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Msc rev


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • What we want to create is a System for creating jobs in the Hickory Metro area. 1)Catalog of CVCC Resources – Find out who is willing and able to help with specific problems and projects. Lots of talent at CVCC not being utilized except for academic classes. What if you can turn them to also help with industry problems. Example of Kim Browning and lead testing for textiles – Saved the sock industry alone a conservative estimate of 29.5 million in unnecessary testing costs that would have been required this Feb 10 th . Also helping new business startups in horticulture/engineering. We know how to help model and build the green house structure but will that structure grow what is needed. That involves getting Darrell Kiser involved. The list can go on and on and Ron Valentini is working with MSC to get these resources cataloged. 2) Catalog of Hickory Metro Manufacturing Capabilities- The next piece of the puzzle is to know in fine detail what the capabilities of all the manufacturers in the area are so we can refer problems and opportunities to companies in the area. If the problems can be solved or product made by someone in the area then everyone wins. This is a key part of the system. The EDC and Chamber are both willing to make this happen along with our help. 3) MSC for Rapid Prototyping, market development, government procurement, web development, export help, testing capabilities, resource for help from other agencies, etc. Liaison to the Centennial Campus at NCSU. Wet lab space available to incubate new companies in the biotech field. 4) ASU Engineering Center – Can rapid prototype with metalworking and some 3D modeling we do not have. They are set up for curriculum classes but have been great about letting us use their toys for solving problems. 5) As a backup on the metalworking side we are exploring a working relationship with Haywood CC Advanced Tech Center. Since they are in the community college system it is easier for them to respond to some problems quickly. 6) BTEC and Triad Biotech spinoffs – we will work closely with their spin off companies to help them find the Hickory Metro area to do their manufacturing. If we have the wet lab space and the MSC reputation then it will be easier for the EDC to recruit those companies. 7) Solving Manufacturing Problems - If we create this system, no matter who is called with a manufacturing problem, we can find a solution here in the Hickory Metro Area. If we get this reputation as a problem solving community – Where do you think they will locate their next plant? 8) The entire system leads to more jobs and a better economy. 4) Catalog
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building A System for Jobs in the Hickory Metro Area and Beyond An Opportunity to Fundamentally Change The Current Economic Climate
    • 2. The Vital Statistics
      • Hickory Metro has gone from 181,000 jobs in 2000 to 140,000 in 2008.
      • Manufacturing lost 34,000 jobs alone or a 40%.
      • Unemployment is for Unifour area is highest MSA in NC – 14.8% in December 2009.
      • Lowest educational attainment of the 14 MSA’s in NC.
      • Lots of training going on but we are not making headway as a community.
      • Realization – No one is going to save us, we have to grow from within.
    • 3. Oct 2009 – Catawba Chamber Event Identified Local Resources
      • ASU Higher Ed Center
      • ASU Engineering Center
      • Lenoir Rhyne University
      • CVCC
      • NCSU - IES
      • City, County and State agencies
      • Catawba Chamber of Commerce
      All this is helpful but we need immediate job creation. We need an outside of the box system to change things!
    • 4.
      • Part of NC Community College System
      • 19 full time and 18 part time employees
      • Started as the Hosiery Technology Center
      • 2 locations in Hickory and High Point
      • Legislation to service entire NC
      • State and Federally funded
      • In existence for almost 20 years
      • Focus on Creating and Preserving - JOBS
    • 5.
      • NIST SURVEY RESULTS for The Manufacturing Solutions Center – A 3 rd party survey of MSC Customers September 2008, August 2009
      • Increased Sales Total $2,868,000
      • Retention of Sales Total $1,633,000
      • Cost Savings Total $274,000
      • Retention of Jobs Total 75
      • Creation of Additional Jobs Total 53
      • Plant or Equipment Investment Total $162,000
      • Information Systems Investment Total $84,000
      • Workforce Practices Investment Total $42,000
      • Other Areas of Business Investment Total $15,000
      • Save on Investments Total $44,000
      • SUM OF ALL DOLLARS REPORTED $5,122,000
    • 6. Increased Sales $29,451,639 Retained Sales $54,145,000 Cost Savings $3,232,000 Investment in Plant/Equipment $12,960,000 Investment in Information Systems $1,892,863 Investment in Workforce Practice $562,962 Investment in Other Areas $602,001 Saved on Investments $2,367,530 Total Economic Impact $105,213,995     Employees Retained 785 Employees Added 249 Total Jobs 1034
    • 7. This is a return of 130/1 on the state and federal dollars invested in MSC. Estimated Economic Impacts for July-December 2009 R&D Projects $5,000 Rapid 3D Modeling $4,815,000 Avoidance of Testing Costs $29,404,063 Marketing and Sales Help $15,000 In Plant Quality Assurance $1,750,000 Military Procurement Assistance $1,500,000 Engineering Services $50,000 Set-Up Reduction $100,000 Product Development $64,050,000 Total Impact $101,689,063
    • 8.  
    • 9.  
    • 10. Industries We Serve – It’s Not Just Hosiery Anymore Medical Devices Motorcycles Real Estate Foam Textiles – Upholstery, etc Food Green Mfg Logistics Plastics Retail Energy Bio-Tech Boats Furniture Shoe and Shoelace Water Purification
    • 11. Manufacturing Solutions Center Testing The Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) Testing Center personnel are experienced in a multitude of different areas and are focused on you, the customer. We currently perform product testing for over 240 different manufacturers, retailers and brands. We Are A Little Different Than Most Testing Labs We Invite Customer Interaction. Strict Confidentiality Fast Accurate Results ISO 17025 Lab Certification . We focus on finding and solving the problem . We are also a member of ASTM and participate on their various committees at ASTM also. . . Corporate Member
    • 12.
      • Anti-microbial Testing
      • Compression Testing for Textiles
      • Defect Analysis
      • Fiber Analysis
      • Flammability Testing
      • Formaldehyde/Phenol/pH Testing
      • Hosiery Testing
      • Lead Testing
      • Microscopy Testing
      • Physical Testing
      • Furniture Testing
      • Yarn/Fabric/Garment Analysis
      • In-plant Quality Audits
      Testing Services Coming Soon – Advanced Structural Testing for Furniture and other industries
    • 13. Some of Our Customers
    • 14. Training Services
      • Lean Manufacturing
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Hosiery Training
      • Industrial Training
      • Software Training
    • 15. Product Development Services
      • 3D Modeling
      • Reverse Engineering
      • Product Development
      • Fabric Product Development Partnership with the ASU Engineering Center Helps Deliver Vital Services to Manufacturers in NC.
    • 16. Using 3D CAD, and Rapid Prototyping to speed products into production… Z510 Spectrum 3D printer capabilities…
    • 17. Turning Ideas into reality… Customer’s sketch becomes a 3D model
    • 18. Marketing Services
      • International Sales - Over $30 Million in New Export Sales
      • Government Procurement – Helped NC companies gain Over $9.5 Million in 2009 ,creating 50 jobs
      • Joint Marketing – Furniture and Textile projects
      • Marketing Materials/Web Sites
      • Market Diversification – Partnership with the NCSU Industrial Extension Service
    • 19. Moving Innovation From the Lab To the Marketplace – We Know How It’s Done!!!
      • Designer Socks
      • Corn Sock –
      • Yarn Manufacturer – Bringing their yarn into new sock line that they sell -
      • Bootights – Sock and Sheer in one product
      • Water Filter and Pitcher Rapid Prototyping
      • Furniture – Foam Core Mock-up that sold $600,000 worth of furniture. Created, packed and shipped mockup to the customer in Dallas.
      From R&D, Sample Development, Logos, Websites, Catalogs, Packaging, Distribution, Exporting/Logistics we have or have partnerships to make a business successful!!!!
    • 20. Who Is Asking for Help?
      • Delta Apparel – Maiden, NC – Gravimetric Absorption Testing needed to expand GSA Contracts
      • Bolem Corp – Apex, NC – Development of compression testing equipment
      • Protect Plus – Hickory, NC Expanded Prototyping capabilities needed
      • Studio Q and HBF Inc – Hickory, NC -BIFMA testing for government contracting
      • Outlast Technologies –Boulder , Colorado – testing for phase change materials they produce for manufacturers in NC. (differential scanning calorimeter test), they supply fibers for Richmond Yarns in Ellerbe, NC.
      • Mayo Knitting – Tarboro, NC – Expanded textile testing for military contracts
      • Kent Wool – Pickens, SC – only supplier of wool for NC manufacturers producing military contracts needs thermal testing and increased prototyping .
      • Magnevolt – Clayton, NC and Innovasource in Huntersville, NC – Needs increased 3D printing capabilities for their liquid battery and eco friendly cleaner chemical companies.
      • Noble Biomaterials – Scranton, Pa – needs increased antimicrobial testing capabilities. Several NC firms use Noble products for their military contracts.
      This is a sampling of the requests we are getting from companies looking to expand !!!
    • 21. MSC Wet Lab Space/R&D /Testing ASU Engineering Center Catalog CVCC Resources Catalog Hickory Metro Manufacturing Capabilities BTEC Triad Mfg Problems System For Creating Jobs Jobs Mfg needs And Start-ups Coming From Triangle And Piedmont Areas Mfg problems coming from anywhere gets solved Haywood CC Advanced Technology Center NCIES/BTEC NCSU Centennial Campus
    • 22. Opportunity – Conover Station
      • Given a 40,000 sq foot facility from City of Conover at Conover Station. It was the site of a Broyhill Furniture Factory that closed in 2004.
      • Downtown Conover location
      • Brownfield Site and site of DOT rail stop.
      • 27 acres of area for more expansion.
      • Allow us to expand what we are currently doing, add wet lab space for new startups and joint R&D. Will create a business innovation accelerator facility to create new JOBS.