What's beyond ERP? New normal ERP? by Ludo Van den Kerckhove


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Ludo Van den Kerckhove - managing partner Across
New Normal ERP

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What's beyond ERP? New normal ERP? by Ludo Van den Kerckhove

  1. 1. What’s beyond ERP ? New normal ERP?Ludo Van den KerckhoveMP Across Technology
  2. 2. For the first time in history, 1700 worldwide CEO’s claim“Technology will be the most influential factor for our business in the next 3 – 5 years” Trend study IBM, 2012 Coincides with behavioral shift ...
  3. 3. “Customer Experience”The new buzzwords in the board rooms ...
  4. 4. In the Experience Economy, customers will ask you 4 THINGS
  5. 5. Make my life easier
  6. 6. Track and challenge me
  7. 7. Treat me as unique
  8. 8. Be fair and transparent
  9. 9. GREAT!But how do companies keep their promises? Purpose (what customers want) Promise Performance (what you say you will do) (what you do) source: Dave Gray
  10. 10. • High speed low speed They struggle: Can ERP help?
  11. 11. >80% 27%Large Companies have ERP IT-cost dedicated to ERP Source CIONET ERP survey
  12. 12. >80% 27%Large Companies having an IT-cost dedicated to ERP ERP And yet, satisfaction is low complexity, rigidity, lack of user friendliness, costs...
  13. 13. “Nobody gets fired for keeping SAP ” (*) (*) Oracle or MS adepts feel free to replace …Even with a low satisfaction rate, companies seem to accept that ERP is a given? Source CIONET ERP survey
  14. 14. Spot the differences! Sources: Forrester, Gartner & IBMTop Business Priorities1. Drive the business transformation with technology2. Increasing enterprise growth3. Attracting & retaining new customers4. Reducing enterprise costs5. Innovation (creating new products & services)6. Delivering operational results
  15. 15. ERP only + classic IT behavior is OUT ERP + high speed is IN
  16. 16. One size fits all Zero Risk
  17. 17. DecideEfficiency versus Agility
  18. 18. Combine two tactics High Speed Low Speed of change of change  High opportunity for  High opportunity for customer driven innovations cost reduction and standardization  High rate of change  Slower rate of change Changes have local impact in business and  Changes have high impact on overall risks should be taken business and risks should be limited  Empowerment of (local) business  Central governance
  19. 19. Big impact onYour Organization Your CultureYour Architecture
  20. 20. Differentiate high speed capabilities For agility ERP = CORE
  21. 21. SOA enables your enterprise’s “App Store” reconnecting both worlds
  22. 22. Signs of this trend on the market …
  23. 23. “By 2016the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will have more IT budget than the CIO.”
  24. 24. Thank you!www.a-cross.com/technology @AcrossTech