The Big 3: What's New and Taking it to the Next Level

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2012 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference breakout session featuring Sarah Milston with Milston Consulting

2012 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference breakout session featuring Sarah Milston with Milston Consulting

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  • Social media class introduction sheet
  • Facilitate a conversation around how their week went. Challenges with signing into twitter. Things that they learned. Questions they had.


  • 1. The Big 3: What’s on theHorizon Prepared for @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 2. Who is she? @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 3. What do you know?• Facebook• Twitter• Linked In• Web• Mobile• tablets @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 4. Top 50 Nonprofits @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 5. What is Your Social MediaPersonality• 1. Clear Boundaries   • It is just as important to define who you are as who you are not.  • 2. It’s a Conversation   • As a small business or nonprofit on twitter you must dance the line between getting involved in local issues and getting too involved.• 3. No more than 3 Reasons to Exist @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 6. What is Your Social MediaPersonality• 4.  Decide your follower identity • Being thoughtful about who you will follow will improve your social media experience.• 5. Who you are on Social Media Channels should match who you are in life. •  If you are a feisty advocacy organization, your tweets/posts should be feisty and fierce.  If you are a conservative and safe org. your messages should follow suit. @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 7. LINKEDIN• 2 new members signup every second• 187 million members• 20 million students and recent graduates• 2.6 million companies have company pages @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 8. LINKEDIN• Endorsements @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 9. LINKEDIN• Business Cards @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 10. LINKEDIN• Company Profile• EXAMPLE American Red Cross @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 11. FACEBOOK• Admin Panel @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 12. FACEBOOK• Mobile Pages App @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 13. Timelines http://nonprofitorgs.wordpress .com/2012/03/04/11-inspiring- nonprofit-facebook-timelines/ @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 14. Algorithm Change: where did myfans go?• Prioritizes posts that have greatest number of interactions: • Number of clicks, Likes, Comments, and shares• Tactics • Audit your content • Post at the best time – the weekend or your best time • Know who hides you • More images and videos • Balance your content • Tell superfans to add your content to an interest list @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 15. TWITTER• Profile Page @sarahmilston @floricane
  • 16. Keeping Tabs•••• @sarahmilston @floricane