Infosessie "hoe schrijf ik een winnende Caviar"

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Hoe schrijf je een winnende Caviar

Hoe schrijf je een winnende Caviar

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  • 1. About categories & pitfalls Caviars 2013
  • 2. Categories1. Internal contact centre2. Small & midsize CC3. Partnership4. Technology5. HR6. Special category: motivational leadership p. 2
  • 3. In-house Contact Centre1. Who: In-house contact centres or minimum 90% of revenue generated by mother company • In-house = not outsourced • Contact centre/customer service/help desk/…2. Why: Projects realized internally (opposed to partnership category) are crucial in customer contact, but don’t get always the attention they deserve3. What: Any project that has uplifted your contact centre or the market p. 3
  • 4. Small & midsize contact centre1. Who: any contact centre with maximum 100 FTE2. Why: fair competition between similar companies (that are not always able to realize huge projects)3. What: Any project that has uplifted your contact centre or the market p. 4
  • 5. Partnership1. Who: combination of external contact centre and one of his customers2. Why: good cooperation/partnership is crucial3. What: Any project that underlines this cooperation and has significant impact p. 5
  • 6. Technology1. Who: contact centres that have improved thanks to technology (can be in combination with technology supplier)2. Why: the role of technology is crucial in the evolution of contact centres3. What: Any project that proofs that, thanks to the technology, one or more KPI’s have improved p. 6
  • 7. HR1. Who: any contact centre or HR service supplier (combined with the contact centre)2. Why: without people, no contact centre3. What: Any people related project that proofs that, thanks to the HR policy, the contact centre operations have improved p. 7
  • 8. Motivational leadership1. Special category!2. Awards teambuilding, agent motivation or recognition3. Winner is chosen by the event attendees p. 8
  • 9. Pitfalls p. 9
  • 10. Any feedback/questionDo not hesitate to contact one of the team members!PS/ information as well available in hand-outs and p. 10