Presentatie IBM Nederland op Content Club #CC03, thema: Thought Leadership
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Presentatie IBM Nederland op Content Club #CC03, thema: Thought Leadership



Presentatie IBM Nederland door Jelmer Letterie en Kirsten Haver Droeze op Content Club-avond editie 3 (#CC03) ...

Presentatie IBM Nederland door Jelmer Letterie en Kirsten Haver Droeze op Content Club-avond editie 3 (#CC03)

Op 14 november 2013 bij IBM Nederland.

Thema: Hoe word je (als merk) een Thought Leader?

Meer info over Content Club Nederland?
Gastheren: Cor Hospes (Tsjee) en Mark de Lange (Beklijf)



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    Presentatie IBM Nederland op Content Club #CC03, thema: Thought Leadership Presentatie IBM Nederland op Content Club #CC03, thema: Thought Leadership Presentation Transcript

    • Jelmer Letterie – External Communications IBM 14/11/2013 Let’s Build A Smarter Planet © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Agenda 1 A Smarter Planet – de strategie 2 A Smarter Planet – de aanpak 3 A Smarter Planet – tot slot © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Agenda 1 A Smarter Planet – de strategie © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • We believe in progress – that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • First men on the moon © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • The IBM personal computer © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • A new Era of Computing © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Something meaningful is happening. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Our world is becoming INSTRUMENTED Our world is becoming INTERCONNECTED Virtually all things, processes and ways of working are becoming INTELLIGENT © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • INSTRUMENTED We now have the ability to measure, sense and see the exact condition of everything. !  Today, there are 1 billion transistors for each person on the planet.1 !  By 2010, 30 billion RFID tags will be embedded into our world and across entire ecosystems.1 Everything will become instrumented: supply chains, healthcare networks, cities and even natural systems like rivers. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • INTERCONNECTED People, systems and objects can communicate and interact with each other in entirely new ways. !  The internet of people is 1 billion strong. Almost one third of the world’s population will be on the web by 2011.1 !  There will be nearly 4 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide by the end of 2008.1 The Internet of things—cars, appliances, cameras, roadways, pipeline, pharmaceuticals and even livestock—is headed to 1 trillion. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • INTELLIGENT We can respond to changes quickly and accurately, and get better results by predicting and optimizing for future events. !  Every day, 15 petabytes of new information are being generated. This is 8x more than the information in all U.S. libraries.1 !  An average company with 1,000 employees spends $5.3 million a year to find information stored on its servers.1 New computing models manage the massive amounts of data generated by the proliferation of end-user devices, sensors, and actuators. Combined with advanced analytics, these technologies are making us smarter. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • + + = An opportunity to think and act in new ways— economically, socially and technically. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Amsterdam Airport Schipol increased baggage handling capacity by 80%—from 5,000 to 9,000 bags per hour. The Digital Delta aims to cut costs in water management by 15 percent. Instrumented: Sensors track the luggage of connecting flights, enabling real-time traceability at all points in the connection pipeline. Instrumented: Data from precipitation measurements, water level and water quality monitors, levee sensors, radar data, model predictions etc. Interconnected: The solution seamlessly integrates data from Schiphol’s own systems as well as from airlines and third-party ground services providers. Interconnected: Water data from a wide range of existing data sources will be integrated and analyzed Intelligent: By comparing a bag’s location with underlying routing rules, the airport can identify potential problems and keep bags from missing their owners’ connecting flights. Intelligent: Using data visualization and deep analytics, these insights can help prepare for imminent difficulties, enabling authorities to coordinate and manage response efforts. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • With Smart-Incar, the City of Eindhoven resolved road network issues faster, reduced congestion and improved traffic flow. The tourism and convention board Amsterdam analyzed the effects of marketing campaigns and programs on the city’s tourism industry. Instrumented: 200 participating cars were equipped with a device that gathered relevant sensor data - that were indicators of potholes or icy roads Instrumented: A free city card shows exactly which attractions tourists skip, which ones they visit and which paths they follow to get there. Interconnected: The automobiles generated a vast amount of data that was used to improve traffic condition and road safety. Interconnected: Statistical analysis paints a holistic picture of the tourism and convention industry across the city, integrating and correlating data points from multiple perspectives. Intelligent: Raw data from the vehicles highlighted 48,000 incidents over a period of six months, from 1.8 billion sensor signals. Incidents included heavy rain, black spots, switching on of hazard lights or fog. Intelligent: With insight into tourism trends and the patterns underlying the behavior of more than 4.5 million visitors each year, ATCB developed more effective campaigns. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • What IBM stands for today Smarter Transportation Smarter Telco Smarter Oil & Gas Smarter Food Smarter Healthcare Smarter Supply Chains Smarter Public Safety Smarter Money Smarter Utilities Smarter Water Management Smarter Retail Smarter Cities © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Agenda 2 A Smarter Planet – de aanpak © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • A vision that provokes conversations An opportunity to think and act in new ways: We will use the vision to create presence We will establish an agenda that provokes conversations We will drive the conversation to reframe existing sales pursuits and create new opportunities © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • What would your client say… Is the greatest opportunity for progress today? Is the smartest thing happening in their industry? Is the biggest risk their business faces? © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is an advertising campaign © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a presidential agenda © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a front-page story © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a career option © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a research objective © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a debate online © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a meeting of minds © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Smarter planet is a movement © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • When leaders think about the way the world should work, they challenge the status quo © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Challenge the status quo © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Surprising ideas © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • DRIVING EARNED MEDIA © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Assets that generate the most engagement have a sense of the unexpected, are newsworthy or are provocative in nature Initial characteristics 22 SME interviews 30 secondary sources Statistic Trending Personal Unexpected Passion Arousal Newsworthy Quote Community of Participation !  Utility !  Provocative !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  ‘Winning’ characteristics Analysis of 500 assets Unexpected - Includes something surprising or unusual “To be widely shared, an asset needs to offer a view of the world that is somehow surprising.” - Ethan McCarty, IBM Newsworthy - Are you making news? 64% say news is the type of content they share most frequently, the most of any type of content* Provocative - Contains a point-of-view that challenges conventional thinking “Videos that go viral typically make a grand proclamation, for example, the 5x5.” - George Faulkner, IBM © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • We researched 500 assets to investigate which characteristics, asset types and platforms generated greater engagement Top characteristics Asset type and characteristics Platform and asset type !  11 characteristics !  22 expert interviews !  30 secondary research reports !  !  !  !  500 individual assets 30,000 comments and 75,000 likes 15 asset types, 11 asset categories 0-2 point scale rating, 11 characteristics !  Performance measured by average comments and likes !  2/3rd IBM and 1/3rd external assets/platforms © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • # Comments # Comments # Comments The research revealed that characteristics that drive engagement differ by each asset type © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Furthermore, the engagement that the assets drive is dependent on the platforms they are hosted on © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • However, characteristics alone are not enough. It is imperative to define goals, target constituencies and influencers. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Paid-Owned-Earned contact strategy EARNED 6 Juni 18 Juni PAID PAID © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Paid Media: direct mail © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • EARNED Constituencies •  Innovation •  Traffic & Mobility •  Government - General, Cities and Public safety 2. Build your asset The Smarter Planet movie was already created. Video matched with the video criteria unexpected and personal. Example Tweet – Public Safety 32% of severe accidents in cities happen on zebra crossings. 10- year old invents a solution. Target: 840 views 3 1 Build your story We customized the message per the constituency and per asset type characteristics. 5. Measure Determine the platforms We identified which platforms we wanted to use to position the asset. Example 9 LinkedIn groups 2 blogs 1 community 5 Twitter channels 4 Identify your influencers We selected the IBM influencers with a reach to the different constituencies. Example IBMers per constituency Innovation – Pierre de Wit © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • EARNED Paid Earned Where the constituency was led Placed a Banner on Financial Daily ( and LinkedIn. Led to the (IBM Netherlands domain) Used the ESP Lead to the Youtube Smarter Planet Movie – Linkedin, Twitter, FB, External Blogs, Communities Impressions 1.35 Million Impressions on (96%) 52,000 impression from Social Media (4%) Views 2600 views on IBM domain 2380 views on Youtube Engagement 29 Comments /30 Likes © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • EARNED And with the ESP approach we were able to have a reach within the targeted constituencies TWITTER Participation per audience LINKEDIN Participation per audience LINKEDIN Participation per group STATISTICS •  123 Tweets; 29 ReTweets •  Maxium impressions: 34,008 •  Estimated impressions: 10,000 STATISTICS •  20 Updates ; 7 Group Posts •  Maximum impressions: 18,000 •  Estimated impressions: 5,000 STATISTICS •  Smarter City’s group: 9 comments •  Civil Servant group: 20 comments © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Agenda 3 A Smarter Planet – tot slot © 2013 IBM Corporation
    • Interbrand Rankings 76,000 74,000 72,000 70.000 70,000 68.000 68,000 66.000 66,000 64.000 64,000 62,000 62.000 60,000 60.000 58,000 58.000 56,000 56.000 54,000 54.000 52,000 52.000 50,000 50.000 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
    • @ibminnederland IBM.Nederland @kirsten_HD @jelmerletterie