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Sensiwave, integrated internal communication system
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Sensiwave, integrated internal communication system


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Human Resources, Internal Communication, Change Management: with Sensiwave, educate, get commitment, measure and create your own change dashboard.

Human Resources, Internal Communication, Change Management: with Sensiwave, educate, get commitment, measure and create your own change dashboard.

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. FROM THE GENERATION OF AN IDEA TO THE DEPLOYMENT OF A CAMPAIGNTHE SUCCESS OF A COMPANY WIDELY DEPENDS ON ITS ABILITY TO MOBILIZE ITS WORKFORCEREGARDING ITS GLOBAL STRATEGY OR THE DIFFERENT TACTICAL PROJECTS IT UNDERTAKES.This is why the different topics which needs to be  Office moves, etc …understood by employees are many and varied. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to explain the stakes, understand the subject, and whatTHESE TOPICS COULD BE FOR INSTANCE: is expected in terms of behaviour, benefits, and to leverage potential fears… The creation and  A new strategy; implementation of communication and awareness  A new organization; campaigns or change management projects are  A new information system; essential to achieve it.  New working methods;  Regulatory development; In order to obtain maximum efficiency, it is important  The development of a security culture; to be able to rely on appropriate tools to meet this  Increase of the sustainable development objective. culture; Sensiwave has been designed to reach this goal, and  Adherence to company values; can be understood as a genuine integrated internal  Barriers to working; communication system.  Crisis management; 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 3. THEREFORE, IF YOU ARE THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF SUCH A CAMPAIGN, IN AN IDEAL WORLD, YOU WISH TO:  Build up and easily deploy your campaign.  Fully customize your contents thanks to a wide selection of tools, which are adapted to your sector and your needs.  Update your contents and your messages on a real-time basis, thanks to an evolutionary tool.  Measure the results of your actions and evaluate the level of understanding of your co-workers of the communications presented.  Extract your campaign data and customize your reports.  Use attractive and engaging media to promote a new, more interactive and collaborative e- learning approach.  Benefit from a cost effective solution. Until now, the tools which are usually used for such campaigns are restricted to companies Intranets and e-learning systems. However, most of the available intranet and e-learning solutions do present some large gaps concerning at least one of the points presented above. WE CAN OBSERVE TWO MAJOR AND RECURRENT GAPS:  The rigidity of their functions, which does not allow the necessary flexibility to be attained for this type of campaign.  The weakness of the statistics generated.« TO BE EFFICIENT, AN AWARENESSCAMPAIGN MUST BE LIVELY ANDINTERACTIVE » 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 4. In order to be efficient, an awareness campaign must As a consequence, it is important to have access to abe lively and interactive. The main point is about solution that allows those objectives to be reached. Inmaking a deep impression on co-workers rather than that sense, Sensiwave software which is available intraining in a basic fashion. Progressing by successive SaaS mode, has been developed and enrichedactions is therefore essential. throughout hundreds of campaigns where it has been successfully used.A GENERALIST CAMPAIGN WILL BE BASED ONTHE FOLLOWING STEPS : To lead an internal investigation, to internally sell a  Announcement of an upcoming campaign to specific message, to develop a culture, to accompany the co-workers. any kind of change, with Sensiwave, it is possible to:  Initial investigation with a poll or a quiz to  Create contents with quizzes, 3D skecthes, grade the level of knowledge and the maturity videos, and mini “serious games”; of the co-workers on a specific topic.  Use your own media library and import new  Extraction and study of the results. media;  Publishing of the first messages through 3D  Manage the targeted population and users scenarios, videos, or any type of internal profiles ; communication support.  Create communication portals to access the  Interactivity and engaging communications contents ; are prioritized.  Deploy your communication campaigns ;  Adapting supports to profiles.  Analyze statistics and automatically generate  Sustained pace interaction during the personalized reports. campaign: e-mails, modification of the supports, and provision of internal Sensiwave benefits from more than 5 years of documents. Adapting your communication to experience in terms of campaign management the progress of the campaign is necessary. regarding Information Security awareness, with more  Analysis of statistics; than 50 references who have trusted Sensiwave for  In accordance with results per profiles, we their internal communication. prepare the next communication cycle, and so on… Sensiwave brings an efficient answer to all of these problems, and the purpose of this white paper is toTo sum up, it is necessary to proceed by small and answer the following question: HOW CAN I CREATEregular actions in time, rather than by the AND EASILY DEPLOY MY OWN AWARENESSimplementation of a formal lesson which will be result CAMPAIGN WITH SENSIWAVE ?in avoidance behaviour from the co-workers. 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 5. HOW WILL BE CONCERNED BY MY CAMPAIGN ? QUI SERA CONCERNE PAR MA CAMPAGNE ?THE FIRST STEP OF AN INTERNAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN PLAN IS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THENOTION OF “WHO?”IN GENERAL, 3 TYPES OF PROFILE CAN BE campaigns that have been created and planned forDISTINGUISHED OF THOSE INVOLVED IN A him, from his administrator.CHANGE PROJECT : TO CONNECT THE USERS TO A COMMUNICATION 1. Those who are in charge of the project; PORTAL, SENSIWAVE OFFERS THE FOLLOWING 2. The managers or intermediaries involved; POSSIBILITIES: 3. The people who are the target of the change.  Connection with a login and password ;The needs in awareness raising and communication  Connection with a URL link which will be sentand the actions that result from them are thus the in advance to each user ;subject of a chapter of this document. A finer profiling  Interconnection with the electronic directorymay be considered for the last category in order to of the company, where the identification ofprovide a message that is better grounded and more users is made with exchanged tokens. Thetargeted to different types of population and better user connects once to the company network,determines the social risks and setbacks. and is automatically recognized by Sensiwave ;  Interconnection SAML, Sensiwave accepts theWhen a user is connecting, he has access to the connection from SSO systems (Single Sign On), respecting the SAML standard. 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 6. THE ADMINISTRATOR MANAGES HIS USERS 3. USER MANAGEMENTWITH THE USER MANAGEMENT CONSOLE. The last component is about managing the users on anIT IS POSSIBLE TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING individual case basis by filtering on profiles or to theTHREE ACTIONS : associated campaign(s), or more generally by groups of population:  Sort group of users ;1. ADDING NEW USERS  Define profiles ;This step is not necessary if the administrator goes for  Activate or deactivate them ;an LDAP or SAML interconnection. According to thesize of the company and/or the upcoming campaign,  Send e-mails through created mail models.adding new users can be added in two different ways:one by one, thanks to the integration of e-mails, or viathe integration of a CSV file which holds the mainbasic data on an employee. This operation can becompleted on the following basis :2. CREATION AND PROFILE MANAGEMENTDuring a communication or awareness campaign, itcould be (particularly) useful to vary the contentsaccording to different users’ profiles. It allows theadministrator to adapt his messages to differentcategories of colleague, and send adequatecommunications based on their roles and priorities interms of awareness, etc.As a result, it allows the administrator to follow-upwith high detailed statistics regarding specific profiles. 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 7. WHAT WILL BE THE CONTENT OF MY CAMPAIGN ? Sensiwave allows the implementation of bothWE FIND HERE TWO ORTHOGONAL APPROACHES approaches.THAT CAN BE COMPLEMENTARY: Topics to be treated are identified, the administrator  We can build the campaign around a problem, needs to use the media library at first to identify and for example: sustainable development and we select the type of media that he is going to use for the can customize the message according to campaign. particular users profiles. To facilitate this, Sensiwave offers a media library  We can build the campaign around users’ provided with the tool which allows you to import and profiles with specific problem for each ones. manage your own media (3D sketches, picture albums, videos, PDF files, etc.) 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 8. ONCE THE MEDIA HAVE BEEN CHOSEN, AND MY MESSAGES DEFINED, SENSIWAVE OFFERS DIFFERENT TOOLS TO BUILD MY CAMPAIGN : SENSIQUIZ This module allows the creation and management of quizzes according to different approaches and different options (time counted, with indication of right / wrong answers, explanations...). They may be used for multiple purposes, to evaluate the knowledge or understanding of a subject, for educational purposes if supplementary explanations are given, for the purposes of fun… (More than 120 quiz questions are available). POLL Different from a quiz in the sense that there is no correct or incorrect answer, the surveys enable you to test the water on various points of the change project; they may also identify the preferences or fears of the population targeted by the change. SCENARISK This module allows the creation and management of a 3D sketch race. In order to make the perception and understanding of messages intuitive and visual, different scenarios are displayed as experiences by characters. These situational scenarios must have the closest resemblance possible to the situations that may be encountered by the employees. They illustrate and highlight the new methods of working, the benefits expected and the inherent risks or constraints caused by not doing anything. These scenarios will then be turned into sketches which can be produced in different formats: videos, comic strips, 3D, 3D animated sketches, photo books, etc. (more than 90 sketches available).28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 9. MY SKETCHES This refers to the creation of your own 3D playlets. It is then possible to select the images, which come from your Sensiwave media library or directly from your computer. In that case it becomes possible to mix your own playlets to create a real story board. SENSISTUDIO The functionality allows the administrator to build engaging scenarios and create dynamic and personalized races, based on a sequence of various media: texts, 3D sketches, quizzes, videos, images, etc. At each stage of the process, it is possible to propose to the user a quiz associated with a different media. According to the answer, an appropriate explanatory comment is sent to the user, in the form of 3D sketch or any playful media. In consequence, the user will evolve on his own on a Serious Game race, which is deployed according to a more or less complex scenario combined with multiple media. The aim is to push the awareness process with this unique solution, which is adapted to each co-worker. COMMENTS This module allows the creation of a comment box and facilitates the exchanges between the co-workers. These comments can be moderated if desired. The preparation phase of the campaign consists of creating interactive contents based on selected or imported media, and according to scenarios developed to support the messages that need to be spread. According to the context and the objective, we select one or several of the modules presented above to create contents. One of the Sensiwave’s main strengths is about the flexibility to implement the campaigns. This is why the creation of each content with one of the modules is done with the following process: we select the chosen module to create content, we can test it on a local mode until it will be published. Its publication of the content in one or various campaigns where it is integrated will therefore be visible by the users. It is also possible to come back to a content, to modify it and to complete it.28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 10. WHAT IS MY CAMPAIGN GOING TO LOOK LIKE ?ONCE THE CONTENTS HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED, AT LEAST IN AN INITIAL VERSION, THECAMPAIGN WILL BE ONLINE BY THE PUBLICATION OF ONE OF MANY COMMUNICATIONPORTALS, TO WHICH THE USER IS CONNECTED.THROUGHOUT THESE PORTALS, THE USER WILL ACCESS THE CONTENTS. Once the portal has been finalized, its publicationThe portal management console is extremely easy to makes it accessible to the campaigns that will beuse. A portal can be created by a simple “click and created.drag” of the components to insert into the portal.We associate the previously created contents with thesame type icons, then the contents become accessiblefrom the portal.The communication portal is entirely customizable tothe logos and graphic charter of your company.The «text» window allows the administrator to includeany type of text, image, access to PDF files, or links toexternal websites. 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 12. HOW TO IMPLEMENT AND MANAGE MY CAMPAIGN ? QUELLE FORME VA PRENDRE MA CAMPAGNE ?THE FINAL STEP CONSISTS OF CREATING, DEPLOYING AND MANAGING YOUR CAMPAIGN.The final step consists of creating, deploying and score of the users by contents is also indicatedmanaging your campaign.  Follow-up: The module also enables the automaticAfter having identified the future participants in the follow-up of specific users according to their statuscampaign (part 1), developed a communication plan with the running campaign. As an example, all the users that have participated in the campaign canabout a chosen topic (part 2), and selected the tools,contents and media which are supporting the be thanked by the sending of real-time basis e-implementation of a campaign (part 3), the mails.administrator has access to the campaign’s management  The same applies to the users that have notmodule. participated, or have not yet finished their training.  These e-mails can be sent to a group of users, or on an individual case basis.THIS MANAGEMENT MODULE IS CENTEREDAROUND THE FOLLOWING POINTS:  Timeline: Timeline tab is a visualization of all the actions carried out through an awareness  Creation of a new campaign: Define the agenda campaign. As an agenda, it specifies the length of (start date – end date). the campaign, the reminders sent and reports  Portals: Enables different portals associated with extracted. The administrator can click on each icon different users’ profiles to be selected. to obtain some specific information on the event  Campaign synthesis: Global results for all the or to modify it. users, such as the participation rate, the number  Comments: Summarize the comments left by of connections, as well as other statistics users. (number of users that haven’t been connected,  Poll: Global results of a poll for a campaign. started, in progress or completed). The average 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 13. INTERPRETATION / ANALYSIS OF STATISTICSHIGHLY-DETAILED STATISTICS ARE AVAILABLE FOR A CAMPAIGN, AND ALSO THEPOSSIBILITY OF EXTRACTING THEM, AND SUBSEQUENTLY TO BE PRESENTEDINTERNALLY.  Campaign statistics: user status (finished, in progress, not started, not connected).  Connections: number of daily, weekly, and monthly connections to the platform.  Statistics per contents: Scenarisk, SensiQuiz, SensiStudio, etc. (participation rate and Top 10 users).  Statistics per category: breakdown per category of right answers, average per category of good answers.  Statistics per profile: breakdown per profile of good answers, average per profile of good answers.Statistics can be extracted on an individual case basis, or for a whole campaign. Theadministrator can also ask for automatic reports.Standard graphics are available within Sensiwave. It is therefore possible to downloadthem, and use them in any kind of document.Statistics with Sensiwave are one of the main added-value points of the software. It allows 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 • www.conscio-technologies.comthe administrator to measure the impact of his campaign, and consequently gauge
  • 14. CREATING AND MANAGING YOUR INTERNAL COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY WITH SENSIWAVE! Based on a game used in a knowledge goal, Sensiwave offers an innovative and interactive approach. Sensiwave is above all a powerful learning solution in terms of internal communication awareness, aiming to change and reinforce adapted behaviours and decision making. Thanks to the large number of available contents, it is very accessible, and enables the communicators to create their own engaging campaigns. Spreading communications with Sensiwave can have a limited impact on a local level, or be widely transmitted on a global scale. The user management console establishes the action perimeter associated with a strong and highly personalized project, according to the activity and the “needs” of each company in terms of awareness. Whether one-off and simple communications, or within a context of the development of a genuine security culture, it is necessary to follow the indicators to observe the campaigns’ performance. The campaign management console defines a security culture dashboard. A weekly or monthly measurement, will give the administrator a view of progress, and enable him to adjust or push the campaign. Creating your awareness campaign is an ongoing drive for improvement. Making people aware and reinforcing behaviours of each colleague is a long-term project that requires perseverance. Based on the initial plan PDAC “Plan-Do-Act-Check “, relating to the emergence of a project, the format and the planning up to its deployment and management, Sensiwave brings a playful answer to the problematic of companies in terms of information security. Using Sensiwave means conferring a proactive and responsible role on each colleague, and not merely being a recipient of information. Consequently, Sensiwave aims to promote a strong internal communication culture, bringing values in which each person, regardless of his position or hierarchical level, will progressively increase his awareness and interest.28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •
  • 15. CONSCIO-TECHNOLOGIES28-29 HaymarketLondon 28-29 Haymarket, London, United Kingdom • +44 (0)20-7024-3685 •