Like It Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh - A Contagion Case Study
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  • 1. Ravinder Singh is one of Penguin’s best-selling authors in the romantic-fiction space. Having garnered a fanbase that has spread far and wide through his touching narrations – I too had a love story and Love can happen twice, his third book was an attempt to break away from the romance novel space by delving into a bit of nostalgia driven content. Like It Happened Yesterday Ravinder Singh
  • 2. Like It Happened Yesterday | Ravinder Singh TASK Two Fold: • Introduce his passionate fans to another side of the author’s writing. One that went beyond the ‘romance’ genre his fans had grown so accustomed to • Create an engaging social media campaign that was innovative, endearing and viral in nature
  • 3. Since the current fan base was already thirsty for Ravinder’s next offering, the campaign route adopted was to first digress from expectations of another love story and build anticipation with respect to the book’s content SOLUTION Like It Happened Yesterday | Ravinder Singh • This was done through a simple & perspective changing contest that asked user’s about Ravinder’s early childhood • The contest seeded intrigue about the author’s early life and childhood and set the tone for the upcoming promotional content • Over 4000 entries were received over a two week period, allowing one winner to be a special guest at the book launch when it did happen
  • 4. We now had to build up the main phase of the campaign. This involved getting the message of the book release out in the public domain and viral • A virtual ‘book cover reveal challenge’ sent the impending book release viral by allowing users to uncover the book collectively through a share application • 2000 shares were achieved within 3 days unravelling the entire cover and exposing the campaign to over 4 lakh individuals on Facebook alone • Encouraged, we added to the virality by taking users down memory lane encouraging a basic picbadge campaign along with teasing nostalgia based posts • The content encouraged sharability and built up to the final bit of intrigue – An animated voiceover trailer that took users into what the book had to offer in a personal way SOLUTION Like It Happened Yesterday | Ravinder Singh
  • 5. SOLUTION Like It Happened Yesterday | Ravinder Singh The Virtual Book Cover Reveal
  • 6. SOLUTION Like It Happened Yesterday | Ravinder Singh Seeding Nostalgia
  • 7. SOLUTION Like It Happened Yesterday | Ravinder Singh The pre-launch innovative book trailer. A talking point of the campaign. Approx 15k views within a month. Post Launch, a Google Hangout was carried out to allow the author access to his online base. Around 500 users viewed the streaming live. Two lucky fans had a chance to participate in the hangout via a contest held earlier
  • 8. Like It Happened Yesterday Ravinder Singh • Despite initial apprehensions regarding the niche genre that his previous books fell into, the book was well received • The viral nature of the campaign ensured that the author built up an audience which went beyond the 18-24 age group that his previous books attracted • The campaign a reached a larger than life number, due to the sheer engagement levels pre- launch • A music album featuring star singer Shaan is now in production with Times Music, celebrating the concept of the book RESULT