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Your Step By Step System to Build Your Business from A to Z include your Visionary, Advisory, Management, Marketing and Implementation TEAM

Your Step By Step System to Build Your Business from A to Z include your Visionary, Advisory, Management, Marketing and Implementation TEAM

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  • 1. MAP Business and Financial Accelerators Help You Discover Your Choose the Quickly Finance Million Dollar Best Entity Your Business Idea Structure Brand, Market Create Multiple Create New Streams of and Sell More Products Income Effectively Automate or “Cash Out” of ‘’ Your Business For More Income © 2010 M.A.P. Alliance, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Learn How to Assemble Your Visionary Team 4. Attract 2. Develop Investors Your Concept 1.Find a Profitable 5. Perfect Business Idea 3. Create Your Your Business Strategic Model Plan .
  • 3. Attract a Winning Advisory Team Assist with Recommend Goal Setting Acquisitions and Program and Mergers Ideas Maximize Performance Ensure Availability of Establish Key Adequate Relationships Financial Resources .
  • 4. Learn How to Recruit a Top Management Team Establish Retail Optimize and Wholesale Company Relationships Resources Maximize Shareholder Exceed Efficiently Value Manage Revenue Targets Day-to-Day Operations .
  • 5. Learn How to Create a Top Marketing Team Identify Identify Niche Cross Marketing Marketing Generate More Income Faster Establish Form Strategic Branding & Partnerships Positioning Strategy .
  • 6. Learn New Ways to Boost Profitability … and Sustainability © 2010 M.A.P. Alliance, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  • 7. Proven to Accelerate Profitability 250 Best Practices 4 Key MAP Abilities Integrated ROI Accelerators High Impact Turnkey Solutions Income Made Easier and Faster © 2010 M.A.P. Alliance, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  • 8. M.A.P. University M indset A ttitude P ossibilities © M.A.P. University. All Rights Reserved 2010.
  • 9. •DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS CONCEPT • Find a great business idea and create a market niche • Write a business plan that will attract investors • Perfect your business model • Find the best professional advisors •Protect your ideas
  • 10. FORM BEST ENTITIES & FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS • Form and effectively manage various entities including Corporations, Limited Partnerships (LPs), and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) • Finance your business with debt and/or equity • Build business credit that does not require a personal credit check or guarantee • Find the most appropriate investors and lenders • Choose the right business partners
  • 11. BRAND, MARKET, & SELL EFFECTIVELY • Generate free publicity for your business • Use winning strategies to sell your products and services online and offline • Find untapped online resources for market research, low cost advertising and promotion • Profitably market your products, services, and business on a limited budget • Work with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers
  • 12. TAP INTO ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF REVENUE • Find methods to dramatically increase your business referrals • Find new markets to sell your products and services • Form strategic partnerships to multiply your income • Leverage key resources and people to help you create wealth • Optimize your business activities to boost productivity, income, and cash flow
  • 13. Testimonials ------------------------------ For Alexander Alperovich
  • 14. Monica Munro “Alexander has proven to be the answer to my prayers!!! I am ecstatic!! I have known for years that I needed to do some very “specific things” to build my business and so I invested a lot of money, time, and energy with various programs. Years later, I’m still needing to get these done, and I’m much less trusting when offers like Alexander’s come my way. For some divine reason, I was drawn to respond to Alexander’s $97 offer. Based on our ensuing phone conversation regarding my business, along with his money-back guarantee, I chose to trust one more time and committed to working with Alexander for 90 days. I had a strong sense that I had everything to gain, and nothing to lose. We have been working together for two weeks now. My experience with Alexander so far is that he is a man of his word, he has a massive network and is connecting me, he keeps very regular contact with me, he cares about my success, and he is committed to over delivering. To me, he goes above and beyond. I’m so happy and excited because some of those “specific things” are already getting done, and we have a plan to accomplish them all. I am thrilled, and can hardly wait to see all that we will accomplish in the remainder of our 90 days working together!!! I knew 90 days were going to go by anyway, and these first 14 days with Alexander have been filled with rewarding work that is accelerating my business growth and expanding it’s reach exponentially! I am now truly confident that my dreams will be fully realized very soon!!! If you knew what I now know about working with Alexander, you would be dialing his number right now!!!” Monica Munro Artist, Singer, Inspirational Speaker Listen to my Album at http://www.MonicaMunro.com
  • 15. Wendy G. Young “From the moment I have met Alexander I have appreciated his warm and genuine attitude towards helping entrepreneurs surpass their goals. His friendly persona blends well with others and this is so important in today’s business climate because the nature of true success is from the heart. Using his natural talents and specific strategies tailored to each particular client Alexander will go the extra mile to help them achieve their desired outcomes in record time.” Wendy G. Young www.wendygyoung.com
  • 16. Benjamin “B” Bado “Alexander is one of “those people” you meet and know INSTANTLY (*snap!*) – This is a man who eats, sleeps, and breathes personal freedom, peak potential, authenticity and generosity! His enthusiasm, professionalism, tenacity (and transparency) in “Living the Dream” is awe- inspiring and contagiously motivating. His character in overcoming impossible odds, setbacks, and failures (with such a positive attitude and philosophical outlook) has helped me redefine the word RESILIENCY and sets a new standard of excellence in my concept of “Real World Experience.” Terminally “infected” with purpose and passion, he’s now on a mission to help others succeed in living their dreams, through creative problem solving and building strong teams — and together achieving the seemingly “impossible.” I HIGHLY esteem Alexander [THE G.R.E.A.T.] Alperovich as an inspiration, visionary, gifted networker, and all-around compassionate human being ~ ~ ~ In my book he’s an unsung HERO! HE WON’T QUIT UNTIL YOU WIN!” Benjamin “B” Bado Entrepreneur/Artist/Humanitarian www.bthebesticanb.com
  • 17. Erica Goodstone “I met Alexander Alperovich for the first time at a teleseminar training reunion. After hearing me present myself as a Healing Through Love Mentor, Alexander offered me a simple acronym for my work. He gave his assistance without expectation of anything in return. In that brief first encounter, I discovered that Alexander has a special knack for helping individuals, and also companies, to grow their businesses to the next level. He listens to what people are saying, as he had listened to me, and he helps them to see the bigger picture for their life and their business – a picture that the person often does not yet see. He is a truly courageous entrepreneur who has built, and sometimes failed, at more business ventures than the average person has even attempted. And with each experience he has gained additional knowledge. What I know about Alexander is that he taps into his own personal reservoir of business experiences to help others avoid many of the problems, setbacks and pitfalls that he has encountered. If your business needs a boost in sales, an overhaul in mission and goals, or just some guidance on taking your next step, Alexander can help. He is a connector and a business development coordinator. Through the numerous contacts and relationships he has developed over the years, he can easily link you and your business to the precise people, resources, and tools that you are seeking and needing. Alexander Alperovich is the person you can rely upon to help you create, develop, improve and work with your team to produce the business results you want now.” Dr. Erica Goodstone —- Erica Goodstone, Ph.D., LMHC,LMFT,LPC http://www.DrEricaWellness.com
  • 18. Donna Collins “It is my honor to support Alexander and offer my testimonial! My experience at CEO Space was enhance 1000 fold by Alexander’s follow through. He is kind, thoughtful and a superb business man who will assist you every way possible. Along with being a a great connector I have found him to truly be a great new friend. It is also very comforting to know that he dreams big … for everyone!” Blessings, Donna Collins Founder: http://www.theglobalpeaceproject.com _________________________________________________________________________