Assignment 12.1 ba loc alone
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Assignment 12.1 ba loc alone Assignment 12.1 ba loc alone Presentation Transcript

  • What is SOCIAL MEDIA among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION
  • Differences between SOCIAL MEDIA and TRADITIONAL/INDUSTRIAL MEDIA quality reach frequency usability permanence immediacy
  • Social Media Landscape in VietNam
  • Campaign Objectives -Encourage Vietnamese young people to raise the sense of initiative in love. -Customer’s engagement to brand –Close up -Convey a meaningful, sweety and romactic concept: “Let love rule - Hãy để tình yêu dẫn lối”.
  • Target Audience Customer insight: “Valentine is a appropriate occasion that I express my love. I want one thing that can help me confidently express my feelings and realization of ideas in this special day…” - Vietnamese young people age from 18-30 live in HCM and HN. - active in life and in love - Falling in love or interested in love stories. - Want to express their love by special indivisual ways - They have ideas and want to carry out that ideas in Valentine Day. Media behavior: -regularly online -frequently update facebook, youtube -interested and willing to share interesting clips
  • STRATEGY Build trend: express your love to your lover. Reminding about Valentine and Love Encourage young people think special ideas in Valentine. Close Up carries out special ideas Amplify campaign
  • Concept: “LET LOVE RULE – Hãy để tình yêu dẫn lối” More and more young people excited to join this community of young people who ready to follow the trend of expressing "Let Love Rule", instead of showing timid and shy before . So, young people dare to live and love by his way. That spirit continues to spread forcefully informed on any media online channels and social networking sites.
  • Deloyment Plan TRIGGER EXPERIENCE AMPLIFICATION Why don’t you dare to express your love to lover? Let’s think about special ideas to express your love! Let’s actualize your idea for an unforgettable Valentine!! “Let love rule” song “Let love rule” forum Viral clips “actualize the idea” Facebook website (kenh14, dantri…) Facebook fanpage Youtube page website Youtube Facebook Website (Kenh14, dantri, tuoitre..) Key massage Key hook Key channels
  • Phrase 1: Trigger Song: “Let love rule” Artists: Top7 Vietnam Idol Give them the thought that: “IT’S TIME TO SHOW YOUR LOVE BY YOUR WAY” Young people have ideas and need to show their feelings? But they feel shy when do that.
  • Phrase 2: experience Create the Conversation -“Do you think should LET LOVE RULE?” Contest -Answer questions, share the secret to having a sweet Valentine. Find out special ideas for Valentine Many feedback from different viewpoints both "Yes" and "No“ => It makes people discuss, express and share the view Young people interested in unique, sweet, creative or even “crazy” ideas => They take part in contest and share information about contest
  • Phrase 2: experience Close Up will help to carry out the most interesting, the greatest and sweetest ideas. The selected ideas will be recorded and shared on social media channels (especially on Youtube Page of Close Up) Now, Young people who are shy or don’t have condition to carry out their idea will have physical and mental helps from Close Up and “Let Love Rule Community”
  • Phrase 3: Amplification => “Let love rule” clips and campaign will be shared widely Clips are unforgettable memories of main characters. It make young audience feel happy
  • Results Close Up Facebook Fanpage raise 90.000 fans hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube channel Closeup Vietnam 600 ideas Thousands of conversation Hot trend in Valentine 2013