Mapa del mundo del ecoturismo en Europa


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Presentación de D. Gordon Sillence (Gran Bretaña), miembro de Ecotrans, y director de la plataforma DestiNet sobre "Mapa del mundo del ecoturismo en Europa – Una visión de los proyectos actuales. Mejores ejemplos prácticos de SME business y los actores principales de gestión de destinos a lo largo y ancho de Europa" en el 5.º Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra ::

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Mapa del mundo del ecoturismo en Europa

  1. 1. Mapping the World of European Ecotourism – an Overview of Current Developments Round table Contribution by Gordon Sillence Ecotrans - DestiNet Training, Education and Development Services 21st – 23rd February 2014 5.º CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE TURISMO RURAL DE NAVARRA Ecotourism and the creation of nature-based products in rural areas”
  2. 2. Introduction Round table contribution abstract "TRENDS AND INNOVATION IN ECOTOURISM: TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVES AND SUCCESS CASES; BEST PRACTICES AND RECOMMENDATIONS“ presenting special examples from Europe. This contribution is based on the presenters’ recent experience in the EU ECOLNET project, demonstrating the EETLS (European Eco Tourism Labelling System) and introducing the EEN - the European Ecotourism Network. It will give best practice examples from SME business and destination stakeholders across Europe, showing how the DestiNet Portal’s Atlas of Excellence related to ecotourism, and the best practice transfer system that enables professional to draw on a detailed knowledge base of evidence-based good practice from all over the world to support their decision-making.
  3. 3. Ecotourism Certification in Europe ? … and more
  4. 4. The ECOLNET project – Setting up the European Ecotourism Network to Use the EETLS Tools The ECOLNET project set out to build a an online learning community for ecotourism quality standards, based on the European EcoTourism Labelling Standard (EETLS). On-line tools that were designed in the 3 year project were simultateously introduced to the wide range of European ecotourism stakeholders, focused on the 9 countries participating in the project.
  5. 5. EETLS On-line Tools – DestiNet Access Point The ECOLNET project has developed a set of online training tools to allow small businesses and certificates to evaluate their sustainability using the EETLS: • EETLS Standard • E-Evaluation SelfAssessment Tool • Ecotourism Training for Businesses
  6. 6. Information Tools in the EEN Knowledge base on DestiNet Alongside the EETLS training tools, there is a set of on-line professional networking tools for stakeholders to use for themselves to build the EEN in their region or country. DestiNet offers web space information management tools and targetted communications facilites for promoting your site, Importantly, organised document storage for collective knowledgebase building.
  7. 7. The European Ecotourism Knowledge Base on DestiNet This European level work was mapped by the Ecotrans Network for Sustainable Tourism Development, as co-leaders of the ECOLNET networking efforts. Access by Subject Access by Country
  8. 8. Mapping of EEN Stakeholders in Partner Countries European Ecotourism Network members mapped on DestiNet. The tools allow for constant updating by Portal users.
  9. 9. Country by Country Entry Points to the EEN The country by country choice is offered to both manage and then access Ecotourism information.
  10. 10. Germany – Examplary Content for Country Folders Ecotourism in Germany , is an exemplary folder on DestiNet showing how destinations and countries can map, manage, market and monitor their ecotourism offer
  11. 11. Atlas of Excellence
  12. 12. Eco-Romania
  13. 13. Norwegian Eco-Label
  14. 14. Quality Coast Destinations
  15. 15. Germany - Mostviertel Destination Mostviertel/Austria:
  16. 16. Estonian Eco-label
  17. 17. Algarve International BirdWatching Festival Now in its 3rd Year, the festival is attracting over 3,500 visitors to the week long event. The promotion of the this part of the Algarve as a significant international bird-watching destination brings many more visitors at other times of the year.
  18. 18. Algarve – Inner Peace Forest Retreat
  19. 19. Networking Ecotourism at the European Level 2014 The post-project phase offers serveral Europeanlevel oportunities to ecotourism stakeholders who wish to bring attention to a special place, species or activity in Europe, and are interested in using the EETLS to achieve that. Contact use to find out more about using DestiNet for ecotourism development in your country or region.
  20. 20. Thank-you Please find out more about DestiNet by contacting us directly. This presentation was prepared by: Ecotrans – DestiNet Training, Education & Development Services Herbert Hamele Gordon Sillence Februrar y2014