Captcha: Productivity Wasteland or Wasted Opportunity?


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CAPTCHAs are a security test used on websites to stop spam and bots. However, they're extremely frustrating for people and cause high website abandonment rates. Internet users are forced to waste more than 426 Million hours every year, solving those CAPTCHA security tests. Online businesses can put all that consumer attention to better use by using CAPTCHAs as an online advertising platform. View the presentation to find out more.

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Captcha: Productivity Wasteland or Wasted Opportunity?

  1. 1. CAPTCHA: Productivity Wasteland or Wasted Opportunity?You know those security checks you see on websites when trying to post a comment orpurchase tickets? Those are called CAPTCHAs People Hate Them! They frustrate website visitors and cause people to abandon the site or their action.
  2. 2. More than 280 million CAPTCHAs are solved on the web EVERY DAY Each one takes an average 15 seconds to solveThat’s 1,166,000 hours that Internet users are forced to waste, everysingle day, solving CAPTCHAsThat’s426,000,000 hours of valuable, undivided consumer attentionwasted online each year
  3. 3. Imagine if that time was spent doing something more useful!In the amount of time consumers spend solving CAPTCHAs each year, we could haveinstead built… 830 Boeing 747 airplanes (It takes nearly 500,000 labor hours to make a Boeing 747) 270 Eiffel Towers (It took approx. 1,560,000 labor hours to build the Eiffel Tower) Or even the Great Pyramid! (It took approx. 1,5nearly 350,000,000 labor hours to build the Great Pyramid)
  4. 4. More consumer attention is paid to CAPTCHAsannually than to a full week of primetime Olympiccoverage, or even the Super Bowl. Nearly as much time is spent solving CAPTCHAs each year, as 133.4 million consumers spent watching the movie Titanic in the theater.
  5. 5. That’s more than $300 Billion in advertising being wasted!
  6. 6. Instead of wasting millions on online advertising that is mostly ignored, businesses should leverage the 1.16 million hours of undivided consumer attention spent solving CAPTCHAs every day. Why show your online When you could show customers this? them this
  7. 7. CAPTCHAs are a must-see medium online. Website visitors must actively engage with CAPTCHA anyway, in order to post a comment, upload content or complete their purchase. Use that undivided, focused attention for branding and online advertising! Guaranteed impressions and consumer engagement! (Unlike banner ads and other online advertising, which is ignored)
  8. 8. Confident CAPTCHA is a picture-based CAPTCHA that stops bots and spam, and is easy for people. • End user frustration, increase conversion rates • Highly customizable • Foreign language support • Fail open/ Fail close • Audio option • Ideal for use on mobile devices Optional: • Brand Confident CAPTCHA with your logo or promotional messages • Earn revenue by allowing third parties to advertise in the CAPTCHA on your website.
  9. 9. To learn more about Confident CAPTCHAand how to get it on your website for free,