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Grade 8 9 course selection 2013-2014
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Grade 8 9 course selection 2013-2014


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  • 1. re utu FA student and parent information session
  • 2. HS Counseling DepartmentLocated in room 1067, directly across from High 1067 School Administration6 counselors (two for grade 9/10, four for grade 11/12Doug McQueen – Grade 9/10 (Surnames A-Lh)Steve Ayling – Grade 9/10 (Surnames Li-Z)---------------------------------------------------------------------Lisa BallDavid BirchenallJennifer MeltonCurt Nichols (Dept. Head)
  • 3. HS Counseling Department Academic, Personal/Social & College/Career CounselingG-Talks (group discussions…grade 9/10)Student AmbassadorsNaviance: Family ConnectionVariety of Resources (College)SAT Testing Site
  • 4. Transitioning - IssuesAcademic PressuresFriendshipsFreedomAge of ExplorationDatingAlcohol/DrugsRebellion
  • 5. You are NEVER aloneCounselorTrusted FriendsStudent AmbassadorsTeachersOther trusted adults & Family MembersIf there is EVER a situation you are uncomfortable with, unsure of , confused or upset about...speak with someone. We can work it out TOGETHER!
  • 6. An IMPORTANT Message from HS Counseling Department What you do in high school, colleges will know! know Transcripts Be ca r Teacher Letters of Reference you efu Extra-Curricular Activities pu l w h Int t on at Your high school counselor ern the e t! This really can be a Fresh Start!!! Start
  • 7. What should I know now?Being ‘unsure’ is okay Grade 9 courses- pathway to IB?IB pre-requisitesTake special care with; Fine and Performing Arts Modern Language Technology Elective (one semester)
  • 8. What colleges want to see?They want to see that you are challenging yourself to the best of your ability with the courses you select.They want to see the best possible grades you are capable of achieving.This allows them to “predict” how successful you could be at their college.They want to see a well rounded individual that contributes to their high school and community.
  • 9. Year 1 of a Four Year Plan
  • 10. ISM Graduation Requirements (MINIMUM) – *think of 1 credit = 1 year SUBJECT MIN. REQUIRED # of CREDITSEnglish 4Math 2Science 2Social Studies 2Modern Languages 2Fine & Performing Arts 2Physical Education 2Wellness/Computer Literacy 1Electives 6TOTAL 23
  • 11. After Grade 9? (WHAT YOU WILL HAVE ACHIEVED) SUBJECT CREDITS OBTAINED CREDITS REMAININGEnglish (4) 1 3Math (2) 1 1Science (2) 1 1Social Studies (2) 1 1Modern Languages (2) 1 1Fine & Performing Arts (2) 1 1Physical Education (2) 1 1Wellness/Computer Lit. (1) 1 0Electives (6) 0 6TOTAL 8 15
  • 12. Diploma Options at ISMIB Diploma + ISM High Most Rigorous Offered School DiplomaIB Certificates + ISM High School DiplomaISM High School Least Rigorous Offered (still challenging) Diploma
  • 13. Grade 9 Course Choices
  • 14. Course FlowGrade 9 Grade 10
  • 15. HS Course Offerings SY 13-14
  • 16. IB Subject Flow (English)
  • 17. IB Subject Flow (English)
  • 18. IB Subject Flow (Modern Lang.) Students are strongly recommended to continue their modern language from grade 8 Colleges prefer that students stick with one second language. French (grade 8) French (grade 9)
  • 19. IB Subject Flow (Science) Integrated Science 1 combines and integrates the three content areas of biology, chemistry and physics. In grade 10 you will have the choice of continuing with Integrated Science 2 or specializing with a full year course(s) in either biology, chemistry and/or physics.
  • 20. IB Subject Flow (Math)Math placement is determined by exam/test scores, classroom performance and teacher recommendations
  • 21. Other Advice?Fine & Performing Arts BlockIntro ArtIntro Theater,Intro Film,Intro Design TechnologyCan help lead to: IB Art, IB Theater, IB Film, IB design & Technology
  • 22. Fine and Performing Arts
  • 23. Technology OfferingYour ElectiveChoose a semester long technology offering…
  • 24. Actual Course Selection?WhenFebruary 20-22WhereHomeroom/Computer lab sessionsHowOnline selection
  • 25. The Portal
  • 26. Course Registration (3 options)
  • 27. Grade 8 Parent InfoTransitioning to HS and Course Selection MeetingTuesday February 19th , 2013Current Grade 8 Parents 5:30 pm – 6:30pmLittle TheatreStudents- you are welcome but it is not necessary that you attend 
  • 28. Any Questions? Contact InformationMr. Doug McQueen (A-Lh) ( )Mr. Steve Ayling (Li-Z) (
  • 29. n ksT ha e ur ut men! F Fresh