Touchpoint Dashboard explained by Conexperience - Customer Journey Mapping redefined


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By Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Management which helps to improve the experience of the customers!

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Touchpoint Dashboard explained by Conexperience - Customer Journey Mapping redefined

  1. 1. Customer Journey Mapping Software Version 1.0 © Copyright 2013
  2. 2. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 2 of 17 Table of content 1. Introduction Conexperience........................................................................................................................... 3 Customer Journey Mapping is a verb................................................................................................................ 3 2. Some examples of implementations .............................................................................................................. 4 Achmea – Faster, with blueprints and involving the business...................................................................... 4 – Communicate to the organization, report to HQ.......................................................... 4 Avéro – Customer Journey Mapping as a method......................................................................................... 5 3. Touchpoint Dashboard – Customer Journey Mapping redefined .......................................................... 6 It's magical to use a tool which is developed for only one purpose: mapping Customer Journeys ... 6 You just need touchpoints to build a Customer Journey Map ................................................................... 6 Different needs, different views, just a few clicks .......................................................................................... 8 Reporting feature for the excel-look and feel, with all the options included........................................ 10 Share with anybody in the world or just somebody.................................................................................... 11 Collaborate, because together you achieve more than alone................................................................... 12 If you want it old fashion 'hanging on the wall': print to pdf...................................................................... 13 Charts in dots or bars, making analyzing easy and for everybody ........................................................... 13 4. Touchpoint Dashboard Position on Data Protection ............................................................................. 16
  3. 3. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 3 of 17 1. Introduction Conexperience Customer Journey Mapping is a verb The philosophy of Conexperience is that you listen to your customer, experience the Customer Journey and that you manage the Customer Experience. Going on the journey yourself leads very often to changes and improvement in the Customer Journey or in the Customer Experience strategy. Conexperience helps companies with implementing Customer Journey Mapping, using tools for Customer Experience Management or doing projects to increase NPS, loyalty or satisfaction. With more than 17 years of experience in Customer Service and Customer Experience, Danny has a wide network, a lot of experience and know what is necessary to make a difference in the lives and experiences of customers. The unique methods that Conexperience uses are effective, cheap and long lasting. The consultancy provided is always based on the following goals: - As short as possible; by training and learn the company the methods and tools, it’s not necessary to keep expensive consultants on the pay roll. Conexperience is hired for a couple of days per implementation, that’s enough. - Result driven; maybe it’s saving costs, improving experience, increasing NPS or decreasing complaints, Conexperience always aims for results, that’s what keeps us focused and that’s why we are hired. There is a proven track record. - Quality comes first; there are many suppliers in the market, but because Conexperience guarantees quality, we make a difference. Always on time, with the right results for a reasonable price. Touchpoint Dashboard is a company from the US and exists since 2011, Touchpoint Dashboard is live in the market since August 2012. With almost 30 companies worldwide using the software (September 2013), it has a steady base for growth and even more improvements. Software developers are dedicated working on new features which are brought up by consultants and clients. The state of the art SaaS-software environment is stable, easy to use and secure.
  4. 4. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 4 of 17 2. Some examples of implementations Achmea – Faster, with blueprints and involving the business The largest insurance company in The Netherlands with 7 million customers and 17.000 employees asked Conexperience to help them with their Customer Experience projects. In their Customer Experience toolbox they are using Customer Journey Mapping instantly. In the past they used powerpoint and Visio to visualize the emotions of customers and to build the Customer Journey Maps. This was time consuming and maps did not look the same. The following questions were asked to Conexperience - Can we build Customer Journey Maps faster? - We have blueprints of our Customer Experience, but we need to reproduce them over and over again. Can we do that in a more easy and user-friendly way? - How can involve the business in our Customer Experience initiatives and findings? - How can we make other departments more responsible for the opportunities we find in our customer excellence researches? Results Conexperience delivered Touchpoint Dashboard as the tool for making Customer Journey Mapping easy and user-friendly. We copied the blueprints into the software, built several maps and trained three experts on the use of the software. Investment One license of Touchpoint Dashboard for one person. Two days of training and implementation support. – Communicate to the organization, report to HQ is a Dutch low cost airline that offers charter flights and scheduled flights to summer and winter holiday destinations around Europe and to the Mediterranean. They are market leader in holiday air travel in the Netherlands. Their clients consist of tour operators, that have their own internet portals available to them, as well as final consumers with whom they communicate through our up-to-date website. The following questions were asked to Conexperience - Can we copy all the work we did in our Customer Experience project into Touchpoint Dashboard? - How can we update and manage the Customer Journey Maps by ourselves in the software? - Is it possible to share the 'story' with the rest of the organization? - Can we report to HQ every month with the latest NPS-scores per touchpoint? Results A fully implemented Touchpoint Dashboard environment with Customer Experience data and personas. Ready for communication to other departments. Ready to involve the contact center. Investment Two licenses of Touchpoint Dashboard for two persons. A couple of days implementation support, on site training on the job and nine cartoons.
  5. 5. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 5 of 17 Avéro – Customer Journey Mapping as a method Avéro is an insurance company in The Netherlands. They sell insurances and services through a network of financial specialists. This independent network helps Avéro to deliver high quality advise and service for their customers. The added value to the network is based on CRM solutions, workshops, bonuses and consultancy. The following questions were asked to Conexperience - We want to implement the Customer Journey Mapping method, can you help us with that? - Can we use Touchpoint Dashboard to find improvement opportunities in one of our processes? - Can we learn how to make a Customer Journey Map, so we can do it by ourselves in the future? Results Two workshops to define the Customer Journey and find improvement points. A fully implemented Touchpoint Dashboard environment with customer processes and 4 cartoons. One certified user of Touchpoint Dashboard who can train colleagues. Investment One license of Touchpoint Dashboard for one person. 4 days implementation support, on site training on the job and four cartoons.
  6. 6. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 6 of 17 3. Touchpoint Dashboard – Customer Journey Mapping redefined It's magical to use a tool which is developed for only one purpose: mapping Customer Journeys Touchpoint Dashboard is a software tool for Customer Journey Mapping. It's a webbased environment. This means no installation on company servers. The only things you need are internet and a computer or tablet with a browser. That's all. Oh, and customer data. With a unique licensing model it's possible to work by yourself, in a team or with all your organization on Customer Journey Mapping. The main goal of the software is to improve Customer Experience. Map, analyze and improve. With those three words Touchpoint Dashboard summarize the solid and easy way of working with the tool. Conexperience is registered and exclusive partner of Touchpoint Dashboard and reseller of the software in The Netherlands and México. You just need touchpoints to build a Customer Journey Map A touchpoint is a moment, action or feeling a customer has with your brand/company. It can be direct or indirect connected to your company. Examples are: a billboard, e-mail, call, brochure, visit at the store, advertisement, birthday party, fax, social media, etc. In Touchpoint Dashboard it is easy to create a touchpoint. Just click on the + and add a touchpoint. The properties of that touchpoint can be managed at all times. With the touchpoints you can build a journey map in time, with emotions, with costs, due to owners, departments or even on importance to customer. Touchpoints are customer driven, this means that they always come from the customer point of view and can never be an action in the system, which the customer doesn't feel or notice. A way of defining touchpoints is to take the internal processes and turn them inside out. Another way of looking for touchpoints is to experience the Customer Journey yourself. You can also talk to different kind of positions in your company, like the marketing manager, the customer service manager, the product manager and the head of communication. That’s how you collect touchpoints.
  7. 7. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 7 of 17 Properties of the touchpoints, define the metrics that you want There are six different kinds of metrics you can build in Touchpoint Dashboard. These are: 1. Short text; to give a short description or explain a field. 2. Long text; to give a description of e.g. a process, touchpoint or persona. 3. Number; customer satisfaction scores, visits to the website or store, number of clients, etc. 4. Yes/no; an option for choosing if that apply to the touchpoint or not. See also 'stickers'. 5. Currency; cost to fix, cost per call, cost per client, cost per touchpoint, etc. 6. Choice; to make views with different parameters, like owners, touch type, department, episode. Defining the parameters is a hard phase, but can be done with all the available data. Next to that, it is possible to look for metrics in benchmarks, customer surveys, a datawarehouse or just by asking it to the client. The KPI's of the departments, who have direct and indirect customer contact, are a great way of getting the parameters for Touchpoint Dashboard. By creating a map you will never have all the possible parameters. The properties can change over time. You can always add more properties or manage them, while you are building and managing the Customer Journey.
  8. 8. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 8 of 17 Different needs, different views, just a few clicks Once you have the touchpoints and the parameters, the design of the views begins. What parameter do you want to see where? There are three aspects in a view: a column, a row and a color. You can pick from all the available parameters the place you want to show them. This means that it is possible to create an infinite number of views, where you can show all the parameters in a different view. You want to show the touchpoints by cost to fix per owner? Importance to customer per channel? NPS score per touch type? Number of call per lifecycle stage to the store and to the contact center? It is all possible with a few mouse clicks. These views are meant to show the touchpoints in a different order or with different parameters. It is also possible to create a journey with a set of touchpoints in time or per channel. That can be done with the 'presentation-mode' or with ' filters'. Stickers are indicating something special
  9. 9. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 9 of 17 Sometimes you want one picture to say a thousand words. Within Touchpoint Dashboard it is possible to show per touchpoint an indicator which belongs to one or more touchpoints. With these stickers you see really fast which of the touchpoints is a paint point, a moment of magic, have a survey, has waiting time or even if it got ideas for improvement. With the easy to manage environment you can describe the stickers yourself and choose the icon which belongs to the subject. Stickers are available in black and white or in color. There are over a hundred stickers to choose from. With a mouse over effect in the Customer Journey Map, you see the text you added with that sticker. If you have all the touchpoints on your screen, it is possible to filter on the stickers, so e.g. that you only see the touchpoints which are pain points of moments of magic. See also 'filters'. Files as supporting evidence, maybe to convince your colleagues For sure you have a lot of powerpoint presentations, pdf files, word document, excel files and visio drawings. They all have to do with your Customer Journey and your Customer Experience projects. But these documents are on your computer, on the network or in your e-mailbox. It is possible to add documents to a specific touchpoint. You can also link it to a file on the internet, like Slideshare or Dropbox. Organizing files and documents is a hard job. Especially when there are more people involved and the files have different names. More than 3 file types is really common within Customer Experience projects. When presenting or sharing the Customer Journey Map, people can click on the files added to the touchpoint to get more inside information or supporting evidence. In this way it is possible to add more information and involve people more to the Customer Journey. You can actually explain a lot more with files like powerpoint, pdf, visio and word. Because Touchpoint Dashboard is the place to build and manage the Customer Journey, but the evidence comes from outside.
  10. 10. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 10 of 17 Presentation mode; to impress the management and employees When you are a Customer Experience expert, you know how hard it can be to explain your work and your insights to the management and the employees. In Touchpoint Dashboard you can make, by a couple of mouse clicks, a presentation from the Customer Journey, with photo's, metrics and a logical emotion curve. You can explain a complex Customer Journey in 5 minutes. After showing the presentation, in which you use the touchpoints as a logical journey the customer can go through, you can deep dive into the data or the emotions of the customers in each touchpoint. The management and the employees will understand and be involved in your work and your Customer Journey Map. As a matter of fact, you can make them owners in the software, so at the end of the meeting they not only understand, but they also will move to action immediately. The only thing you have to do is invite them, install a beamer and off you go! Reporting feature for the excel-look and feel, with all the options included
  11. 11. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 11 of 17 A dashboard is a dashboard. To store, update and manage the data in your Customer Journey, it's necessary to have an environment where you can do this easily. In Touchpoint Dashboard you can manage all the touchpoint in the reporting area. Export the touchpoints, including all the metrics and data sticked to the touchpoints, open it in excel and off you go. As a comma separated value file (.csv), you can play with the data like you want. Add data, remove data or change data. Import the csv file again and all your changed data is processed in your touchpoints. Go to your Customer Journey Map and you see all the changes in color, position and values. With the reporting feature of Touchpoint Dashboard you can manage the metrics of the Customer Experience. Always up to date and before showing it to the management, you upload the latest NPS scores, calls to the contact center, revenue from the advertisements or the satisfaction in the stores. It all makes sense now. Share with anybody in the world or just somebody Customer Journey Mapping is made for sharing. To improve Customer Experience you need to go our there and show the maps, touchpoints, insights and charts. It is possible to share only the
  12. 12. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 12 of 17 touchpoints and journeys you want to share. With a link to a specific internet address other people can see, for a period if you want, the journey map you want to share. Sharing a Customer Journey Map is easy. Just by clicking 'share' and make it public, you create an unique internet address to this specific Customer Journey Map. The fun thing about this sharing is, that the visitor doesn't need a license to see and read the map. You can invite them to look at the map, click through it and see the documents you included. With the sharing option it's easy to involve other people, but don't let them be part of managing the Customer Journey Map. That is something for the experts. Collaborate, because together you achieve more than alone The collaborate option in Touchpoint Dashboard gives you the opportunity to work together on one or more maps with colleagues, managers, customers or every other person who has access to the software. As a manager of a Customer Journey Map you can define the rights a person has in your map. There are three levels: 1. Can copy: Invited users will be allowed to copy the shared map and save/use it as their own map or template under their account. 2. Can edit: Invited users will be allowed to edit the map. Please note that this user will not be able to edit touchpoint properties; only the map author or admin can add, edit or delete properties. 3. Is manager: Please select this option if you want this user to have complete editing capabilities, including the ability to edit properties and user sharing permissions.
  13. 13. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 13 of 17 Collaborate has the advantage that history, added documents and placed notes are logged under the user who is signed in. This means that collaborating is easy, fun and very efficient. Because together you achieve more. If you want it old fashion 'hanging on the wall': print to pdf The option to print a Customer Journey Map to pdf is a simple but effective way of visualize the map if there is no computer around. Of course you can share the map by e-mail or on the network. The Customer Journey Map is exported to a pdf file. It includes the complete legend and the colors you gave to the touchpoints. All the rows, columns and stickers are copied into a handy file for hanging on the wall or just sharing by e-mail. This is really useful when you want to communicate your work, but you don't want them to make changes to the map. Because you can print pdf in different sizes, depending on the possibilities of your (company) printer, a map on A1 or A2 is easy to do. In this way you can bring the Customer Journey Map on paper and you can draw on it while discussing the Customer Journey. Later you can make the changes or add details to the Customer Journey Map when you in the software again. Easy as that. Charts in dots or bars, making analyzing easy and for everybody
  14. 14. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 14 of 17 And if you putted all the information about touchpoints, Customer Journey, metrics, owners, costs and NPS-scores, how do you get a normal, clear view of what is going on? Touchpoint Dashboard created a feature to combine metrics with each other, so you can analyze and view charts within a mouse click. Combining 4 different parameters in one view gives a big potential for visualizing the status of the touchpoints and the Customer Experience. 1. Column; 2. Row; 3. Color; 4. Size of dot. With this feature you can discuss with one or a couple of views the complete performance of the Customer Experience. And when you found an interesting dot, click on it, and you go immediately to the touchpoints which are under it. Simple as that. Filters, because sometimes everything is too much When showing all the touchpoints it can be overwhelming. By using the filter option, you can send touchpoints you don't want to see, to the parking lot. A filter is a method for choosing which touchpoints you want to see, and which not. You can define, based on all the parameters there are, which parameter needs to be 'on' and which one needs to be 'off'. You can make as many filters as you want. E.g. you can select all the touchpoints that are owned by the contact center. In that selection, you can show only the touchpoints which are important to the customer, which has an improvement point and where the cost to fix are low...
  15. 15. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 15 of 17 Selecting like this drills down into all the touchpoints and lets you focus on the touchpoints that matter at that moment. Filters can be saved and removed or changed. You can give them a name, so everybody understands the meaning of it. Filters can be made in the map-view, but also in the charts view or in the reporting view.
  16. 16. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 16 of 17 4. Touchpoint Dashboard Position on Data Protection We take confidentiality and security very seriously. We understand the sensitive nature of your information. Here is a summary of our position on this topic based on data from our subscription agreement, internal policy manual, and our third party hosting partners, Amazon S3 and Webfaction. From our Subscription Agreement 4.2. Our Protection of Your Data. We shall maintain appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for protection of the security, confidentiality and integrity of Your Data. We shall not (a) modify Your Data, (b) disclose Your Data except as compelled by law in accordance with Section 8.3 (Compelled Disclosure) or as expressly permitted in writing by You, or (c) access Your Data except to provide the Services and prevent or address service or technical problems, or at Your request in connection with customer support matters. 8.1. Definition of Confidential Information. As used herein, "Confidential Information" means all confidential information disclosed by a party ("Disclosing Party") to the other party ("Receiving Party"), whether orally or in writing, that is designated as confidential or that reasonably should be understood to be confidential given the nature of the information and the circumstances of disclosure. Your Confidential Information shall include Your Data. 8.2. Protection of Confidential Information. The Receiving Party shall use the same degree of care that it uses to protect the confidentiality of its own confidential information of like kind (but in no event less than reasonable care) (i) not to use any Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party for any purpose outside the scope of this Agreement, and (ii) except as otherwise authorized by the Disclosing Party in writing, to limit access to Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party to those of its and its Affiliates’ employees, contractors and agents who need such access for purposes consistent with this Agreement and who have signed confidentiality agreements with the Receiving Party containing protections no less stringent than those herein. What else we do at Touchpoint Dashboard • In addition to backups performed by our hosting provider, Webfaction, we also provide local backups. • We perform constant patching of software and monitoring of the backups to verify they are complete. • We perform regular patching of our code base to improve security and functionality. • Three Senior Developers have worked on the project, and all of our developers review each other's code looking for security holes. Within our development team, we have our own checks and balances. How we handle storage of uploaded files We have two levels of security for uploading and downloading files. First, we check whether user has sufficient rights to upload/download the file. On first level, this is done by verifying our database records, which looks for following things before granting authorization: 1. User is the one who created the map (or a map is shared with the logged in user) 2. If either of the above conditions is false, user is not allowed to read or write any files
  17. 17. Conexperience Touchpoint Dashboard Page 17 of 17 3. If user is the one with whom the map is shared but doesn’t have edit rights, user can only download the file but can’t upload any new files Touchpoint Dashboard stores these files on Amazon S3 storage cloud, which is very secure and designed to achieve 99.99% durability. For Touchpoint Dashboard files it provides second a level of security. All the files which are attached to a touchpoint (under the files tab) are stored privately in a S3 bucket. To facilitate download of such files, a temporary access token (temporary URL) is generated. This token lasts for 45 seconds after which it gets expired. That makes this temporary URL virtually non- sharable. Reference: Information on our hosting provider, Webfaction Webfaction has been in business for over 6 years and they use some of the top datacenters in the world (from ThePlanet). The datacenter features redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESDA detection systems, closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances, 24 hour guard manned security, redundant a/c systems, and fiber from 5 separate providers. Webfaction also applies OS updates, and patches to their system supported software when their official communities release them. They have a team of dedicated System Administrators and their job is to test these patches and release them on the servers. Finally, Webfaction provides daily backups in case of data loss, in addition to those performed by Touchpoint Dashboard.