Elect P. Anna Paddon MLA Cowichan Families Education Transportation Energy


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March 04 2013
Elect P. Anna Paddon MLA Cowichan Families Education Transportation Energy, Due South Introduction Song, Women in Business Award, business women, public, private companies, senior executives, or entrepreneurs, global, Improving Business,Mar 1, 2013,Preston Manning, What Makes Good Government,domestic policy, Trisha Girard, Fraser Institute,Canadian political system, future Canadians, society,

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Elect P. Anna Paddon MLA Cowichan Families Education Transportation Energy

  1. 1. The Influential Women in Business Award is created B .C . attention to • MP Valley MLAs critical of to draw exceptional business women one speech Routleys sayand private Liber als thr in BC. Achieving ranks in public families need mor e than pr omise of companies, becoming e pr osperity fror entrepreneurs in BC, and futur senior executives om pr ovinces globally, Woman Are ImprovingrBusiness. natur al gas evenuesLexi Bainas, Citizen Mar 1, 2013: Preston Manning: What Makes Good Government? What makes Elect P. Anna Paddon • • Elect P.policy? How do recentMLA Cowichan Families Housing good Anna Paddon governments stack up? Businesses Careers Jobs 604-688-0221 ext: 578 ··trisha.girard@fraserinstitute.org MLA Cowichan Families Education General Price: $69.00. CONTACT: Trisha Girard • Elect P. Anna Paddon MLA Cowichan Families system. His Transportation Energy Honorable Mr Preston Manning delivers a critique of the current Canadian political Education advice for judging policies and programs is for the public to continue to Transportation Energy be empirical and objective as new polices are presented. Judge the cost basis andBill Routley ofvalue that the proposal gives to present T hur sday that Canadians, andone speech the the mor e souther l y Cowichan Valley riding said and future he thought the thr society.was "sor el y missing several r eally impor tant issues." T hese include any mention of one of his ar eas ofexper tise: B.C.s ailing for est industr y. He and a gr oup of MLAs pr epar ed a r epor t car d on pr ovincial for estpolicy and found, "poor for est health, lack of inventor y. If theyr e not ashamed of their recor d, they shouldbe," Bill Routley said. He then added he was wor ried about the Liber als "single-minded focus" on liquefiednatur al gas (LNG). "I would call their prosperity fund, the fantasy fund. It doesnt deal with the r eal issuestoday," he said. T he Cowichan Valley MLA said he had hoped to see mor e concr ete action on preparing peoplefor the future wor k for ce."Her es a budget thats cut the post secondar y education budget by $70 million. To hammer his point home,Bill Routley pointed out that, despite the gover nments jobs plan, 37,000 private• Link: http://www2.canada.com/cowichanvalleycitizen/news/story.html?id=bb944619-325f-4a2b-bbad-9bd44f9e6345Elect P. Anna Paddon MLA Cowichan Email paz4tunnel@hotmail.ca