21 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Get Their Mission Across


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If you've been wondering how your nonprofit can take full advantage of Facebook- or just looking for ways to get past social media marketer's block- here are 21 ways that organizations can get fans, engage them, and, hopefully, turn them into supporters!

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21 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Get Their Mission Across

  1. 21 Ways Nonprofits Can Use SocialMedia to Get Their Mission Across © 2012
  2. 1. Behind-the-scenes footageWho:Winter Park Harvest Festival(click here for their website)How:Founder John Rife uses a smartphone to show his ownefforts working toward a more sustainable futureWhy:Pictures and videos that show how volunteerswork toward an organization’s goal can build amore personal relationship with Facebook fans © 2012
  3. 2. Show off what you’re doing How: Post pictures, videos, even plain text posts about what you’re working on. Why: This will keep donors up to date with the latest initiative and bring them closer to the organization. © 2012
  4. 3. Use Facebook tabs How: If you’re unsure of how to create your own apps, it’s easy to learn how to customize Facebook Tabs. Why: You can integrate things with your tabs, too. Here, John integrates festival events run via EventSpot, along with a sign-up sheet for his email list. © 2012
  5. 4. Use Facebook tabs some more Who: Union Settlement Association (click here for their website) Why: You can provide quick buttons for the most important parts of your organization. © 2012
  6. 5. Share your historyHow:Look into your archives and grab some photo. Ifyou don’t have any, use historical photos thatshow a common cause with your organizations.Why:This engages fans and shows just how dedicatedyour organization is to the cause. © 2012
  7. 6. Link to your press coverage How: Find news articles that cover your organization and link to them. Why: Your Facebook Page should always be the top resource for supporters for news about the organization. © 2012
  8. 7. Run a fundraiser How: Use a 3rd party program like Social Campaigns to create fundraisers on Facebook. Why: As you establish a loyal fanbase on Facebook, it will become easier to mobilize them for new initiatives. © 2012
  9. 8. Share successesWho:Fairy DogParents(click here for their website)How:Share photos & anecdotes about your organization’s work.Why:Good news is a great way to grow a Facebook fanbase.If it’s good news that you helped make, even better. © 2012
  10. 9. Run a survey How: Use Facebook surveys to get ideas for content Why: Asking your fans what kind of content they like is a sure way to keep Facebook fans engaged. © 2012
  11. 10. Share feedbackHow:Share responses from people who have benefitedfrom your organization’s servicesWhy:If you get a positive comment from a supporter,sharing it can help promote your organization’sservices to others. © 2012
  12. 11. Share with similar PagesHow:Use Facebook’s tagging feature to tag other Pageswhen you feature their content.Why:Just by tagging the name of another nonprofit in yourfield, you expand the reach of both organizations. © 2012
  13. 12. Use your cover photoHow:Create a Timeline cover photo that shows off your cause.Why:Your cover photo is a great place to put up a montage of all the work your nonprofit does. © 2012
  14. 13. Post customer testimonialsWho:The SBDC at UNF(click here for their website)How:Post testimonials via Facebook oremail.Why:Testimonials can show memberswhat your organization is helpingpeople achieve. © 2012
  15. 14. Post pictures of events How: Keep a camera close! Why: Every event is a good opportunity to snap a picture for Facebook— whether you’re at a conference or cleaning up a river. © 2012
  16. 15. Post invitationsHow:Post a link to your event registration pageon Facebook.Why:By sharing events beyond your website andemail, you can extend your reach & give fansthe opportunity to share with friends. © 2012
  17. 16. Post about legislation Who: Adoption Resources of Wisconsin (click here for their website) How: Track legislation that could affect your organization and post about it on Facebook. Why: This can establish your Page as a resource for community news & mobilize supporters. © 2012
  18. 17. Ask for commentsHow:Just asking for comments can generate some responses, as long as the question isn’t toopersonal.Why:One story can start a whole conversation. © 2012
  19. 18. Share your expertise Who: The Guilford Art Center (click here for their website) How: Share posts that show off expertise. Why: You know your subject. Volunteers count on that expertise and sharing it can help make people passionate about the cause. © 2012
  20. 19. Curate contentHow:Share content relevant to your cause.Why:By sharing this kind of information, you position yourFacebook Page as a resource for those interested in thebroader aspects of the cause, too. © 2012
  21. 20. Welcome new membersWho:The Greater Bloomington Chamberof Commerce(click here for their website)How:Keep track of which members are “liking” the Page.Why:Showing new members can connect fans with theorganization. © 2012
  22. 21. Share your awardsHow:Showcase your awards on Facebook.Why:Fans appreciate your success and sharing it can create a tighter community and increaseengagement. © 2012
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