Second Life Presentation II


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A very small overview of the Second Life System

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  • Second Life Presentation II

    1. 1. “ It took 65 years after the invention of the printing press for someone to decide that putting page numbers on books was a good idea! The essay took a century to be invented; thus it is quite likely that the enduring and serious forms of the new media have not been invented. We are still mired in the imitation of the old: paper, film, and tape.” – Alan Kay Who will be the next Sergei Eisenstein?
    2. 2. An overview of Second Life Firstly, we need to download the program to install the client side. Once we do this, we may enter the Virtual World, as Second Life is a client-server application, provided we have an active account
    3. 3. An overview of Second Life We could choose a community, but this step could be skipped
    4. 4. An overview of Second Life Here we need to activate our account by writing the name we choose. The surname is a set of choices given to us by the system We have chosen the name “Arioch” and the surname “Enoch”
    5. 5. An overview of Second Life This is the first screen we use after everything is installed and we can see the different options offered to us in “Preferences”. Chiefly between them is the possibilit of lowering the Graphics standards so our systems could work with them
    6. 11. An overview of Second Life Here we can see the upper menu and the lower menu- which is formed by buttons and the chat bar. As it can be seen, there is not an obvious address bar to go to the places we want to go
    7. 12. An overview of Second Life To achieve that result we should clic the “map” button and we would be handled this result
    8. 13. An overview of Second Life View of the inventory where there is a car and some other items that we could find fun and/or interesting. The path is View-Inventory
    9. 14. An overview of Second Life In Edit-appearance, we can change the appearance of our avatar.
    10. 15. An overview of Second Life These are the rules for proper behavior in the Second Life environment, they can be extended to other situations and technologies
    11. 16. An overview of Second Life How to make money with Second Life: Here my avatar is earning money just by sitting down in a chair. Why?
    12. 17. An overview of Second Life A very successful woman in Second Life, that sells lands to make different buildings and develops contents
    13. 18. An overview of Second Life Tringo is another successsful business that started as a game in Second Life and was sold to Nintendo. Nintendo developed a version of the game for his Game Boy Advance System
    14. 19. An overview of Second Life The basic shapes of the prims or pieces of the content built into Second Life
    15. 20. An overview of Second Life More pieces
    16. 21. An overview of Second Life Two prims together
    17. 22. An overview of Second Life
    18. 23. An overview of Second Life A green sphere that gives us back the Slurl of the area in which we are
    19. 24. An overview of Second Life Information to learn things about LSL
    20. 25. This is Kriss Lehmann’s Straylight Sim, home to the Botanical Shop of Sculpted Trees. Amazing detail and creative use of Second Life’s limitations (shadows, sunbeams) make the trees really come to life. It’s one of the most natural feeling places and is a guaranteed jaw-dropping experience.
    21. 26. With the success of the game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ its easy to talk about the attraction of these ‘urban role play gaming sims’. It is a story driven place, meaning it has a fictional background, and people assume the roles of gangsters, police, lawyers, pawnbrokers, and diner managers. There are quite a few of these sims, but the Crack Den has managed to really build a tight community of about 1400 avatars who ‘enact’ some very interesting plot lines.
    22. 27. A picture of the arc of triumph in Paris, France
    23. 29. Another interesting location: The Wheat Field
    24. 30. <ul><li>And how is the economic crisis affecting Second Life? </li></ul><ul><li>As of 20-04-2009, these were the results for Q1 2009. The first quarter of the new </li></ul><ul><li>year demonstrated strong growth in user hours and overall economic activity. </li></ul><ul><li>Highlights of the quarter include: </li></ul><ul><li>124 Million User Hours, an increase of 42% from the same quarter last year </li></ul><ul><li>Peak concurrent users of 88,200, an increase of 33% from the same quarter last </li></ul><ul><li>year </li></ul><ul><li>120M in user-to-user transactions, up 65% from the same quarter last year </li></ul><ul><li>The Island market has stabilized, although overall square meters of resident owned Land has decreased </li></ul><ul><li>Gross sales on the Xstreet SL marketplace grew 23% over Q4 of 2008 and 72% </li></ul><ul><li>over the same quarter last year  </li></ul>
    25. 31. Q1 user hours grew 42% from the same quarter last year - In Q1 2009, Residents spent 124 million hours in Second Life which was an increase of 11% from Q4 2008 and 42% over Q1 of last year. User-to-user transactions increased 65% from Q1 2008 - In Q1, Residents spent more than USD$120 million on virtual goods and services in Second Life, representing 20% growth over Q4 2008. Q1 2009 set a new high water mark, 18% higher than the previous best quarter of Q2 2007. Despite the worst real life economic situation since the great depression, the creativity, entrepreneurship, and growth of the Second Life economy has proved to be very resilient. March set an all time high for monthly user-to-user transactions of $45 million USD, an increase of 70% from March 2008.