Deliverability – Euro Rules of the Road


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Email-Expo 2012
Deliverability – Euro Rules of the Road

Andrew Bonar, Deliverability Director, Emailvision
Blog by Messe Frankfurt for the Digital Business:

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Deliverability – Euro Rules of the Road

  1. 1. Deliverability EURO RULES OF THE ROAD European Road To SuccessAndrew Bonar, Deliverability Director @ EmailvisionFounder of EmailExpert
  2. 2. Engagement New RulesOld best practices are nowthe new rulesSmarter mailboxes ensureyou must follow best practicefor maximum R.O.I
  3. 3. European Deliverability Single Points of Failure Per Country Legislation More Complex Regulations Aggressive Use of Blacklists Internal ISP Blacklists Lack of Feedback Loops
  4. 4. New in 2012 DMARC Authentication EU “Cookie Law” ReturnPath Much Stricter SpamHaus More Active
  5. 5. What is Changing? Domain Based Reputation Smarter Inboxes Smarter Filters Mobile Device Usage IPv6 the Game Changer
  6. 6. European Blacklists
  7. 7. Gray MailLess than 15% of email is personal 1to1 communication Source: Hotmail
  8. 8. Email How Much?
  9. 9. Email How Relevant?50% of Recipients believe 50%or more of trusted email isirrelevant
  10. 10. Gmail Clearing Clutter
  11. 11. Hotmail A Fresh Look
  12. 12. Hotmail The Clean Sweep
  13. 13. The Bulk Folder Europe View
  14. 14. Relevance Remember MobileMobile Usage continues toincreaseSmart Phones and Tabletscontinue to disrupt emailprograms
  15. 15. Mobile Usage Typically 19-29% or more of email is opened on a mobile device Source: Personal Experience
  16. 16. Europe Email on Mobile Source: eCircle via EmailMonday
  17. 17. OLD vs NewEmail Marketing 1.0 Email Marketing 2.0IP Reputation Domain ReputationPermission TrustPersonalisation SegmentationInbox Placement Multi-Device CompatibilityHeuristic Filters User Engagement
  18. 18. Email Marketing 2.0 - IP Reputation concernsEmail - Personalised emailMarketing - Permission based emails - Open rates and click rates1.0Email - Domain Reputation & TrustMarketing - Brand Reputation & Trust - Relevant, Segmented , Targeted2.0 - Real return on investment
  19. 19. Permission & Relevancy• Gain Permission • Clear and Unambiguous • Confirm Permission • Manage Expectations • Be Clear on Benefits • Deliver consistently
  20. 20. Suscribing: a Simple Process Subscribe No fancy tricks, clear simple signup forms Confirm Confirm the email address of recipient Welcome Initial Welcome Email Nurture Nurture the relationship
  21. 21. 3 Dangers to AvoidPoorly Designed Complex/Broken Poor ListEmail Signup Unsubscribe ManagementProcess Process PracticesSimple, clear, Do not make it Unsubscribeconcise, manage hard, drive them soft/hard bounces,expectations to other re-engage or channels remove the inactive
  22. 22. Reputation CrossroadsYour brand reputation, email reputation &domain reputation are now interlinkedPoor brand reputation means your emailR.O.I will sufferPoor domain reputation will result inemail being filteredPoor email reputation can mean yourwebsite is blocked
  23. 23. Domain ReputationInterdependent Email marketing results are interdependent on what is Brand Email happening in Reputation Marketing other online channels and to Results some degree your offline behavior too IP Reputation
  24. 24. Re-Engagment Strategies Re-Engagement Campaign No Need to Delete Segment, Segment, Segment Learn From The Experience
  25. 25. Re-Engagment Strategies
  26. 26. Re-Engagment Strategies
  27. 27. Earn Trust: Engage & NurtureMaximise your ROI by tailoring youremail strategy to the changes ahead
  28. 28. Questions? More Information? Andrew Bonar Twitter: @andrewbonar