Make your event a hit! Marketing tips for a successful turnout.


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Are you hosting Fall and Winter events like socials and parties, classes, workshops, demonstrations or tastings, conferences or award nights? Do you need a fast and easy way to get your customers to attend, but want more than just a Yes or No?
See how others are creating compelling invitations and using social media to get customers to their events. Get your event noticed by communicating event details with attendees and accept registrations online - all in a single tool!

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  • Email marketing is one of the best advertising methods.
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  • Evite vs. Constant Contact
  • Make your event a hit! Marketing tips for a successful turnout.

    1. 1. ONLINE EVENT MARKETING FOR BUSINESSTO CONSUMER Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 1
    2. 2. Agenda Making the most of your event Promote & Communicate Engage with attendees Measure your success Worksheets 2Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    3. 3. MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR EVENT Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 3
    4. 4. Making the most of your event Ease the burden of event management by going online! Keep registration open, even when you’re not. Offline management: Online management:  Time consuming manual list  Easily manage all information management online  Less efficient registration  Self-serve 24/7 online methods registration  Cumbersome spreadsheet  Efficient tracking and reporting tracking and reporting  Custom registration=  Guessing what is wanted Information you need and want from the event 4Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    5. 5. Making the most of your eventWant specifics to be the “Event of the Season”? – take 2-minutes to ask! Learn what your attendees desire: What events of ours have you attended in the past? Include a do you attend events? Why link to a survey in your regular email. of events interest you? What types What social media networks do you use? Ask the uncomfortable question about a previous event: “What didn’t you like about our last event?” Things to keep in mind: An event invitation and website provide all Time of Day  What is ideal? the information needed for attendee to Location understand the value of the event and  Traffic? successfully attend.  Adequate parking?  Driving directions?  WIFI provided? 5Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    6. 6. Event success Countax Their challenges:  Attendees had to call or fax RSVP  Inaccurate information on name badges  Confusion over event time and location With Event Marketing their results: “It saved us hours and hours of work. We still took some registrations over the phone, but simply typed them straight into the online sign-up form – then and there…and then being able to display the directions to the venue was a great help.” -Jef O’Riley, Marketing Manager, Countax 6Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    7. 7. PROMOTE AND COMMUNICATE Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 7
    8. 8. Are you promoting to the right people?Who do you want to come? Create an “ideal” attendee profile:  People new and/or familiar with you?  What makes them the same / different?  Influence in networks (local and social)? Where are they finding out about events?  Online?  Offline?  Advertising? 8Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    9. 9. Event experience starts with your invitationA professional looking invite encourages registration and attendance Advertising on an invitation is not professional looking. •Ad free invites, registrat ion and homepage •Over 140 themes •Customizable 9Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    10. 10. Foundation from those who know you Get their attention with customizable email invites Brand is important; show your personality -79% of respondents said they hit the "report spam" button when they dont know who the sender is. -Email Sender and Provider Coalition UseSubject Lines and headlines that get you opened Personalize message to recipient –the same invite does not need to go to everyone on your list 56% of consumers consider marketing messages from known senders to be Spam if the message is “just not interesting to me.” -Q Interactive 10Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    11. 11. Good Invitations cause interest and action Do your invites do more than ask people to come? Must have shareworthy content: – Provide information about why they should attend – List activities to improve attendance:  Topics  Lessons  Speakers – Engage with video – Add list of upcoming events Today, 71% of the U.S. online audience watches video on the internet, and the number of streams consumed should more than double by 2013. – Forrester Research Video in email can increase click-through rates by as much as three-hundred percent. – Forrester Research 11Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    12. 12. Success with Event Invitations Business Victories Their challenge: Promoting weekly teleseminars which educate customers and prospects Boosting teleseminar attendance "Weve seen registration go up 30% to With Event Marketing their results: 40%, and its consistently growing each week, undoubtedly because weve started using Event Marketing.“- Cheri Ruskus, Business Victories 12Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    13. 13. Does this invite work? What works: Headline captures attention and sense of urgency Visuals match event theme Why it does not work: No way to RSVP on line! Created sense of urgency but no way to take immediate action Unclear how to sign up for event No personalization No map for directions on how to get there No way to share Missingout the power of word of mouth and social media marketing 13Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    14. 14. Beyond the one eventShare upcoming events in your emailinvitations to increase awareness “Attend My Events” button appears in the Insert menu Clicking this option will feature: –Event Name –Start/End date and time –Event Description (if given) –Location Track which readers are interested in what events 14Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    15. 15. Leverage Social Media for your inviteExpand the reach of your invitationthrough Social Media Use Simple Share to promote the event on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the same time! ■ Customize the message for each site ■ Include an image (optional) ■ Easily share to all your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles 15Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    16. 16. Create buzz in Social Media about the event Get more attendees by sharing the event on Facebook & Twitter Whether you send an invite or not, promote the event on Social Media! Here’s how:  Establish a hashtag (e.g. #B2Bevent) to track buzz around the event.  Tweet your event and watch how your followers retweet the details.  Do not forget to ask them to retweet, asking and saying “Please” really does work. Promote the event on a The Facebook post can contain a schedule: custom message to Weekly encourage attendance and will include a link to register. The day before An hour before 16Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    17. 17. Create buzz in Social Media about the event Increase attendance through professional connections  Promote the event on your LinkedIn profile  Share the event details with those you know on LinkedIn  Groups:  Industry  Topic 17Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    18. 18. Leverage Mobile Marketing How can you use it? Foursquare Pre-event During Event •Create a location •Share with friends to check in •Co-market with •Develop scavenger content partner? hunt about event Drive traffic to •Hints in each other’s sites “tips” area •Leave a “tip” •Understand about your event interests of people •Leave a To Do checking in – about your event profile info 18Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    19. 19. Leverage Social Media & Online Marketing Built-in Promotions with Social Media and Search Engine Optimization ■ Help your event be found in online searches by using keywords  Topics, speakers, theme, locati on ■ Create an event hashtag to encourage conversation about the event ■ The hashtag is automatically featured in event communications 19Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    20. 20. Can your event be found on the web? Do you have an event homepage? Use homepage for more promotional details and drive desire to attend. Match the branding and colors of your website to your event homepage. Use shareworthy content.“The homepage flexibility provides afantastic outlet for othercomplementary marketing strategiessuch as posting for socialnetworking and affiliates websites.”-Shannon Beth Harrington, SB Cre8tive 20Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    21. 21. Get your event details on the web Feature all upcoming events online or on your website Share the link to the event calendar in emails and Social Media. Provide a list of upcoming events on your website: ■ Increases awareness of your upcoming events ■ Helps improve attendance or increase the number of volunteers ■ Increase SEO value 21Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    22. 22. ENGAGEMENT WITH ATTENDEES Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 22
    23. 23. Step 1: Registration Where, When, and How do I Pay? Track and see the details registrants provide:  One location online for all registrants to register  They provide information needed to attend  Attendees register when and how they want  Registration payment made online Online registration helps save time, decrease errors and all information stored securely and reviewable by event manager. 23Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    24. 24. How registration engages FlavaFitness Studio Their challenge: Difficult to get a proper headcount Provide adequate event information Collecting payment from registrants With Event Marketing their results: “There’s been time saved: hours in obtaining registration information and hours in collecting payments. I would have to say in total, using Event marketing has saved me two work days at least.”– Jeni Jones, FlavaFitness Studio 24Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    25. 25. Step 2: Acknowledge and Communicate Ask registrants to share the event information. Jump start the word of mouth buzz around your event! Once registered, attendees can spread the word about the event by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Note: Facebook users have on average 130 friends* *Facebook FAQ’s 25Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    26. 26. Step 2: Acknowledge and Communicate Reminder emailReminder communicationsincrease attendance Include:  Show countdown until event  Provide hints to guess secret guest speaker/feature:  Tweet event information and include event #hashtag in the tweet  Share event details on your Facebook wall  Include a link to a pre-event survey or poll, then near event start date or at start of event review results  Make it easy to share with “Forward to friend” link and Social Share button 26Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    27. 27. Step 3: During the Event Android iPhone Easy attendance Tracking on your mobile phone! 27Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    28. 28. Step 3: During the Event Using Facebook during the event:  Use live updates to mention booth contests, fun activities and share pictures  In each post, share any links or materials of the guest speakers  Include pictures of any guest speakers or attendees. Ask attendees to “tag” themselves in photos  Encourage attendees to share or comment during the event on Facebook via mobile 28Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    29. 29. Step 3: During the EventUsing Twitter during the event Use #hashtag for the event Encourage attendees to tweet about what they are experiencing during the event – use event #hashtag – People who are interested but not there can follow theTwitter feed. Encourage attendees to post photos and videos from mobile devices to Twitter with tools like Twitpic Twitter has 165 Million Users – 50% of them use Twitter Mobile. –, “Mobile by the Numbers” 29Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    30. 30. Leverage mobile marketingConsider using QR Codes to keep the interaction going Direct to website information via mobile device Get feedback via a poll or short survey that people can access via mobile device Post video content that is complementary to the event objectives to view via a mobile deviceWonder what is behind this QR Code? How do I build? - Add- .qr at end of shorten url 30Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    31. 31. Mobile + Events = Success How can you use it? Foursquare  Watch how many and who has checked in – Know when the people you want to connect with have arrived  Watch the comments, tips and to do’s left by attendees – Gain a clear understanding of what popular/trending in your event  Watch for instant feedback – Negative comments about the food – Problems with the facility Ask attendees to leave a review of the event on Yelp. 31Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    32. 32. POST EVENT COMMUNICATIONS Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 32
    33. 33. Post Event Email and HomepagePost event email and homepage  Thank attendees  Include link to post-event survey  Give participants a way to stay connected through the “Join Our Mailing List” link or social media sites Send follow up email and update  Post quotes from attendees homepage for post event information  Provide contact information for the individual who can answer questions 33Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    34. 34. Collect Post Event Feedback Use a Survey  Ask about satisfaction with content, facilities, etc.  How likely are they to come again?  Over 60 templates to start with to meet your objective  How likely are they to tell others  Includes good questions about your events?  You can edit, remove, add, and re-order questions  You can add your logo, colors and images  Ask questions that get answers you can act upon  Example: “What didn’t you like about our last event?” 34Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    35. 35. Feedback and Data for next event  Analyze participation to identify high value prospects, then perform the appropriate follow up  Leverage details from your registration data to help identify the right segments of people to invite to your next event How do you know if your invites did  Use the information they have their job? shared to personalize your future communications Is the message being shared?  Segment: – Details such as who paid, how they paid, demographic, geographic, etc. 35Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    36. 36. Did you meet the objectives? Measure your objectives by: Measure attendee objectives by:  The number of people who  Show rate of individuals attended registered  Revenue from the event  Conversations about event in Social Media networks  Analyze data collected via  Feedback in surveys reports and survey 36Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    37. 37. Best Next Steps Try Online Event Marketing For Free Check out a Live Product Tour Register for the live “Event Marketing Product Demo” Questions? You have a consultant here to help at 1-855-816-6508 Follow Event Marketing on Facebook and Twitter: on Facebook on Twitter 37Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    38. 38. QUESTIONS? Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 38
    39. 39. Plan- Using Objectives Share your story:  Recent or Upcoming Event  Attendee Objective  Your Objective  Value and Content Focus of event Audience Goal Your Goal Size of Event Value of Event Content Focus 39Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    40. 40. Are you promoting to the right people? Attendee Worksheet: Attendees-Who is perfect for Where do they spend time? Where do they seek event your event? information? In common What is Real Life Online Real Life Online different • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 40Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    41. 41. Leverage Social Media Promotion Tools Before During After • Promote the event by • Share updates on your wall • On your wall, thank those sharing the event details and upload pictures from who came to the event on your wall the event • Answer remaining questions from event and send email with link to your wall. • Create an unique event • Maximize the opportunity • Encourage people to hashtag for a re-tweet by limiting continue discussion • Using create short your tweet to 120 • Use tweets to promote next event URL for tweets characters event • Customize your Twitter • Encourage tweeting during background with the the event event brand • Create a Twitter List of • Schedule tweets in your conference speakers advance to promote for others to follow • List people’s Twitter username’s on their badges • Have link to event • Encourage those that meet • Continue networking after homepage in your profile at the event to connect the event • Invite connections to attend • Create a location to • Develop scavenger hunt • Review Check-ins and Tips check-in about event left by attendees • Co-market with content provider 41 • Leave a “Tip” or “To Do”Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.
    42. 42. Boost attendance with promotional variety Let them know and they’ll show! Invitations Homepage Social Media Send personalized Create a unique event Engage those following invitations with a homepage you to boost attendance personal appeal and awareness Make sure to include: Make sure to include: Make sure to include: Important event information Information about the event, Updates about the event To ask recipients to forward the topics and guest speakers (Examples: new speakers, email to friends and family Regular updates on the discount offers, etc.) A list of upcoming events homepage, with our easy to Link to registration for the event Encourage to talk about event update homepage from all posts and tweets in Facebook and Twitter A “Join my Mailing List” box, to Encourage those who have Links to register-automatically keep the connected registered to post or tweet they done for you with Event Use the “Attend my Event are attending-automatically done Marketing Widget” to promote upcoming for you with Event Marketing events on your websiteRemember: communicate where your audience is listening! 42Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.