Former VMC Constructions General Catalogue

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Former version of company’s General Catalogue, that I transformed by implementing self-developed strategies and new lines of business, together with the whole company rebranding

Former version of company’s General Catalogue, that I transformed by implementing self-developed strategies and new lines of business, together with the whole company rebranding

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  • 1. Mission To design and build spaces that balance aesthetics, comfort and sustainability. Objective To ensure projects are executed within the set time and cost limits and to surpass quality standards.Our aim We aim to treat our clients as if our world revolved around them…because it does Working philosophy To create an open communication, to maintain relationships with high values,ethics, integrity, and a clear obligation towards society and the environment in which we operate.
  • 2. VMC Constructions designs, plans, implements, and delivers interior, construction projects and real estate mandates across wide industries in various cities throughout China, India, and the Middle East. We specialize in providing the related services where, when, and how our clients need them. Our core expertise encompasses architectural design, planning, construction project management, engineering services, procurement and supply chain, realty advisory, and investments.China India UAE Solutions with no physical or cultural boundaries VMC constructions is composed of a group of professionals coming from various industries, backgrounds, and cultures. However, what we do share is experience with and a passion for architecture, engineering, real estate, and construction. We are a Shanghai-based company established in 2003.
  • 3. LAND DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION > Market need analysis > Project specific site selection > Project feasibility > Titles due diligence & acquisition > Master planning > Architectural & engineering design > Budget & cost estimate > Government approvals & plan sanctions > Construction > Empanelment of vendors through tenders > Project management & quality audit > Site supervision > Post construction audit & occupancy certificate > Leasing TURNKEY INTERIOR DESIGN > Preleasing > Interior design & planning > Procurement & constructionIndividual needs Holistic perspective > Engineering services > Project management > Migration management > Going blue REALTY ADVISORY & INVESTMENTS > Brokerage leasing & sales > Tenant/owner/builder representation > Real estate investments advisory > Retail space solutions > Industrial advisory & consulting > Turnkey project marketing
  • 4. Designing an innovative business environment is not just about creating a visual “WOW” effectDESIGN HARMONY It’s about creating harmony, contrast, balance, and usability Ergonomic furniture Space & task Visual lighting ergonomics AESTHETICS ART DECOR BRANDING + Acoustic control DESIGN APPROACH Anthropometric compliance = HEALTH & COMFORT Colour harmony Air quality Sustainable Accessibility materials planning EMPLOYEE RETENTION = PRODUCTIVITY = CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
  • 5. Design Development & Project Implementation Project inspection Concept to architectural design Approvals Awards of construction contract Evaluation & measurement 6 Execution & 1 Pre-programming 2 Programming 3 Concept presentation 4 Design development 5 Contract documents 7 Post-construction project managementCustomer brief Data gathering & analysis Schematic design CAD drawing & specification Implementation of project based All design & construction How did we do & what can refined & executed to scale on approved drawing & budget secification approval we do better?Preliminary customer Requirements which need to Drawings & other documentsresearch & project be met are prepared based on design Furniture design Materials procurement Furnishing & finishes Deficiency assessmentcontent development concept solutions management approval Design concept Art décor, corporate sculpture Snag list, maintence manualSpace relationships & Space allocation iconography, signage design Project management Where necessary, assistflow diagrams Written program & POA client in bidding, procurement Review of warranties development Furniture design concept Windows drapery design Construction, periodical inspection & selection process forProject development & quality control contracted goods and services Total performance inspectionscheduling & facility Statement of probables Colour & finishes planning Mechanical design & certificationprogramming & BOQ Budget control Issue bidding documents Spacial models, perspectives Electrical design Signage fine arts, crafts, graphicsSite analysis & space Preliminary budget estimates Periodical progress reports & Contract & advance installationsutilization plan 2D & 3D presentation Floor, ceiling partition design evaluation payments Project life cycle estimated Evaluation & lessons learnedEnvironmental & energy time schedule HVAC design Change orders & all approvals Constructionstudies, existing facilities Final inspection & measurementsurveys Voice & data networking Progress certification Project management design Final bill settlementsProject financing plan Quality control & Fire & safety design progress reporting Handover Security systems Migration management Carpentry joinery design Budgets defined & approved
  • 6. Project process Every project is meticulously planned, evaluated and implemented 2 MOBILIZATION 4 SCENARIO Phase Steps 1 PRE-MOBILIZATION 3 DIAGNOSTICS & VISIONING DEVELOPMENT What’s the potential? Where does the customer Where is the customer now What are the alternatives ways Description want to be? and what’s the gap? to bridge the gap? Preliminary customer research & project Customer vision statement, Situation analysis: Scenario development: development value proposition and define need, evaluate Identify key issues and drivers, balance scorecard existing situation, variables factors and definition understand nature of work, uncertainties. develop and determine resources. alternative scenarios. Sales case Business case Scenario Deliverables Vision statement Summary of generic translated summaries summary finding to customer 5 SCENARIO 6 SCENARIO 7 DESIGN 8 PROJECT 9 MEASUREMENT REFINEMENT EVALUTION TRANSLATION IMPLEMENTATION What alternative can be What’s the most effective How to get there and Implement plan How did we do, what can eleminated or need refining? alternative? what’s the whole picture? Design document we do better? Procurement Scenario refinement: Scenario evaluation and Translate requirements and Implementation of design Conduct post-occupancy compare scenarios selection based on balanced research into design & briefing team audit evaluation refine and/or eliminated scorecard concepts and project plan Construction Criteria - Financial - Customer - Human capital - Business process Draft project Project case Project plan Contract POE & lessons justification project specific documents documents learned
  • 7. VMC constructions understands the need to incorporate green building practices in all aspectsand stages of construction including structural designs, interiors, construction materials,and waste management techniques.We strive to deliver environmental friendly projects where, when, and how ourclients need them.Our sustainable approach involves:> Rethink> Reduce> Reuse> Recycle
  • 8. Time & quality We understand time and quality is the essence in the global competitive environment. Flexibility At VMC Constructions, flexibility is essential to the successful completion of any project.Helping clients succeed Driven by a passion to exceed client expectations Risk planning and analysis Risk identifying is an integral part of our planning process, this includes all aspects of the project. Risk Management is as much about identifying opportunities as avoiding or mitigating losses.
  • 9. Grade 2 Design and Construction LicenseVMC Constructions has been awarded with Grade 2 Design  and Construction license  in China, and is able to issue design and construction drawings
  • 10. Company License
  • 11. Track record
  • 12. Case Studies
  • 13. Regus is the world’s larges provider of workplace solutions. It operates over 1000 business centers across 450 cities in 75 countries. Company: Regus PLCSector:  Business CentersLocation:  Shanghai, Beijing,   Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Hong Kong. Area Size: 20.000+ sqmYear(s): 2005‐2009
  • 14. A high specification shell and core design and fit out with contemporary design detailing and a superb level of fittings, finishes and furniture. New mechanical and electrical services design and installation, with particular  attention to lighting.
  • 15. The Business Lounge is a new product within the Regus portfolio offering customers use of a private workspace within Business Centres, high street locations, airports and other transportation hubs.VMC Constructions has designed The Business Lounge for the mobile worker and provides them an opportunity to simply touchdown or use the facility for a longer dwell time, possibly between meetings.
  • 16. In addition to fitting out work, VMCConstructions has offered consultingservice for other Rugus locationsaround the world. We have alsosupplied Regus with our materials andour own designed furniture for theirbusiness centers in Japan, Australia,Emirates and many other countriesaround Europe.
  • 17. Recommendation Letter
  • 18. AOL, L.L.C. is an American global Internet services and media company. AOL’s business spans online content, products and services that the company offers to consumers, publishers and advertisers. AOL Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. Company:  AOL L.L.C.Sector:  Internet & MediaLocation:  BeijingSize: 4000 sqmDate:  2007
  • 19. AOL has elected VMC Constructions to design and fit out their first ever office in China. The design that emerged focused on providing essential qualities of ‘integration through collaboration’, idea‐sharing mobility, and a high degree of sustainability. Natural circulation paths also determined the placement of conference and meeting rooms. Each is strategically located for easy accessibility from any point in the volume.  
  • 20. Stimulating colors and variations in surface form and texture make the cafeteria a naturally lively space. 
  • 21. Company:  H&MSector:  Fashion retailLocation: Shanghai, China.Interior fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsArea Size: 1000 sqmYear: 2008
  • 22. Company:  EvalueserveSector:  ResearchLocation: Shanghai, China.Interior fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsSize: 2500 sqmYear: 2008
  • 23. Company:  MLSSector:  Business CentersLocation: Shanghai, China.Interior fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsSize: 2000 sqmYear: 2007
  • 24. Shanghai World Expo  Achievements
  • 25. The UAE PavilionDrawing inspiration from the form of a sand dune, the pavilion is a reference to this symbolic feature of the desert landscape shared by each of the seven emirates.Architecture firm:  Foster + PartnersInterior design and fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsSize:  3000 sqmHeight:  20mBuilding structure: Steel
  • 26. Like a sand dune, the pavilion appears rough and textured on the side that bears the full force of the wind and smooth on the other side. The northern elevation is more porous to admit natural light, while the southern elevation has a solid façade, to minimize solar gain. A stainless steel skin, treated to appear  External front viewgolden, encloses the jewel‐like shell.The complex structure is a triangulated lattice of flat stainless steel panels, joined by adjustable nodes, which are designed to enable the pavilion to be demounted on site and constructed quickly and economically. The peak rises to 20 meters in height and it is entered via a glazed lip at the pavilion’s base.  External lateral view
  • 27. Light penetrates the building’sbusiness centre and VIP area throughglazed vertical strips, which illuminatethe pavilion from within by night.Internally, the fit out offers aninteractive experience, and a dynamiclighting design will reveal the exposedlattice shell of the structure.
  • 28. Meeting RoomThe Majliss
  • 29. The pavilion is one of the largest structures to be built for the 2010 Shanghai Expoand will highlight the UAE’s progressive stance on sustainability.
  • 30. Recommendation Letter
  • 31. The Venezuela PavilionThe Venezuela Pavilion is in the geometric shape of a "Mobiusstrip," or an inverted cylinder. It is structured in the form of an "8“.General contractor and fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsBuilding structure: Steel and concreteSize:  3000 sqmHeight:  20 m
  • 32. The Venezuela Pavilion was the last to start the construction. Yet with VMC Constructions as the General Contractor, the civil construction of the 3000 sqm building was completely finished in a record  Back view of the pavilionstime of less than 90 day.Almost of all the lighting used in the pavilion are energy saving LED lights View of the Theater during finishing phase
  • 33. Recommendation Letter
  • 34. The Morocco PavilionThe Design of the Moroccan pavilion is inspired from the traditional Moroccan houses called the “Riad”.The rooms of the riad are arranged around the central open‐air courtyard The riads are inward focused which allowed for family privacy and protection from the weather. This inward focus are expressed in the central location of most of the interior gardens and courtyards and the lack of large windows on the exterior walls. Architect: My. Mustafa Al‐AlaouiInterior fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsBuilding structure: Steel and ConcreteSize: 2000 sqmHeight: 20 m 
  • 35. Entrance to these houses is a major  transitional experience and  encourages reflection because all of  the rooms open into the central  atrium space. In the central garden  of traditional riad is a fountain. The  walls of the riads are adorned with  zellige tiles Front side viewView of the interior  View of the ceiling from ground floor
  • 36. As shown in the photos on the photos, VMC Constructions had to work side by side and adapt  to the traditional and complicated Moroccan interiors.  Our attention to details and meticulous work made it a very successful partnership with the  Moroccan artisans. Massif  marble work for the traditional fountain Marble and mosaic stairs
  • 37. The Palestine PavilionThe Palestine Pavilion depicts traditional features and materials of the country. The design is inspired from the Holy city of Jerusalem, with its usage of mud stones.Interior fit‐out: VMC ConstructionsProject type: Type 3, Turn‐key project.Size: 250 sqm
  • 38. View of pavilion interiors
  • 39. The Spain PavilionThe Spain Pavilion is designed to be a hand‐weaved wicker basket structure supported by the steel framework inside. "The Basket," as some have dubbed the pavilion, is "dressed" in more than 8,000 wicker panels in brown, beige, and black. Architect: Estudio Miralles‐TagliabueBuilding Structure: Mainly SteelSize: 6000 sqm
  • 40. VMC Construction was offering consulting services during the bidding process which ended up in the project being awarded to our partner Inypsa. VMC Constructions was still involved during the construction period liaising with the different sub‐contractors.
  • 41. Recommendation Letter
  • 42. The Brazil PavilionVMC Constructions was contracted to execute the curtain wall works. The structure features a rectangular pavilion covered by green intersecting wooden lace, a recyclable wood material.Project type: Type 2 pavilionSize: 2000 sqm