2. genre music video analysis


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2. genre music video analysis

  1. 1.  The genre of the music video is Indie Rock becauseevery member of the group are using some form ofinstrument and as both songs are fast paced themovement of people in the videos are fast pace(the construction of the town in Ruby and fastpace of how the masked kids are moving in NeverMiss a Beat).
  2. 2.  For the video Ruby it’s song about building up a relationshipand realsing whether it’ll work or not and the construction ofthe town helps to represent that. With kids being reckless inNever Miss a beat shows that the meaning is for youth oftoday not getting a good enough education and the raisedawareness of it. It fits within the genre because some Indie Rock videos try toconvey some form of a message.
  3. 3.  For both music video’s they are wearing everydaynormal average because this helps represent theyare normal everyday people who have haddifferent and they want to bring there experiencesin the simplest way possible. (For Ruby it’s a way ofexpressing how they feel about who they love andfor Never Miss a Beat it’s a way of expressing whatkids can be like in bad neighbourhood).
  4. 4.  The props used in both the music videos areinstruments which helps indicate to the audiencethat they don’t just sing in there music videos theyalso play instruments to show how talented amusician they are and they fit the genre becausemost indie rock bands are seen playing instruments
  5. 5.  In Ruby the facial is expression is showing slight sadnessbecause of the confusion whether the girl he’s with is right forhim going to his knees shows weakness to see whether she’sfooling around with him. In Never Miss a Beat the guys showaggressiveness to what kids are when they’re out on thestreet doing no good. Different audiences would think Iunderstand what they’re trying to say and point the theregetting across has some form of meaning.
  6. 6.  It’s Important to feature the artists in this type ofmusic video because there trying to show the songfrom there point. What this adds to theperformance in both music videos is that it showswho has the ability to sing, what else the musiciansdo whilst singing i.e. dancing, playing instruments
  7. 7.  For Ruby the narrative could be told in the most in direct waypossible as the construction the city is like building up arelationship and the darkness pauses construction seewhether it’s working out or not with the guys taking part in thenarrative. With Never Miss a Beat there isn’t a narrativebecause it just shows what kids are like whilst there out on thestreet and there’s a message within there somewhere byshowing what kids are like on the street and the mischief theyget up to
  8. 8.  I’ve learnt that I can make a story fromthe song I choose to do my music videofrom and I can do this in the indirect waypossible and that everything has to benatural in the location I film at.