10 Essentials for Creating Infographics


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With the increasing popularity of online content, consumers have a lot to choose from. Infographics are a compelling, entertaining way to stand out. Here's 10 tips on creating infographics taken from our ebook which has a total of 100 tips from experienced infographic experts.

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10 Essentials for Creating Infographics

  1. 1. arrghh! where do I look? these numbers don’t make sense Consumers are bombarded with information
  2. 2. How can your content stand out?
  3. 3. “Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find ‘high- quality’ sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content” Amit Singhal Senior Vice President Google
  4. 4. Why infographics? the use of visualised information has increased 9900% on the internet
  5. 5. We’re going to tell you what makes a great infographic.
  6. 6. Who are we? a bunch of geniuses! - We’re ContentPlus, a content marketing agency. - We have a selection of infographic experts. - Several very successful infographics of our own, and another on it’s way soon - Did we mention we’ve produced more than 100 infographics for clients?
  7. 7. The following 10 tips are from our free ebook download it now!
  8. 8. Let’s crack on then.
  9. 9. The Marketing Message 1 Take your time. Integrate the graphic on its own landing page, complete with accompanying text, embed code, social sharing buttons and, where relevant, calls to action. Related information in the form of blog posts, video or press releases should also be considered, while infographics are often the perfect accompaniment to white papers or research reports. 10 Marketing Tips
  10. 10. Project Management 2 Establish a schedule. Know what needs to be done at each stage of infographic production and by whom (your creative, designer, social media executive, etc), and set deadlines for the completion. …but be prepared to be flexible Not everything will go according to plan (in fact, for many people, it would be strange if it did!). If unexpected delays occur at any point, revise the remainder of the timetable accordingly so everyone involved is still aware of what needs to be done and when.
  11. 11. A Creative Concept 3 The simplest ideas are sometimes the best. Just because an idea is complex it doesn’t mean it is actually any good. It is really easy to get caught up with grand concepts but the simplest ideas are sometimes the best. Bounce. At ContentPlus we hold weekly meetings where we present and debate our ideas. Not only does having the input of extra people increase our chances of hitting on a big ticket idea, it also helps us build conviction on our chosen idea to help us sell to other stakeholders.
  12. 12. Great Content 4 Consider visual representation. Put yourself in the designer’s shoes for a moment and try to pick out the data that most lends itself to visual representation. Also, consider how the “infographic treatment” can be used to enhance the understanding of certain types of information. For example, complex geographical data can be presented in a clear and easily digestible fashion with a map-based infographic.
  13. 13. Design 5 Think differently. While standard bar charts and pie charts sometimes need to be used, avoid being generic and think about creative and relevant ways that you could display information. Metaphors often result in interesting visuals that can facilitate understanding and be engaging. Too much unnecessary decoration will distract from the information. Ensure imagery is relevant and aids communication. Basic shapes and illustrations work best, as complex images can be overwhelming. The basic of the infographic should be apparent within seconds of viewing.
  14. 14. Website Integration 6 Share buttons and comments One of the main benefits of creating an infographic for your website is the social element. People are more inclined to share an infographic than text on its own, but you should make it as easy as possible for them by placing social sharing buttons near the image. A couple of popular services used by webmasters are ShareThis and AddThis. Get some SEO tips
  15. 15. Offsite Promotion 7 There’s a site for that. The popularity of infographics has given rise to infographic distribution sites, such as visual.ly. Not only will submitting your infographic to sites like this generate a link in itself but these sites offer fantastic exposure to an engaged audience who might in turn choose to publish your infographic. 10 tips on offsite strategy
  16. 16. Social Media 8 Stick around and engage. Don’t just write a generic ‘we have a new infographic’ type of post and disappear. Use facts from the infographic and mention the source in your posts. Talk with those who comment. This will help to drive engagement and boost exposure 10 tips on social media before, during and after launch
  17. 17. Measuring the Results 9 Google, Google... and Google By incorporating advanced filters into the Site Content area of analytics you can see how many page views the individual URL has received. This will also allow you to identify the average time spent on the page and the bounce rate, which will in turn help you determine how engaging the infographic is. There’s more you can do with Google Analytics
  18. 18. Choosing The Right Agency 10 You can’t do everything. Choosing an agency to produce infographics for you is a great idea if you don’t have the resources or expertise to produce them yourself. However, with so many agencies claiming that they can produce quality infographics, tailored to your exact wants, needs and desires, it’s really important that you choose the right one. We love this stuff, choose us!
  19. 19. and there you have it.
  20. 20. Come and say hello. @ContentPlus Email: info@contentplus.co.uk Web: contentplus.co.uk Phone: 0207 517 2260 ContentPLUS GROW ONLINE WITH CONTENT
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