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People and arts #3
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  • 1. Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail Page 142. Lesson #3
  • 2. Reading p142The next day, Picasso started working on a huge sculpture of Sylvette.
  • 3. Reading p142It had a long neck and a round handbag just like hers, but the head was so strange that Sylvette didn‟t think it looked like her head at all.
  • 4. Reading p142As she watched, shesuddenly had afeeling that this wouldbe the last timePicasso would useher as his model.
  • 5. Reading p142Since the day on the terrace, she had spent little time away from him. „Soon it will all fade away, like the summer,‟ she thought to herself.
  • 6. There are many kinds of “Model”Which is the correct “Model” for us?
  • 7. Reading p142While Picasso worked,Sylvette began tellinghim the secrets thatshe had locked awayand tried to forget.
  • 8. Reading p142She talked about thetime her father left herfamily. Sylvette kept apicture of him in hersuitcase,
  • 9. Reading p142but she had never told anyone how sad and lonely she had been since that day.
  • 10. Which picture best describes “Lonely?”
  • 11. Reading p142Picasso looked up ather and said, “It isvery hard whenpeople leave us.”Then he smiledsaying,
  • 12. Reading p142“But try to remember, when one door closes, another door opens.”
  • 13. Comprehension QuestionWhat did Picasso mean when he said, “when one door closes, another door opens.”Picasso meant: When something ends, something else begins.
  • 14. VocabularyHuge: Something very big.“Picasso started working on a huge sculpture of Sylvette.” (First sentence)
  • 15. Giant Head
  • 16. Giant Swimmer
  • 17. Giant Woman
  • 18. Giant Baby
  • 19. Giant Boy
  • 20. VocabularyFade away: Disappear slowly.“Soon it will all fade away, like summer.” (Sixth line First Paragraph)
  • 21. A picture of summer fading away!
  • 22. VocabularyLock away: To hide something. To keep something secret.“Sylvette began telling him secrets that she had locked away and tried to forget.” (First sentence, 2nd paragraph)
  • 23. Which picture best describes “a locked Secret?”
  • 24. VocabularyLook up at.“Picasso looked up at her and said, …”(4th sentence 5th line 2nd paragraph)
  • 25. Review Time!