trademark:<br />Egyptian cotton is recognized as the ultimate cotton fiber in the world<br />COMFORT products are certified to be made from the finest cotton in the world <br /> COMFORT is the only Bedding & Linen brand licensed to use the Egyptian cotton trade mark <br />
  30. 30. Oeko-Tex Trademark:<br />Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an international testing and certification system for limiting the use of harmful substances. <br /> COMFORT feather & down products are certificated by the Oeko-Tex trademark. <br />
  31. 31. COMFORT services <br />
  32. 32. New edge: <br />Advertise your hotel for free:<br />If your hotel furnished with COMFORT products or going to be..<br />You will now enjoy a new competitive edge on the market and receive new customers.<br />How??<br /><ul><li>Hotel listing on COMFORTs'fan page on facebook 100.000 “ fans and growing”
  33. 33. Free listing on COMFORTs’ web site.
  34. 34. Your hotel info & photo displayed on COMFORTs’web site. </li></ul>Or join our Global contract customers and benefit even more… <br /><ul><li>Recommendation to all visitors and fans as a COMFORT recommended hotel.
  35. 35. A hyper link to direct visitor to your own hotel booking site.
  36. 36. Additional banner with your special offers to COMFORT fans & customers. </li></ul>Get your hotel recommended by the best bedding brand in the market. <br />
  37. 37. Bed to fly: <br />Differentiate from the other <br /><ul><li>There are a huge number of hotels in each touristic spot around the world,</li></ul> most of them are a like. <br /><ul><li>We develop products & create trends that can help you to become special</li></ul> to your guests. <br /> The bed to fly concept is just another unique COMFORT creation that<br /> will keep you ahead. <br />Why ? <br /><ul><li>Some of your guests ask to buy the bedding they have experienced while</li></ul> staying at your hotel, others will allow themselves to just have it as a complimentary. <br /><ul><li>A simple way to a stay present in the mind of your guest.
  38. 38. Long lasting souvenir, with no additional cost.
  39. 39. Create more revenues per guest stay. </li></li></ul><li>How ? <br /><ul><li>A bed menu on the commode, that includes your bedding & linen items with prices.
  40. 40. Guest will notice it, read it and then call guest relation to place an order.
  41. 41. Charge will be made to the room.
  42. 42. Guest will receive his order nicely packed, compressed, and in light weight.</li></ul>Bed to fly <br />A hotel experience to remember <br />
  43. 43. Bed menu:<br />A free menu listing all COMFORT bedding and linen items available in the <br />hotel and their prices:<br /><ul><li> Send your hotel logo and all requirements to be included in the bed menu</li></ul> design.<br /><ul><li>The design will be sent to you for approval.
  44. 44. Bed menu will be delivered to you within 30 days of final approval.</li></li></ul><li>Pillow menu:<br />Why ?<br />Pillow is a very personal choice, generally it’s the most important item for a good night’s sleep. <br />Sure your guests will appreciate your concern for their comfort. <br />How much?<br />COMFORT is offering it’s regular clients a customized pillow menu for FREE. <br />How ? <br /><ul><li>We will provide with many options of pillows to choose from 20 type of pillows.
  45. 45. Based on our expertise, we will advice you with the expected quantities </li></ul> your guests may favor of each pillow option. <br /><ul><li> You will provide us with your hotel art work (logo & color).
  46. 46. We will deliver the customization pillow menu & products within 30 days </li></ul> from your final approval. <br />
  47. 47. Global contract: <br /><ul><li>No more 3 quotations.
  48. 48. Better savings and much easier budgeting.
  49. 49. Faster deliveries.
  50. 50. Free bed menu & Bed to Fly.
  51. 51. Special offers for hotel employees.
  52. 52. Free publicity on Comfort web site.</li></ul>A unique win win deal for chain and individual hotels<br />
  53. 53. Products<br />
  54. 54. Products range: <br /><ul><li> Linen
  55. 55. Designed linen
  56. 56. Plain linen </li></ul>For more details about linen click here <br /><ul><li>Bedding
  57. 57. Pillows
  58. 58. Quilts
  59. 59. Mattress protectors
  60. 60. Mattress toppers
  61. 61. New Product “ COMFY bag “ </li></ul>For more details about bedding click here <br />
  62. 62. Comfort linen: <br />A wide collection of linen, uniquely made of Egyptian cotton.<br />With a varity of Composition, Structures, TC, Designs and Prices.<br />To comply with different brand standards and budgets.<br />Egyptian Cotton .. Egyptian Made.<br />
  63. 63. COMFORT bedding: <br />COMFORT provides a wide range of bedding that includes pillows, quilts,mattress protectors,mattress toppers to comply to different hotel specifications, and to fulfill healthy & comfortable sleeping needs. <br />
  64. 64. COMFORT pillows: <br />A wide range of pillows (20 type of pillows), that varies in height,<br />density,fillingand price to match your guest’s shoulder width,<br />sleeping preferences, and to meet with different hotel budgets.<br />
  65. 65. COMFORT quilts: <br />A wide range of quilts that varies in tog, drape, filling, quilting, finishing and price to match your hotel region climate, & to meet your hotel budget. <br />
  66. 66. Mattress protectors: <br />Mattress are considered as an investment.<br /> COMFORT mattress protectors are available with a variety of filling,style and protection level.<br />It will protect mattress from soiling and liquids, while meeting your brand standards and budget.<br />
  67. 67. Mattress topper: <br />Mattress toppers will enhance your guest sleeping luxury and provide<br /> a wonderful feeling of sleeping on feathers.<br /> Available in two different qualities.<br />
  68. 68. NEW product <br />Comfy bag: <br />New design with external pockets for extended luxury.<br />Also available for Outdoor & beach use.<br />
  69. 69. Exhibitions<br />
  70. 70. The Actual Design of COMFORT booth at HOTEX Al Ahram 2009<br />
  71. 71. The Actual Design of COMFORT booth at HACE 2008 <br />
  72. 72. For more details click here <br />The Actual Design of COMFORT booth at INDOORS 2009 <br />
  73. 73. Tel: 19 50 9 <br />E-mail:<br /><br />