People and arts #6 review


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People and arts #6 review

  1. 1. Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail REVIEW Lesson #6
  2. 2. Crossword Puzzle
  3. 3. 1 DownSylvette was so ____ that she always sat byherself.
  4. 4. 2 DownSylvette _____ed away many secrets andtried to forget.
  5. 5. 3 AcrossSylvette got up her _______ and told hersecrets to Picasso.
  6. 6. 3 AcrossSylvette got up her _______ and told hersecrets to Picasso.
  7. 7. Which Sentence is Incorrecta) Picasso made a huge sculpture of Sylvette with a key in her bagb) Sylvette and her friends saw Picasso holding a picture above his head.c) Sylvette eventually became a well-known artist herself.d) Sylvette chose the very first picture Picasso had drawn of her.
  8. 8. Please write down these words!• Ring• Sylvette• Round• Strange• Cheetah• Long• Left
  9. 9. Choose the correct words, and place them into the paragraph.Picasso started working on a huge sculpture of Sylvette. It had a _________neck, but the head was so _________ that Sylvette didn’t think it looked like her at all. The sculpture is holding a _________Handbag, as well as an iron key in its ________ hand.
  10. 10. Choose the correct word!1) Picasso made a huge sculpture of Sylvette with a (key/book) in her hand.
  11. 11. Choose the correct word!2) Sylvette and her friends saw Picasso holding a (sculpture/picture) above his head.
  12. 12. Choose the correct word!3) Sylvette eventually became a well- known (writer/artist) herself.
  13. 13. Choose the correct word!4) Picasso gave Sylvette the very (first/last) picture of her.
  14. 14. Example of an Exam question.Writing. Please write down this paragraph.While Picasso worked, Sylvettebegan telling him the secrets thatshe had locked away and tried toforget. She talked about the timeher father left her family.
  15. 15. Sylvette kept a picture of him inher suitcase, but she had nevertold anyone how sad and lonelyshe had been since that day.
  16. 16. Picasso looked up at her and said, “It is very hard when people leave us.” Then he smiled, saying, “But try to remember, when one door closes, another door opens.”
  17. 17. Choose the most appropriate sentence which best describes the passage.• A) Be honest when you paint a picture.• B) Never tell your secrets to other people.• C) Lose hope but believe in possibilities.• D) Try to remember your father.
  18. 18. A) True or False!1) Sylvette was sitting with a few friends on the terrace in the sun.2) In a suitcase under her bed was a sketchbook full of her paintings.
  19. 19. B) True or False!3) Sylvette was the girl without a Ponytail.4) Picasso saw the children from his studio, and made a sketch.
  20. 20. C) True or False!5) All through the summer Picasso drew and made sculptures of Sylvette’s friends.6) When Picasso is angry he makes happy paintings. When he is sad he makes angry paintings.
  21. 21. D) True or False7) Picasso made a huge sculpture of Sylvette. It had a long neck, and round handbag.8) “Soon it will all fade away, like summer,” Sylvette said to Picasso.
  22. 22. E) True or False9) Sylvette told secrets to Picasso that she had locked away and tried to forget.10) Picasso told Sylvette. “When one door opens, another door closes.”
  23. 23. F) True or False11) Picasso began searching through bits and pieces until he found a key.12) Sylvette was puzzled when Picasso pushed a big iron key into the hand of the sculpture.
  24. 24. G) True or False13) Picasso gave Sylvette a present because it was the end of summer.14) Sylvette chose the very first drawing Picasso had drawn of her.
  25. 25. H) True or False15) Sylvette became a well known artist herself.16) Scott has long blonde hair.