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#CU11: Brian holmes  capital campaigns
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#CU11: Brian holmes capital campaigns


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  • I went to your session during the Connectin Up-2011 and foundyour presentation exciting and stimulating. As CEO of my organization ( a non-profit organization, but is not funded by our local government in Hong Kong),I always have difficulty in getting sufficient funds for the annual budget.

    Do you have another tips in this?

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  • 1. proudly working together with Australia’s finest non-profits
    You Can Raise Million$ - but How?Capital Campaign Success
    Brian Holmes
  • 2. A Capital Campaign
    A Capital Campaign raises LARGE sums of money for a one-off specific need outside of the annual operating cost of an organisation.
    The benefits of a Capital Campaign are that it raises:
    the most amount of money;
    in the shortest period of time;
    in the most cost efficient way.
    It is an organised, intensive fundraising effort using peer-to-peer solicitation to secure extraordinary gifts.
    xponential philanthropy
  • 3. A Typical Capital Campaign
    Feasibility Study
    Private Phase
    Campaign Board
    Lead Gifts
    Hit Target
    Thank you
    Public Phase
    xponential philanthropy
  • 4. The Table of Gifts
    • How many prospects do we need?
    • 5. How many volunteers do we require?
    Xponential philanthropy
  • 6. Seven Keys to Success
    xponential philanthropy
  • 7. Capital Campaign Factory
    xponential philanthropy
  • 8. 1. Market Research – The Feasibility Study
    Your organisation’s readiness to ask
    Your community’s willingness to give
    xponential philanthropy
  • 9. 1. Market Research – The Feasibility Study
    1. Your organisation’s readiness to ask
    An internal assessment of :
    The Project – is it urgent?
    The Target – can it be justified?
    The Case – is it emotive?
    The Organisation – does it have the capacity?
    The Resources – what will it take?
    Capital Campaign Factory – ‘campaignRedi’
    xponential philanthropy
  • 10. 1. Market Research – The Feasibility Study
    2. Your community’s willingness to give
    An external assessment of :
    The Project – are there clear benefits?
    The Target – is it achievable?
    The Case – is it believable?
    The Giving Capacity – are there prospects?
    The Leadership – can they be identified?
    The Resources – what will it take? – ‘capEzy’
    xponential philanthropy
  • 11. 1. Market Research – The Feasibility Study
    What is your relationship with and how supportive are you of the Organisation?
    Do you believe that the Project is vitally necessary?
    Are you supportive of raising the funds for this project?
    Will you assist in achieving this dream?
    Will you be a donor?
    Brian’s Big Tip: Always use an experienced Consultant for a Feasibility Study. Good interview technique is vital.
    xponential philanthropy
  • 12. 2. Case for Support – Why should I give?
    Ensure your Case for Support addresses all four motivation factors
    Donors motivation
    Capital Campaign Factory – ‘caseRedi’
    Organisation’s Case
    Thanks to Bernard Ross
    xponential philanthropy
  • 13. 2. Case for Support – Why should I give?
    Why would someone give?
    Your Case must:
    make Sense
    be Reasonable
    be Compelling
    be Motivating
    be Succinct
    Brian’s Big Tip: Use testimonials of other donors more than case studies of your service or clients
    xponential philanthropy
  • 14. 3. Marketing Collateral
    CC Promotional Materials
    Campaign Brochure
    Campaign Video
    Invitation Shells
    Document Covers
    Web Page
    Youtube – “The Girl Effect”
    xponential philanthropy
  • 15. 3. Marketing Collateral
    Generally a Capital Campaign is prestigious
    Your collateral should be:
    Brian’s Big Tip: Campaign materials must be unique. Donors will hold on to a quality brochure.
    xponential philanthropy
  • 16. 4. Leadership
    The most important factor in any campaign
    A great campaign leader should:
    be affluential
    be influential
    be motivational
    have strong networks
    not be afraid to ask
    Brian’s Big Tip: Use maximum peer to peer influence when recruiting your campaign leaders.
    xponential philanthropy
  • 17. 4. Leadership
    Capital Campaign Factory – ‘leadRedi’
    xponential philanthropy
  • 18. 5. Gift Prospects
    Capital Campaign Factory – ‘prospectRedi’
    xponential philanthropy
  • 19. 5. Gift Prospects
    The key to working with prospects is moves management
    Total days 364
    Brian’s Big Tip: A quality donor management system is an essential tool for a successful capital campaign
    xponential philanthropy
  • 20. 6. The Ask
    You only get one chance - maybe
    Four elements in the ask:
    The Prospect
    The Solicitors
    The Organisation
    The Environment
    Brian’s Big Tip: Seek to use a ‘team of two’ for any VIP solicitations. Never use more than three.
    xponential philanthropy
  • 21. 6. The Ask
    Capital Campaign Factory – ‘askRedi’
    xponential philanthropy
  • 22. 7. Campaign Management
    A good campaign management team must:
    be courageous
    be confident
    be experienced
    be focussed
    be flexible
    know how to use the ‘tools of the trade’
    be able to think like a major donor
    Brian’s Big Tip: Every team needs both players and a coach. If you are going to play to win recruit the best.
    xponential philanthropy
  • 23. Thank you
    Brian Holmes
    0414 304 568
    Xponential Philanthropy
    xponential philanthropy