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3. genre research and audience expectations
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  • 1.  Indie Rock Music is a genre of Alternative Rock music whichwas formed in both the United Kingdom and the States withearly artists of the genre being bands like the Pixies, MeatPuppets and the Replacements. The genre is rather diverse with sub genres such as Indie pop,Jangle pop, C86 etc. The instruments that are most likely to be used in this genre areguitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocalsOrigination
  • 2.  By the end of the 90’s there had been a huge range ofsub-genres of Indie Rock e.g. Noise Pop, Post-Rock,Space Rock etc. With these sub-genres around bands such as Fugazi,The Get Up kids and Quickspace were formed. With the increase in the use of the internet anddigital technology this became a greater chance ofallowing new indie rock band to make a mainstreamsuccessEvolution
  • 3.  They first can be represented as talented musiciansbecause just about every band member of has the useof instrument and they also write there own lyricsfor songs. Due to the genre being hard and outrageous peopleexpect the artists of this genre to be not nice people,but they can be seen as role models because words ofsongs that these people write could get to people andalso people could like the band just because of thesound they make from there musicRepresentation
  • 4.  Indie Rock message in my opinion would representnormal every day people with messages they’reexperiencing in normal everyday life and it’s as ifthey’re talking about they’re story or trying to showsomething through some form of a message.Genre Representation
  • 5.  The Arctic Monkeys The Smiths Pixies Pavement Dinosaur Jr. The Shins Franz FerdinandIndie Rock Artists
  • 6.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOTRx3ZqjjILink to Arctic Monkeys Brick ByBrick
  • 7.  Based on what’s been shown through variousvideo’s based on the Indie Rock Genre it need tokeep the location simple because there more or lessbeing shown in a local area and not to be flamboyantwith the costumes because it almost as if the peopleof the genre where normal everyday clothes Based on the pace of the music will determine howfast or slow every person should be moving orwhether the video can be shot in black and white orin colour.Considerations