Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi - A Contagion Case Study


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Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi - A Contagion Case Study

  1. 1. Amish Tripathi is the author of Shiva Trilogy novels - The Immortals of Meluha (Feb 2010), The Secret of the Nagas (Aug 2011) and The Oath of the Vayuputras (Feb 2013). The trilogy is a fantasy re- imagining of the Indian deity Shiva's life and adventures. Amish Tripathi Shiva Trilogy
  2. 2. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi QUICK FACTS • The Shiva Trilogy was a huge franchise • It had only grown with every subsequent book release in the Trilogy • While ‘Immortals of Meluha’ itself was a massive success; its sequel, ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ had a much faster uptake • Both the books in the Shiva Trilogy so far have enjoyed a fantastic response from readers making it a cult franchise • But there was one more thing that the Shiva Trilogy and Amish Tripathi had been famous for and that was the marketing approach
  3. 3. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi MARKETING THE BOOKS • Think WhyNot, was brought on board to market ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ • For the first time a trailer film for a book was made almost on a movie scale and what's more, it also played in theatres • The digital marketing strategy pushed the book to be a phenomenal hit & became one of the first books to become a bestseller at the Pre-order stage • Today the combined sale of the two books is close to a million • Amish was signed on by CAA - one of Hollywood’s top Talent Management agencies and got him a deal with Dharma Productions for a film to be made on the first book
  4. 4. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi MARKETING THE BOOKS
  5. 5. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi All this was just about the right stage setting for the final book in the Shiva Trilogy, which was to be unveiled in 2013 - the release of the third and final book in the Trilogy – ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’
  6. 6. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi • “The Oath of the Vayuputras” was one of the most eagerly awaited books of 2013 • Fans in Social media were clamoring for the release date of the book since early 2012 • While readers were eagerly awaiting the story of Lord Shiva to be completed, it was an equally interesting wait to see what innovations would be pulled out for the marketing of the third book So what would the innovative part be? What were the firsts that ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ will unfold???
  7. 7. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi TASK • The brief to the agency from Amish was to remove the hat of ‘Book Marketing’ and think big! • The Vayuputras was to be one of the largest ever initial print runs for a book • At 500000 copies the scale of the book was huge and the marketing idea had to be BIG. • Having said that, it was still not a mass media product which could afford the regular Above-the-Line advertising budgets. • Hence the marketing needed to be smart, viral and cost effective though the scale was larger than that of any Indian book ever marketed in India. • The challenge was also to expand the base of the franchise and introduce the trilogy to completely new audiences
  8. 8. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION The solution lay in breaking new ground with more ‘Firsts’ - something that the Shiva Trilogy, Amish and the marketing approach for the Trilogy were already known for. A series of ideas were implemented that were never done before and which were so interesting that they generated their own media through viral buzz And together were woven together in a 360 web
  9. 9. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Music Video • While the last marketing campaign revolved around innovative trailers, the idea was to take it to next level and actually make a music video • As an agency, we staunchly believed that music video was a great idea because it acts as a perfect AV trailer in the first place. • If made well, it gets its own media by getting some airtime at a substantially lower media costs. And if the music is made well, it works the same way as songs work the magic for Bollywood movies • Since the Shiva Trilogy has always appealed to younger audiences, it was decided to make the track as ‘Rock’ish Shiva Anthem, high on testosterone
  10. 10. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Music Video
  11. 11. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Music Video • Taufiq Qureshi was chosen to compose the track & Sonu Nigam was bought on board to bring this Shiva story to life • Our agency head - Sangram Surve, wrote the music video outline to bring alive the journey of the 3 books in this 5 minute music video & it was written by Rachana Dixit • The video was directed by Amit Pandirkar, the same talented director who had directed the earlier trailer films • Shot in croma, 3D structures & matte paintings were made to recreate the period & make it look as real as possible
  12. 12. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Music Video Watch the music video here:
  13. 13. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi WHAT’S DIFFERENT? We didn’t just stop here… • The point was not just to make a music video but create a music product inspired by the book • Hence Times Music was approached to distribute this piece of music and sell it as a single • Times was excited by the potential of the franchise and the idea of having a great musical product based on such a franchise and decided to put its own might behind the marketing of the single
  14. 14. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi One more First: Not just a Video, but an ALBUM
  15. 15. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Music Album • Sangram bumped into one more creative brain who was intrigued and excited by the franchise and about the music video idea - Raajeev Sharma, owner of a music label in the World Music space • Raajeev extended the music video idea to one more ‘First’. Why not create an entire album? • The first time in India and perhaps the world that an OST would be created around a book • Music that brings alive select chapters in the Shiva Trilogy series to life • Talented musicians were approached to work on this exciting brief • The album was called ‘Vayuputras’
  16. 16. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Music Album
  17. 17. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi SOLUTION Successful Campaign? • The music video not only functioned like a TVC for the book but also a standalone product inspired by the book • It was an ad that paid for its own production cost through the revenue it generated • It was an ad that has also generated its own media • The media that it got for promotion was 10 times the production cost and therein lied its effectiveness. • The music album was also the biggest grosser for Times Music in the ‘Non-Bollywood’ segment
  18. 18. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi THE DIGITAL ANGLE
  19. 19. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi TASK Maximize viral reach through the ‘cult’ base of fans on the social assets Amplify the ‘Big Idea’ as well as the launch of the book to create a big enough buzz online which would ‘spill-over’ offline too. Cement Amish as the bigger brand in the long run encouraging more traffic inflow to the author’s digital assets
  20. 20. SOLUTION After the success of the first two books we knew that the author’s fan base was thirsty for teasers to his next book. We used this fact to keep our audience excited with exclusive content which of course, went viral. • We took this a step further with a Shiva Trilogy avatar application which allowed fans to customize their profiles with Shiva Trilogy messages Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  21. 21. SOLUTION • In the second phase of the campaign we focused on the upcoming music video. We started by releasing exclusive visuals of select characters from the new book. We followed this up with an exclusive online release of the music video Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  22. 22. SOLUTION Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi The Video release (3 days post the final poster reveal)
  23. 23. SOLUTION • In the final phase of the campaign, our aim was to turn the launch of the book into a mega event and bring in throngs of fans to the event. A live stream was planned along with a LIVE tweetboard giving added impetus to those on twitter to share their thoughts as the event progressed Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  24. 24. SOLUTION • A new website under the domain name replaced the earlier • The main objective of constructing a new website was to establish a brand name for Amish Tripathi as an author • The new design of the website was also a lot different from A lot of thought was put behind the design of the website so as to suit the brand image of Amish. • While had an all out ‘Indian fantasy fiction’ feel to it, the author website needed a more contemporary design while retaining elements of the earlier website. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  25. 25. SOLUTION Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi Landing page of Landing page of
  26. 26. SOLUTION Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi Homepage for
  27. 27. • The event trended in multiple cities all around India on twitter. • The urge to be seen/heard encouraged many users at the event to login and get tweeting while at the event causing a wave of crowd sourced event coverage on twitter in just 3 hours. • Combined efforts have seen the book go into a second print run within a week of its release. The first print run itself ran into 5 lakh copies. RESULT Shiva Trilogy Amish Tripathi
  28. 28. Digital Statistics on the Launch Day  Number of conversations: 1297  Number of unique users who participated in the activity: approx. 500  Users reached: 7,52,864  Impressions generated: 23,03,636 All this in just under 3 hours! Amish's Twitter handle (@AmishT) grew by 3000 followers within a month from the launch, organically. RESULT Shiva Trilogy Amish Tripathi
  29. 29. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi THE CULMINATION
  30. 30. THE CELEBRATION EVENT • Movies become Blockbuster Hits. Break Box Office records and indulge in exuberant success parties. Such a Cliché • Taking a book to stardom! Now that's Think WhyNot. After the grand marketing strategy for the 3rd instalment of the Shiva Trilogy, it was time to party in style! • "The Celebration Event" held at Taj Lands End was at a scale unheard of ever in the Indian Publishing Industry. Guest of Honour was none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan • The guest list was further star studded with the likes of Dr. Satyapal Singh (Police Commissioner), Pritish Nandy, Kabir Bedi, Dilip Tahil, Neena Gupta and many more Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  31. 31. CELEBRATION EVENT - HIGHLIGHTS • The evening kicked of with two back to back performances of Original Sound Tracks created for the book – 'Vayuputras'! Each song is dedicated to a particular episode in the story • The first one was the track "She Enters His Life" performed by the original artists, the dashing youngsters of Indo-Gypsies • The second track played from the album was "Bhadra Bam Bole" and again artists Arijit Dutta & Prashant Samadhar enthralled the audience with their sheer intensity • The final touch down was an eclectic dance performance on Shiva's Tandav, choreographed by Sonia Parchure and performed by Gashmeer who also starred in the official video of the title sound track - "Jo Vayuputra Ho". Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  32. 32. CELEBRATION EVENT - HIGHLIGHTS Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  33. 33. CELEBRATION EVENT - HIGHLIGHTS Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi • Screening of the video trailers created for the books was interspersed between these performances • An AV was compiled which narrated the success story of Amish and revealed the astounding facts & figures associated with this historic literary phenomenon • Post the performances, Mr. Bachchan graced the dias and regaled the audience with his modest speech • What followed was an intense discussion on the philosophies entrenched in this literature between the well respected columnist Mr. Anil Dharkar & Author Amish himself. • The guests were gifted with a parchment scroll that had the image of the Pashupati Seal recreated by Amish himself & that was given in a beautiful golden case
  34. 34. CELEBRATION EVENT - HIGHLIGHTS Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi
  35. 35. CELEBRATION EVENT – PR & COVERAGE Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi The event was covered extensively across all media:
  36. 36. CELEBRATION EVENT – PR & COVERAGE Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi But the highlight was definitely the tweet about the event from Mr. Bachchan: With 4,840,286 followers, that’s surely one high profile PR!
  37. 37. Shiva Trilogy | Amish Tripathi By the end of it all, the Shiva Trilogy franchise have set new benchmarks thanks to Amish’s vision and some really out-of-the box thinking agency – Think WhyNot!