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  • 1. A Pilgrimage to Israel
    A Sacred Story Journey
    Connie Paul, January, 2010
  • 2. Israel Now and Then
  • 3.
  • 4. Our guide and driver were Palestinians and Israeli citizens
  • 5. The Life of Jesus
  • 6. Why does our story begin in Bethlehem?
  • 7. Shepherd’s Field Remembers Two Events: First Ruth and Boaz
  • 8. The monument at the entrance to Shepherd’s Field
  • 9. This church commemorates the site of the angels & shepherds
  • 10. Just down the road is Manger Square
    The Church of the Nativity is one of the oldest in Israel.
    The Persians didn’t destroy it in the 500’s as they did most others because of the icon of the Wise Men in Persian dress
  • 11. This section is Greek Orthodox
  • 12. Mosaic from the floor of the church of the 500s
  • 13. The ancient walls of the church
  • 14. By Tradition the Place of Jesus’s Birth
  • 15. To the right of the birthplace is the place of the manger
  • 16. The manger may have looked like this one at Megiddo
  • 17. Bethlehem today
  • 18. Our story continues in Nazareth
    It was Jesus’ hometown
    Jesus grew up in Nazareth which was insignificant at the time
    It is now the “Arab capital of Israel”
  • 19. A village from Jesus’s time has been recreated
  • 20. Nazareth today from the village
  • 21. Jesus’s first miracle was at Cana.This church remembers it.
  • 22. Some of the group re-enacted their marriage vows
  • 23. To the Sea of Galilee
  • 24. We hear the story of the calling of Peter and Andrew at the seaside
  • 25. The Sea is clear and lovely
  • 26. The Site of the Sermon on the Mount
  • 27. The Church of the Beatitudes
  • 28. We heard the whole sermon here
  • 29. The Church of Multiplication(Feeding the 5000)
  • 30. Nearby is the church remembering Peter
  • 31. “And thou art Peter and on this rock…”
  • 32. Capernaum
  • 33. Jesus really did walk here
  • 34. The synagogue where Jesus taught
  • 35. The church is built over the ruins
  • 36. The floor of the church looks down on the ruins of Peter’s mother-in-laws house
  • 37. An ancient olive press
  • 38. The ancientmosaicfloor
  • 39. Hearing Capernaum’s history
  • 40. By tradition Zaccheus climbed into this tree
  • 41. Sailing on the Sea of Galilee
    We saw the shore from a boat on the Sea
  • 42. The Jordan, where Jesus was baptised, and one of our group was, too.
  • 43. The tomb of Lazarus in Bethany
  • 44. The bottom of Lazarus’ tomb
  • 45. The church of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
  • 46. Jerusalem the Golden
  • 47. Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
  • 48. The pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem
  • 49. On the path to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
  • 50. The Garden of Gethsemene, an olive grove
  • 51. Caiphus’s house where Peter denied Jesus at the crowing of the cock
  • 52. The Via Dolorosa, a place of pilgrimage
  • 53. Station VII
  • 54. The site of Golgotha in the Church of the Holy Sepulchure
  • 55. Stone of Preparation*
    *from Internet
  • 56. Behind the window of the church is the location of the crucifixion
  • 57. The Garden Tomb
  • 58. Other wonderful places we visited
  • 59. The Western Wall, the holiest site for Jews
  • 60. The wall of the temple closest to the Holy of Holies
  • 61. The model of the temple at the Israel Museum showing the courtyard of the Gentiles
  • 62. The Dome of the Rock
  • 63. Climbing to the tel
  • 64. The tel of Megiddo
  • 65. The excavation is to King Ahab’s time
  • 66. Megiddo looks down on the plains of Armegeddon
  • 67. Qumran Where the Dead Sea scrolls were found
  • 68. The museum has recreated how the scrolls looked when they were found.
  • 69. The Springs of En Gedi
  • 70. Going to swim in the Dead Sea
  • 71. Masada
  • 72. The model of Herod’s Masada
  • 73. Touring the top of the mountain
  • 74. The baths retain some of their color
  • 75. The room where the lots were cast
  • 76. The pilgrims at BeitShe’an