Contac Services. One Solution, Infinite Possibilities


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Contac Services. One Solution, Infinite Possibilities

  1. 1. Contac Services Contac Services is an integrated solutions providerspecializing in “one to one” marketing services and supply chain management.
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. OverviewContac Services provides our customers with one solutionoffering infinite possibilities…Contac Services is Canada’s largest direct marketing, print andfulfillment company. With over 30 years in the business, Contac is theonly single source solution to create, produce, and deliverpersonalized 1to1 marketing that enables companies to attract, andretain their target customers.We provide the highest quality production, lowest cost, and fastestdistribution to major brands around the world. Contac employs over200 people and has offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
  4. 4. OverviewContac Services provides our customers with one solutionoffering infinite possibilities…Fully integrated operating divisions: Data Driven Communications Owners of the mywurldTM platform, the most advanced “one to one” marketing platform in the wurld! Print Management Ranked as a top 100 printer and proudly of only 12 in Canada to be G7 certified Supply Chain Management Contac’s Webstore Front is a sophisticated platform revolutionizing how procurement is being managedServing customers needs since 1978Certified supplier status from Canadian Aboriginal andMinority Supplier Counsel (CAMSC)
  5. 5. VisionOver the next five years, economists and futurists have predicted several trendsthat will continue to shape how businesses will need to evolve:Enhancing personalization through the use of technology innovationwill be business-critical for every enterprise.Technology-enabled products and services that incorporate deepcustomer contact, on-demand choices, and intuitive interaction willdrive business success.Highly efficient e-business virtual supply chains will intimately linkmanufacturers and producers directly to customers.Producing, marketing, and distributing products or services in avariable online method will be a cost-effective and a critical strategyfor business.Environmental responsibility will continue to shape and steersupplier and buying decisions.
  6. 6. ValuesThe firm’s core values reflect what is most important to Contac, andgovern how we behave each and every day.Customer Focused - our customers are everything. We are devoted to providingour customers with the best value and the highest quality product and service.People - we understand that our people power the success and growth of ourcompany, and we will always respect their ideas, contribution and efforts.Integrity - we adhere to honesty, truth, fairness and doing the right thing withouthesitation or compromise, even when circumstances make it difficult to do so.Continuous Improvement - we are always seeking to improve ourunderstanding of customer’s, our ability to meet our employee’s needs, the efficiencies ofour processes, our impact on our environment and our products and services – we knowwe can always do better.Social Responsibility - to constantly be aware we operate in a closed ecosystemthat must be preserved for our heirs.
  7. 7. History
  8. 8. Our History1978 • Company founded as a 3rd Party Logistics company (3PL) serving the travel and travel marketing industry • Primary services included storage and distribution of travel brochures and related materials and the delivery of consumer travel documents across Canada • Contac held a very modest 10% market share for this business in Canada with $3 million in annual revenue.2005: • With a vision to consolidate 3PL business in this sector, and expand into other markets, Riaz Pisani acquires Contac and becomes President and CEO • Contac partners with the dsi Group of the UK to meet the direct marketing needs of customers in Europe • $3.4 million annual revenue2006: • Through organic business growth and acquisition of a grouping of client contracts, Contac market share in the 3PL business serving the travel and travel marketing sector increased to almost 97% (vs. 10% in 2005) • Contac expands into the U.S. distribution market • $8.6 million annual revenue2007: • Contac expands its offerings by providing variable data print solutions •Contac introduces one-to-one Marketing that delivers customized content through print, email, personalized websites and mobile devices • $15.6 million annual revenue
  9. 9. Our History continued2008 • Contac acquires Leader Direct, a print and mail-house company, and Agile Media, a variable digital print company to provide in-house print fulfillment of materials it was already handling in its 3PL business • Contac adds Entertainment as a new client market for 3PL services by teaming-up with Nettwerk Music Group and providing one-to-one marketing solutions concert tours • Contac builds platform that manages the global gift card supply chain for Blackhawk Marketing, a division of Safeway. Blackhawk offers gift cards for over 350 affiliates ranging from music to restaurants and sporting events. • Contac and GSRI develop the code for Pick and Put to Light Technology, a system created to automate the distribution of collateral across North America • Contac introduces Procurement Platform, a self-service portal to manage client print and marketing material inventories • $20.5 million annual revenue2009 • Contac debuts its proprietary mywurld web platform which provides personal websites (PURLs) to its client’s customers in what is becoming a powerful marketing tool – leading organizations including Brewster Vacations, Sears Travel, Westjet Vacations and the World Police & Fire Games are among the first to adopt the mywurld platform • Riaz Pisani is one of three finalists nominated in the business-to-business products and services category in the Ernst & Young 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year awards for the Pacific Region in Canada • $17.9 million annual revenue
  10. 10. Our History continued2010 •Contac expands its strategic relationship with Grand & Toy (Office Max) and launches Online Brand Manager (OBM) with, leveraging Contacs integrated Supply Chain Fulfillment and Print Services infrastructure to service Grand & Toy’s 22,000 business customers • Contac expands the mywurld web platform with Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations, Brewster Vacations, Club Voyages, Discount Cars, Ensemble Travel Group, Flight Centre, Marlin Travel, My Trip Site, Sears Travel and Westjet Vacations • $18.1 million annual revenue2011 • Contac consolidates Supply Chain Management solutions for various major clients • Contac continues to expand its national platform to become a premier provider of single-source solutions in North America to produce and deliver personalized web-based interactive Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain fulfillment under one umbrella • Contac launches its mywurld platform with Westjet Airlines for all their air bookings and looking to expand the platform to other airlines and the hospitality industry • Contac extends its relationship with Grand & Toy to launch the SPARK OBM web platform –an integrated procurement and distribution service to help small medium and large Canadian businesses coordinate their marketing collateral – G&T effectively becomes a sales distribution arm for Contac • Today Contac provides the highest quality production, lowest cost and fastest distribution of marketing collateral to dozens of major brands around the world • $26.4 million annual revenue
  11. 11. mywurldTM Travel Agent DesktopData Driven Communications
  12. 12. mywurldTM
  13. 13. Imagine a world where you could connect personally to EVERYsingle customer before, during, and after their purchase, all whiledriving incremental revenue… With mywurld™ you can…..
  14. 14. What is mywurld™? • Fully integrated1:1 personalized marketing and customer retention tool • Creates opportunity to enhance customer experience • Drives incremental revenues • Leverages PURL (personalized URL) technology to support customers through every stage of their purchase
  15. 15. Who Can Benefit From mywurld™? mywurld™ is for anyone with a client database looking for an innovative solution to communicate to customers. • mywurld™ Travel • Airlines • Retail • Hospitality • Cruise • mywurld™ Entertainment • mywurld™ Retail • mywurld™ Financial (coming soon) With mywurld™, the opportunities are endless…..
  16. 16. mywurld™ Travel • Airlines • Retail • Hospitality • Cruisemywurld™ Travel allows you to stay personally connected toEVERY single customer before, during, and after travel, all whiledriving incremental revenue…
  17. 17. How does it work?A single communication platform to manage your customer lifecycle… PLANNING BOOKING TRAVELLING RETURN Upon initial Once booked, Provide Welcome contact the each customer customers with customers home customer is receives a PURL personalized with aprovided with an with trip details, travel documents customized engaging and destination and an interactive survey and interactive information and mobile opportunity to planning unique experience to book next experience e-commerce stay connected vacation content while travelling
  18. 18. Planning Stage of Journey A travel consultant searches travel options via Travelport and selects relevant itineraries for the guest After consultation the guest receives a personalized email with a link to their interactive Planner The Planner is a personalized website that includes the recommended itinerary options and customized destination information and mapping Each Planner is sent to the consultant via a dashboard to electronically track and follow up on prospect activity All relevant customer information can then be sent to populate your Universal Profile and CRM systems
  19. 19. What Are Some Of The Features?Ability to configure and control the branding, user interfaceand designA PURL never expires and is updated several timesthroughout the journeyCustomize by traveler, graphics, messaging, advertising,promotional offers and informationCommunication Corner allows constant contact with thetraveler for schedule changes, alerts, and notificationsWelcome home site is automatically generatedOpportunity for customer feedback and to promote the nextvacationOpportunity to drive incremental revenue
  20. 20. How Can It Help Drive Incremental Revenue? Each PURL provides the agent or consumer the opportunity to shop and book commissionable activities including: Air, hotel, and car rentals Insurance Destination excursions and guides Event and show tickets Restaurants Travel Gear Visas Foreign Exchange And more (See product road map for additional upcoming features)
  21. 21. Welcome home…A “Welcome home” site is automatically generated and timed for guest return Opportunity to also automatically send a postcard to thank your guest Opportunity for feedback via your customer survey Introduce your guests to your frequent traveler program Great opportunity to promote the next vacation with repeat guest promotions The Planner lives forever and is a great vehicle to upload personal photos and share your vacation experience on your social media sites All analytics from each PURL tracked and incorporated into FC CRM strategy Each trip forms part of customer “wallet” 22
  22. 22. Click on one of our customer’s PURLs to seethe opportunities available…
  23. 23. Listen to What Our Customers Are Saying… Air Canada Vacations has been working with Contac for several years we really appreciate the service they provide to our customers. In our hectic work environment it is nice to know when you send a request it is going to be handled. Keep up the good work! Nino Montagnese Senior Director, Sales Air Canada Vacations What can I say about Contac and their team? It truly has been a privilege to be in a business relationship with Contac. They have done an outstanding job of ensuring that our product gets delivered on time and their commitment to Customer Service has been extraordinary. We look forward to continuing to foster this great relationship. Hanif Manji Team Lead, Inside Sales WestJet
  24. 24. mywurld™ Entertainment Why limit a fan’s experience to just one event? mywurld™ Entertainment ensures your customers feel as important as the event they are attending…
  25. 25. Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour In 2008 multi-platinum recording artist Avril Lavigne embarked on a 45 city tour. Looking to engage concert goers in a unique and innovative way, Avrils record label Nettwerk Records turned to Contac’s mywurld platform. Contac and Nettwerk Records developed a campaign that offered customized communication tailored to each of her fans. Avril connected with ticket holders in a personal and unique way with two products: Personalized Tour Guide websites and Tour Booklets.
  26. 26. Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour The Tour Guide PURL gave each ticket holder access to their own customized website with information on show times, seating charts, driving directions to the concert venue, information on nearby restaurants, hotel and local transportation. Concert goers were also invited to purchase merchandise online and access photos taken at the concert. The Tour Booklet was fully variable, complete with commemorative stickers, postcards, a bracelet and a magnet.“The personalized Avril Lavigne concert guide was an enormous undertaking, the first ofits kind in the music industry, and Contacs knowledgeable team provided supportthroughout the entire development process, ensuring we met deadlines while deliveringa quality product to Avril fans.“– Nettwerk Music Group
  27. 27. Kaiser Chiefs The English indie rock band, Kaiser Chiefs wanted to provide personalized communication to each of their fans for a two-day music festival at Elland Road Football stadium in Leeds, UK. Contac designed a Concert Guide website (PURL) and personalized Ticket Booklet for every Kaiser Chiefs ticket holder.
  28. 28. Kaiser Chiefs Through the PURL, concert goers were privy to a personal video message from the band, ticket and seating information and an opportunity to purchase merchandise prior to the concert. To complement the PURL each ticket holder also received their own customized Ticket Booklet that contained, among other things, their own commemorative ticket.The Result?The impact of communicating on a personal level with their fans was invaluable to theKaiser Chiefs and created a lasting, tangible experience for the fans that began at pre-purchase and continued well past the event.And, because opportunities were provided for groups to book restaurants andaccommodation through the PURL, additional revenue was gained through hospitalityadvertising.
  29. 29. World Police and Fire Games In May of 2009, Contac Services provided personalized websites for athletes participating in 2009 World Police and Fire Games. “With 10,500+ athletes, 65 sports and more than 50 venues, our PURL allowed us to not only provide one-to-one, customized communication to our participants around the world, but it also delivered our e-commerce solution too. We couldnt have done it without you! Thank you to you and your team for your initiative, superior project management skills and your excellent customer service throughout!” Stuart H. Ballantyne Chief Executive Officer BC 2009 World Police & Fire Games
  30. 30. mywurld™ RetailLooking for cross-selling opportunities? mywurld™ Retail willkeep you connected to your customers long after their initialpurchase.
  31. 31. mywurld™ RetailOur retail customers include household appliance manufacturers.They depend on the PURL technology of mywurld™ Retail to connectwith their customers through every step of their purchase.Benefits include:• Reminding your customers of warranty information• Service and parts information• Product FAQs related to their specific purchase
  32. 32. mywurld™ Financial
  33. 33. mywurld™ FinancialLooking to personalize your client’s portfolio? mywurld™ Financial willallow financial organizations to speak to every customer individually.Customized PURLs will feature information including:• Monthly financial summaries• Fund changes• Portfolio x-ray• Potential purchasing opportunities• Description of funds
  34. 34. mywurld™ - quick facts Mobile ready for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android Opportunity to share your PURL via any social media site Opportunity to drive incremental advertising revenues with targeted advertising Future global deployment in multiple languages and currencies Ability to configure and control the branding, user interface and design A PURL never expires and can be updated at anytime Customize by customer, graphics, messaging, advertising, promotional offers and information
  35. 35. Travel Agent Desktop
  36. 36. Travel Agent DesktopThe “TAD” is Contac’s B2B travel platform thatprovides travel agents with a “one stop” shoppingexperience for: Ordering supplier printed brochures Accessing electronic brochures and marketing materials Accessing key content providers like RBC Insurance Sending and receiving PURLs Accessing the Digital Asset Management Platform Integrated Web Store Front for one stop shoppingThe TAD is accessible by every retailer in Canadaand co-branded for major partners including: Marlin Sears Ensemble Flight Centre Carlson Wagonlit Travel Uniglobe
  37. 37. Travel Agent DesktopEach enhanced itinerary (PURL) is both emailed to thetravel agent and/or traveler and deposited to the travelagent’s wallet within the mywurld™ dashboard.This dashboard can be embedded into anytravel agency platform and provides theagent with the full status of itineraries, sendfinal PURLs, track customer open ratesand view commission statements.The dashboard also provides administrativeaccess to travel agency owners for themanagement of any configurable componentsof the customer email and itinerary platform asdetermined by you.
  38. 38. Web Storefront Platform WSF Benefits Distribution Print DAMP Services Supply Chain Management Contac’s Supply Chain Management offering is literally changing the way companies procure, print and distribute everything from business stationary to promotional items.
  39. 39. Web Storefront Platform
  40. 40. The PlatformWhat is the Contac Web Storefront Platform?WSF is an interactive web portal whereby auser can dynamically customize marketingmaterials and personalize stationary, placeorders and arrange deliveryThe ‘end-to-end’ platform protects clientbrand standards, automates the procurementprocess, tracks and reports all activity,manages inventory, controls print quality andleverages volumesThe platform integrates distribution servicesby consolidating multiple orders into singleshipments greatly reducing distribution andstorage costs with their just-in-time deliveryHundreds of pre-set templates and designsmake ordering and customization easy
  41. 41. Our model
  42. 42. WSF benefitsEfficient Workflow by integrating ordering,template creation, customization, internalapprovals, printing and shipping in one costeffective streamlined platform.Built in approval process as needed throughemail notification to designated personnel priorto the processing of an order.Self Service for affiliated offices, branches orcompany divisions to conveniently order brandedmarketing materials online.On Demand for relevant marketing collateralproduced on demand and just in time for multipledistribution channels and individual customers.Personalized to execute dynamic, personalizedmarketing campaigns from inception to delivery bycost effectively producing customized marketingcollateral exactly when you need it.
  43. 43. Case Study: Grand & ToyGrand & Toy is a large Canadian office supplies chain. In 2010 Contacexpanded its strategic partnership and launched the Online BrandManager (OBM). The OBM is an end-to-end solution that enables G&Tclients to order stationery and marketing collateral via an onlineplatform.Benefits: Currently 66 live sites providing service to over 80 clients, with over 100 estimated for 2012. Seamlessly integrated with G&Ts Enterprise systems initiating single sign-on and automated invoicing. Fully integrated with Contac’s distribution and fulfillment systems allowing for consolidation of shipments and overall cost savings to end clients. Control of entire supply chain across the country for G&T clients by leveraging G&T client based and Contacs infrastructure. OBM facilitates self-service and capable of printing personalized, print-on- demand and inventory items. OBM is seamlessly integrated with G&T enterprise systems including, ordering and accounting systems, promoting efficient workflow
  44. 44. Distribution
  45. 45. DistributionDistribution Centers Three state-of-the-art distribution facilities across Canada strategically located in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal totally 250,000 square feet Our distribution facilities can fulfill to any location in North America with satellite warehouses in Buffalo and Blaine Distribution fully integrated with Web Store Front and Print Facilities with visibility of orders throughout the fulfillment process Contac’s Toronto facility is the only facility in Canada to be Level 1 certified by Visa
  46. 46. DistributionDirect-to-Store Distribution Direct to your distributers with advance shipping notification Full life-cycle order tracking. Customizable user interface.Direct-to-Consumer Full PPTL solution for up to 250 skus Full tracking capabilities for all shipmentsOrders Processed Annual Volume of 1.3+ million orders More than 500 million pieces Over 400 satisfied clients
  47. 47. DistributionAt Contac…people make the difference!Client Service representatives assignedto each clientIntroduction of new productsDelivery of reporting & best practices toreduce overall client spendCreation and delivery of businessreviews & business planOur team is also experienced in: Bulk & reorders distribution Tradeshow distribution including POS displays brochures, kits, hand-outs Kitting and labeling
  48. 48. ReportingFeatures of Client Services Real time inventory mgmt system Orders can be placed for stores, consumers and trade shows Inventory usage reports Stock transfer and product receipting Low inventory managementBenefits of Client Services Complete Inventory Management System Reports include all warehouses Reports can be analyzed on-line or downloaded into multiple formats Available 24/7 on-line
  49. 49. Pick and Put to Light (PPTL)Pick and put to light systems (PPTL) are the most cost-effective means ofproviding dramatic improvements in warehouse productivity and pickingaccuracy. Our PPTL system not only allows you to manage your inventorymore effectively but it also allows your stock to be replenished through a direct-to-store, auto-replenishment channel.• Mathematical algorithm creates most efficient pick sequence based on product volumes• Light displays indicate product and order quantities thereby reducing potential for errors• Processing time streamlined by analyzing volumes in each group of orders to determine pick and order sequence Watch our video to• Autoship to anywhere across North America learn more• Benefit from substantial reduction in labour over traditional processes
  50. 50. Case Study: Blackhawk NetworkBlackhawk Network, a subsidiary of Safeway Inc., is a prepaid and payments network, amarket leader in card-based financial solutions and the largest provider of third-partyprepaid cards.By adapting our own technology, we were able to implement a stock and replenish systemthat met strict criteria for product fulfillment throughout North America. The process ofcreating a new system for Blackhawk substantially reduced development costs and time. Itonly allowed Blackhawk to manage its inventory more effectively, but also allowed stock tobe replenished through a direct-to-store, auto-replenishment channel.The resulting logistics system was flexible and enabled the synchronization of inventoriesbetween Blackhawk and Contac in real-time. To date the system has been rolled out toapproximately 15,000 locations."For me to be able to look back over the last severalmonths (not years, months) and take perspective onwhat weve been able to accomplish already, itsreally quite satisfying and impressive.“– Charlie Piper, SVP, Blackhawk Operations
  51. 51. Print Services
  52. 52. Offset Print ServicesOffset Printing Services MAN Roland 700 – 6 color, 40” offset press with in-line coater MAN Roland 500 UV Hybrid – 4 color, 29” offset press with in- line coater Halmjet - 2 color perfecting envelop press Halmjet - 4 color envelop press ABDick 375 with T51 Head (x2) Head short run offset press
  53. 53. Digital Print ServicesDigital Printing Services 2 Kodak NexPress S3000, 5 color presses with 5/5 production, dimensional printing, watermarking and high gloss finishing capabilities 2 Xerox iGen3 Model 90 - 4 color presses, 4/4 production with in-line finishing 1 Xerox iGen3 Model 110 - 4 color presses, 4/4 production with in-line finishing
  54. 54. Other ServicesBindery Services Cutting, thermography, perfing, scoring, creasing, die-cutting, padding, foiling, folding, wiro, saddle stitch, perfect binding and photo booksMail & Email Services Design, list management, labeling, production, mailing worldwide, tracking, reportingStock options FSC stocks, specialized stock for products such as POP
  55. 55. Digital Asset Management
  56. 56. Digital Asset Management A version Allows sharing controlled Customer of Digital Assets archive of Digital Admin/Design across different Assets Portal systems Digital Asset Contac Print Contac Design Management Platform Platform Platform DB Digital Assets include: • Imagery (Logos, Photos) Allows Customer • Fonts & Font Styles collaboration of WEB Portal Digital Assets • Graphics & Graphic Styles DB amongst • Text Content workgroups • Document Templates
  57. 57. DAMP FeaturesScalable enterprise digital asset systemWEB Browser interface: user/adminUser group security policies, strong password controlSupports any file formatSupports multiple regions (Dev/UAT/Production)Multi document type search/index supportSet of Web Services for customer portalsStandard Web portal which is customizableImage conversion (Photoshop engine/Lead Tools)Colour managementVersion control (order any image version)Built using .net & MS SQL Server
  58. 58. Our Customers
  59. 59. Our Customers
  60. 60. Additional customers
  61. 61. What our mywurld™Customers are Saying….“The Contac team continuously meets and exceeds our expectations, and provides our company withopportunities that we would otherwise not experience. Wed have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any ofContacs leading edge services to any company that is looking for a true partner.”Joanna BuckinghamSenior Marketing Manager, Brewster Inc. “We want to take this opportunity to let you know one of the legacies we have to report is our experience working with Contac Services and the PURL. With 10,500+ athletes, 65 sports and more than 50 venues, our PURL allowed us to not only provide one-to-one, customized communication to our participants around the world, but it also delivered our e-commerce solution too. We couldnt have done it without you! Thank you to you and your team for your initiative, superior project management skills and your excellent customer service throughout!” Stuart H. Ballantyne Chief Executive Officer, BC 2009 World Police & Fire Games“The personalized Avril Lavigne concert guide was an enormous undertaking, the first of its kind in the musicindustry, and Contacs knowledgeable team provided support throughout the entire development process,ensuring we met deadlines while delivering a quality product to Avril fans.”Nettwerk Music Group
  62. 62. What Our Web Storefront and Supply Chain Customers Are Saying…Grand & Toy has chosen Contac Services to be a strategic business partner in the designand implementation of our web-based, customer-facing, procurement platform for ourservices of print, promotional and marketing solutions. Contac complements our businessmodel as it provides a sophisticated combination of software, customer service anddistribution, bringing forth the benefits of an integrated solution.The outcome drives an offering that is dynamic, scalable, flexible and easy for ourcustomer to do business with G&T. Along with its sophisticated technologies, Contac willbring forth timely marketing solutions to enable success for any organization looking todrive a clear marketing solution. Throughout our partnership Contac has proven itself to beaccommodating and flexible every step of the way. They understand our requirements aswell as our needs to bring forth leading edge solutions.Ann HazeltonDirector of ImagingGrand & ToyTo read more testimonials click here
  63. 63. What Our Web Storefront and Supply Chain Customers Are Saying…Contac Services has a long history dealing with Visitors Choice guides, butsince I have started working here, we have really begun to utilize the rangeof services offered to clients. We’ve been introduced to new levels ofservice by helping to facilitate a web ordering system that has receivedmany compliments from our distribution partners. We are now able to fulfillorders more quickly and with greater accuracy than ever before.This has led to using Contac Services for more of our distribution. Recentexpansion of the print section of Contacs business led to Contac assistingus with printing our business cards and quoting on production of ourguides. They are always proactive in expanding our business relationshipand providing high quality service when providing web or print services.Thank you for your excellent service, and I look forward to dealing with youin the future.Victoria GibsonPublishing Support ExecutiveVisitors Choice PublicationsTo read more testimonials click here
  64. 64. Announcements and Accolades Contac Wins 2011 CAMSC CATA Innovation Through Technology Award October 4, 2011 Contacs CEO Wins B.C. New-Canadian Entrepreneur Award for Technology May 31, 2011 Ensemble Travel® Group launches one source solution incorporating Contacs eConcierge™ and Travel Agency Desktop Solution platforms November 16, 2010Contacs World Class Print Division awarded G7 Master Printer CertificationNovember 5, 2010Contac enhances eConcierge™ platform with Canadian Tourism Commission contentJuly 29, 2010Contac Expands One-Source Procurement PlatformMay 11, 2010 Flight Centre takes off with Contacs innovative eConcierge™ platform March 19, 2010 Contac Launches Revolutionary New Supply Chain Procurement Platform January 19, 2010