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Crisis to calm - An eLearning experience - Vesa Pekkarinen
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Crisis to calm - An eLearning experience - Vesa Pekkarinen


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Australian Finnish Rest HomeAssociation (AFRHA)From Crisis to Calm• This is the GOOD stuff !You made the right choiceto come here.
  • 2. The Calm
  • 3. Before the Storm
  • 4. Background• AFRHA operates asmall (45 Bed) AgedCare Facility inThornlands – Brisbane.• Also a 23 unitRetirement Village and• “Finncare” – a Homeand Community Careservice• Total staff is appx. 100• In 2008, AFRHA won anaward at the ITACconference for the bestImplementation ofSoftware…
  • 5. Background• By January 2012 AFRHAwas facing a majordilemma in IT.• The network wasgroaning under theweight of applicationsand users.• Hardware was fastapproaching “use-by-date”.• Managementfingernails had beenchewed to the quick.
  • 6. So, how did we end up in an IT crisis?
  • 7. January 2012 our network looked likethis.
  • 8. Issues• Years of patching-upand doing things on ashoe-string.• Expertise andknowledgeconcentrated in too fewpeople• The Board did not havea big-picture of the I.T.requirements• Management and theBoard were mesmerisedby the software side.
  • 9. Then it hit the fan…• The network guru was offered a job he couldnot refuse. Bye bye guru.• 2 people with knowledge of “systems” wereleft holding the bag.• External IT company called into audit andsupport the two bunnies. (What’s thepassword to this server/router/software??)• N# One bunny starts learning networkadministration with great urgency.
  • 10. Lesson N# 1Technology = PeopleSomeone needs to be in control of services andthis needs to be formalised.People are the users and the users are thedrivers for what is needed and how it works.
  • 11. Lesson N# 2Document Everything.
  • 12. Back to the Rabbits• Bunny N# 1 attendsITAC conference• Bunny N# 1 begins tobuild a network athome to duplicateAFRHA network• Karma: this leads tomeeting a person whosuggests seeking outDONORTEC !• Que: trumpets andheavenly choir.
  • 13. Donortec has come into our lives !
  • 14. Budget• Things are still notcompletely free.• But at least we couldstart to plan.• “Interesting”discussions ensued withthe Board• They were stillmesmerised bysoftware and licencing.
  • 15. Lesson N# 3• Have a Budget• If you are small, have a small budget• If you are big, have an enormous budgetIt will never be enough.
  • 16. Lesson N# 4I.T. people need to make the IT decisions.(Technology = People)
  • 17. Getting to now.Funding was eventuallyagreed and the IT partnerstarted work.However, this would not havebeen possible without apartnership to ConnectingUp.Back to Calm• We now have a stable ITenvironment.• Software works well andlicencing is 100% up to date.• The hardware is robust andwill see us through at least 5years of growth (providedmaintenance happens).• The bunnies can have a rest.