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Connecting Arkansas Internet Conference - Conway Room ppt



The Conway Room PowerPoint presentation from the Connecting Arkansas Internet Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. September 26, 2013

The Conway Room PowerPoint presentation from the Connecting Arkansas Internet Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. September 26, 2013



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Connecting Arkansas Internet Conference - Conway Room ppt Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Thank You to Our Sponsors
  • 2. Be Social
  • 3. Welcome
  • 4. Platinum Sponsors – – –
  • 5. Welcome
  • 6. General Session • • •
  • 7. Anthony Wilhelm Director, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP)
  • 8. 3,000 funded In Q3 of 2013, nearly BTOP recipients jobs
  • 9. NTIA $4Binvested more than to.... increase broadband capacity in communities enhance public computing map broadband availability in the United States provide training and outreach to increase adoption
  • 10. miles to circle will deploy or upgrade fiber enough of the globefour times BTOP projects
  • 11. impact BTOP recipients communities 3,000 hospitals and other health care facilities Approximately 1,000 small businesses 11,000 K-12 schools, commun ity colleges, and universities
  • 12. 9,000 will connect over with over 100 students ~10% K-12 schools representing of all K-12 public schools
  • 13. could undergraduate students workstationprovide a to at the 1.7x University of Arkansas the number of
  • 14. have trained 1 million more people Arkansas than the of population
  • 15. Launched Gov 2.0 county websites Deployed ~2,300 miles of new and leased fiber delivering results Arkansas recipients are Delivered nearly 23,000 training hours Connected more than 400 telemedicine sites Provided nearly 500 interactive video units and 475 clinical assessment tools Provided more than 290 workstations
  • 16. Arkansas institutions have available broadband speeds of 1 Gbps hundreds up to could host of distance learning sessionsat once
  • 17. 30%of Americansnearly do not have high-speed Internet in their homes
  • 18. next How can you make the connection? ConnectED and FirstNet - make the connection! Marketing and outreach to nearby Community Anchor Institutions can help improve their connections Open access networks can help Broadband Providers upgrade service or extend their customer base Connecting the dots in your State and Region can increase sustainability
  • 19. For more information
  • 20. FASTER Committee Kathy Smith
  • 21.  Fast  Access for  Students,  Teachers and  Economic  Results
  • 22. 67% 16% 1% 7% 9% Source of Bandwidth (244 Districts Reporting) Local Provider (Purchased by the District) K-12 State Network (Purchased by the ADE) BEE (Purchased by the ADE) K-12 State Network (Purchased by the District) BEE (Purchased by the District)
  • 23.  Interactive map of hub analysis across the state  FASTER and the Quality Digital Learning Committee work to determine best options for broadband access going forward  Recommendations presented to Governor Beebe and legislators in December
  • 24. From To  Seat Time  Textbooks  Paper-Based Homework  Teacher as Sage  Limited Offerings  Bell Schedules  Disadvantages Due to Rural or Isolated Settings  Losing Talent  Mastery of Concepts  Interactive Demonstrations  Project-Based Learning  Teacher as Facilitator  Sky’s the Limit  Anytime Learning  Rich, Educational Opportunities Regardless of Location  Retaining Talent
  • 25.  K-12 achievement when instruction is integrated  Science learning over textbook instruction  Student writing skills using 1:1 laptop programs  Student understanding of math concepts using virtual manipulatives
  • 26. ist=PLvzOwE5lWqhSgJVgg7VfRkBisbmm- BFUL&index=2
  • 27. Thank You to Our Sponsors
  • 28. Morning Breakout Session 3 • • • •
  • 29. Internet Innovation in Arkansas’s Higher Education Panel at the Connecting Arkansas Internet Conference • Dr. Hanna E. Norton • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs •
  • 30. ARE-ON’s Impact at Arkansas Tech • Increased network speed while reducing cost for access. – Allowed for Tegrity lecture capture classrooms in all academic buildings. – We now use more than 800 zero clients. – Many of our servers are now virtualized. – Allowed for high definition, two-way audio and video connections.
  • 31. Overview of eTech Initiative • Purpose of Initiative: Reach the 139,000 Arkansans who completed 75% or more of a college degree, but are not currently enrolled in college (SREB). – Use the Bachelor of Professional Studies as completer degree. – Goal was to reach 1000 unduplicated, new students. • Goal reached in January 2013 (1037 students) • For fall 2013, after census date (1320 students) – Through summer commencement 2013, 618 students graduated with 130 approved for fall graduation.
  • 32. Overview cont’d • As of fall 2013, we have 76 vetted courses available in 15 and eight week formats. – Eight week course options are offered weekly. – The courses represent work with faculty from all seven colleges and 16 different departments. • Each course proceeds through a three step review and approval process. • Current/future plans include online teacher certification program, offering eTech vetted courses campus-wide.
  • 33. Internet Innovations in Arkansas’s Higher Education Javier A. Reyes Vice Provost for Distance Education
  • 34. We have been focusing on expanding access to the internet? - Is it physically possible? - Is it affordable? - Are users aware of the benefits? … Why? It is the portal to innovation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 35. We could talk about… - Rankings for our state? - Number of internet users? - Potential users? … but what is the real benefit of this conversation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 36. We could talk about… - What is gained by each individual that is added to the list of users with access to the internet? - What do we need to get to higher rankings of for our state in the “Internet” dimensions/metrics? … but what is the real benefit of this conversation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 37. We should talk about… - What happens if we don’t increase the number of individuals in our state with access to the internet? - What is the connection with economic development? - Why is there even a connection with economic development at all? (AWARENESS) … there are REAL benefits of this conversation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 38. We should talk about… - What happens if we don’t increase the number of individuals in our state with access to the internet? Think of the things we don’t have access in our state because our location on the map. The internet is the portal to a whole new world, it can inspire people to look outside of our state borders, outside of this nation, and outside of this world! … there are REAL benefits of this conversation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 39. We should talk about… - What is the connection with economic development? All the new and current trends for the expansion of training programs, higher education degrees and ALL the new communication tools need the internet Our state would be out of the ball game before the game has even started… … there are REAL benefits of this conversation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 40. We should talk about… - Why is there even a connection with economic development at all? (AWARENESS) This is what I think we need to focus on NOW. Until everyone needed at the table hears and understand the thousand and one needs that having internet access currently addresses and will address, we wont be able to move forward … and not moving forward… in this particular case is … MOVING BACKWARDS! … there are REAL benefits of this conversation GLOBAL CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • 43. Dr. Charles Welch
  • 44. Thank You to Our Sponsors
  • 45. Afternoon Breakout Session 2 • • • • •
  • 46. Dr. Kristin Cuilla
  • 47. Re-Imagining Teaching and Learning
  • 48. World of Schooling Place-based Externally controlled Driven by age and time Individual achievement Driven by requirements Assessment is separate function Passive One form, one leader
  • 49. To provide all students the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in post- secondary education, career and civic life. OUR “WHY”
  • 50. Profile of an NTN Graduate…
  • 51. World of Schooling
  • 52. Teaching that Engages: What does it look like? 9/27/2013 NEW TECH NETWORK © 2010 57 Teacher centered Student centered Working alone on short, simple tasks Working in teams on long, complex tasks Accountable to teacher Accountable to both peers and teacher Passive student roles Active student roles Static information Dynamic information Single subjects taught in isolation Teachers collaborate to create multi-subject, relevant projects
  • 53. New Tech Students… • Grow 75% more in higher order thinking skills between freshman and senior years than comparison group • Graduate at a rate 6% greater than the national average • Enroll in college at a rate 9% greater than the national average • Persist in 4-year colleges at a rate 17% greater than the national average and in 2-year colleges at a rate 46% higher than the national average
  • 54. The New Tech StoryNew Tech Network 15 years of evolving principles centered on: • Culture that Empowers • Teaching that Engages • Technology that Enables
  • 55. OUR “WHAT” We develop innovative learning environments built around a culture that empowers, teaching that engages, and technology that enables so that students graduate ready for college and career
  • 56. Building Capacity: Copyright 2012 VISIONINGPLANNING TRAINING School Tours Marketing Materials Facilitated Meetings Online Planning Course Readiness Visits Leadership Residency Teacher Residency 5-Day Training Online PD Modules TOOLS Echo™ LMS Rubrics Project Library COACHINGNETWORK Onsite Coaching 1:1 Virtual Coaching Remote Feedback Annual Conference Regional Convenings Leadership Summits
  • 57. Cross County School District
  • 58. OUR LEARNING ORGANIZATION The New Tech design is simply a blueprint, accompanied by a set of core beliefs, tools, and strategies to help each school become successful. Because each school’s context is different, it is local leadership, judgment, and adaptability that leads to long-term success.
  • 59. Academy of Science & Technology
  • 60. • Project-Based • Personalized • Integrated • Intuitive• Deeper Learning • Collaborative • Relevant • Professional Growth • Secure • Customized
  • 61. Track overall class progress
  • 62. Learning Today – The Congo Project [Click Picture to View Website] How do we as global citizens increase our understanding of the impact of our technology on other people's lives?
  • 63. New Tech @ Zion-Benton
  • 64. • Student Achievement • Instruction & Assessment • Policies & Structure • Culture & Relationships • Purpose & Mission Hierarchy of Change
  • 65. D D D What? How? Why? Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Utilize planning, training and coaching processes and the social capital of a growing network supported by a digital collaborative learning environment to cause systemic change. Focus on increasing the capacity of students and adults to take full ownership of learning. Reinvent teaching and learning so that many more students graduate prepared for college and career.
  • 66. Digital Learning @ NTN • Rigorous content • Virtual teamwork • Deep use of tools for collaboration • Designed to create high quality digital project-based courses
  • 67. Pg.74 2/2013 • 24 States (USA and New South Wales, AU) • 133 Schools • 2,400 Teachers • 35,000 Students New Tech Network
  • 69. Are you ready… to get connected?
  • 70. Continue the Conversation Contact Dr. Kristin Cuilla 919.389.1737 Dr. Matt McClure Chief Learning and Financial Officer, Cross County School District Colonel Michael Spraggins Director, Hope Academy of Science & Technology Tour A School Sandra Abughazaleh 707.253.6951
  • 71. Measuring What Matters
  • 72. 9/27/2013 NEW TECH NETWORK © 201079
  • 73. 9/27/2013
  • 74. Jennifer McFarland
  • 75. Michael Spraggins
  • 76. WELCOME TO ROCKEFELLER Technology & Student Learning Mission: To engage students, families and community in the adventure of learning through technology and the arts.
  • 77. Select Student Technology Resources at Rockefeller School • Promethean Board • ActiVotes & ActivExpressions • Class Set of iPads (3rd Generation-iPad Lab) • K-5 lessons Technology Integration Lesson using Computers & iPads • Classroom Rotation iPads (2-3 per classroom) • Teacher Assigned iPad2 in every classroom • iPod Touch-Check out for classroom use • Variety of iPad Apps • Mobile Laptop Cart & Windows 7 Computer Lab • Flip Video Camera & Digital Cameras • Elmo Document Camera & WebCams • Over 250 Computers
  • 78. Select Student Web Resources at Rockefeller School • Think Central-Online Curriculum • Gaggle Student Accounts • Glogster Edu • Pebble Go Books • Tumble Books • Maps 101 • Safari Montage • United Streaming • Kids College • OPAC • Accelerated Reader • Variety of Web 2.0 Applications
  • 79. Select Student Software/Application Resources at Rockefeller School • Microsoft Office • Kidspiration 3 • KidPix 4 • HarCourt Math • PhotoStory • Type to Learn • Early Learning Toolkit • Variety of iPad Apps • And Many More!
  • 80. Teacher Tools for Sharing Resources and Information at Rockefeller School • Arkansas Digital Sandbox • DropBox • Facebook • Gaggle • Network Drives • Pinterest • Teacher Websites • And Many More!
  • 82. Check Us Out on Facebook Like Rockefeller on Facebook
  • 83. Student Work Samples All Lessons Support Core Standards & NETS-Student Standards
  • 84. Kindergarten students & 1st graders learn parts of the computer. They use KidPix to show what they have learned.
  • 85. My Hero- Abigail Roman My Best Pal My hero is…  Kindv  Lovinging  Joyful  Helpful  Cute My hero…  She helps me when I need it. She helps me when I fall.  She isn’t mean to me. When I do my work she doesn’t talk.  She doesn’t get mad when something bad happens. She cooperates. My Hero- Abigail Roman My Best Pal
  • 86. My hero-Grant kelley is my grandpa Examples • I can only trust him . When I tell a secret he his strong and trustful. He is always by my side. I will always care about him. He’s strong, honest and always cares about me! He brings me food when I can’t open the refrigerator! Words that Describe • Strong • Help • Hard worker • Love • Smart
  • 87. Students Learn with iPads Students use a variety of apps to support learning. They also create using apps like DoodleBuddy, Puppet Pals, PicCollage, iMovie and WordFoto.
  • 88. Padlet Pages for Sharing Students share information they have learned about Hurricane Sandy.
  • 89. KidBlog to Discuss 2012 Election Students also voted for President online, discussed school results and compared them to the national vote!
  • 90. Projects that Inform Students create flyers educate students about the importance of digital citizenship.
  • 91. AAIM Student Media Festival Award Winners 2012-2013 Students from Rockefeller Elementary & Henderson Middle School
  • 92. Dr. Ed Franklin •
  • 93. Thank You to Our Sponsors
  • 94. General Session • • • • •
  • 95. Thank You to Our Sponsors
  • 96. General Session •
  • 97. Welcome to Silicon Everywhere!
  • 98. Introduction Diane Smith – Rural Entrepreneur, Investor, Attorney, Author, Former Alltel Executive, Wife and Mom, Advocate
  • 99. Money, Brains & Broadband • Largest Global Provider of Multiplatform Video Services • 2 guys a dog and an idea to $30M in 3.5 years • Started in a coffee shop with wi-fi in Northwest Montana • Cutting edge video technologies still invented here
  • 100. The Winning Combination
  • 101. Tech Infrastructure = Entrepreneurs = Jobs Not all small business is new business – key distinction. New business needs to survive the Valley of Death.
  • 102. Broadband Makes It Possible Money – i.e., entrepreneurship and job growth via crowd-funding, angels, global markets. Brains – i.e., healthcare, education, commerce, lifestyle – delivering more services at lower cost.
  • 103. Shift to Tech from Brick and Mortar in Econ. Dev. Why? Growing population and revenue require it.
  • 104. Broadband Factoids • 78% of the U.S. uses the internet. • A 7% increase in broadband penetration could create an additional 2.4M new jobs. • $8 Trillion are exchanged over the internet each year. • About 35% of businesses allow telework • 8 of the top 10 global internet properties are U.S.-based, while 81% of users are outside the U.S.
  • 105. Businesses Succeed with Broadband 76% of businesses in the U.S. utilize broadband technology. Businesses without broadband generate $300,000 less in annual revenue than businesses with broadband. -Connected Nation
  • 106. Mobile is Broadband too We reach for our smartphones about 150 times per day. -Mary Meeker 2013
  • 107. Video Growth 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute – up from nothing 6 years ago. -Mary Meeker 2013
  • 108. Rural & Small Town Americans Benefit
  • 109. The New Opportunity Equation In 2011, 32% of postsecondary students were taking at least one online course - 2012 Survey of Online Learning
  • 110. Broadband is a Journey, Not a Destination Global annual revenue from Connected Devices is expected to increase from $121 billion today to $984 billion by 2020. Source: Carbon War Room, 2013
  • 111. What Can You Do? Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley (East Coast), Silicon Prairie (Midwest), Silicon Flatirons (Rockies), Silicon Bayou (South), Silicon Beach (West Coast), Silicon Everywhere!
  • 112. Thank You! Because technology’s a game changer.
  • 113. Thank You to Our Sponsors