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customer, experience, management, journey, mapping, service, design, experience, improve, marketing.

customer, experience, management, journey, mapping, service, design, experience, improve, marketing.

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  • 1. Customer Experience Management by Conexperience Map the Customer Journey Understand the Customer
  • 2. Manage the Customer Journey and improve the customer experience.   Designthe customer journey by using urgencyand fun, by going on a journey yourself and use Customer Journey Mapping. Philosophy Conexperience
  • 3. Customers want more and more, because of transparency and innovation. Good is not good enough anymore Social media and the technical revolution have impact on customer behavior Companies needs to be special and stand out using experiences next to products, services and quality Managing the whole customer process is necessary for an outstanding customer experience in a multichannel environment Why?
  • 4. 1. Customer Arena How? Four concepts of Conexperience to: think and act ‘outside-in’ create sense of excitement touch the heart of employees validate existing information be able to repeat it yourself 4 2. Customer Interview 3. Customer Safari 4. CJM workshop •  Inviting customers to have a dialogue in the building of your company •  Discuss moments of magic and moment of pain •  Let employees and directors listen •  Let employees and directors ask questions •  Co-create improvement points Goal: feel the experience Goal: experience it yourself Goal: understand the emotions Goal: create journey maps •  Interview customer one-on- one •  Create a save environment •  Ask about emotions and opinions •  Use a question list, but make it natural •  Validate found improvement points •  Interviewing between 4 and 9 customers is enough •  Use methodology for Customer Journey Mapping •  Find episodes, choose touchpoints, make scenario’s, add emotions, fill Touchpoint Dashboard •  Merge withValue Stream Map to identify improvements points internally and externally •  Send employees on a safari and let them experience the real customer experience •  Let them use their a camera •  Use a diary to let them write down what they see, feel, hear, experience and think •  Give them an assignment, e.g. found processes to improve or a customer complaint
  • 5. Touchpoint Dashboard is online software for - Mapping the Customer Journey -Visualizing what is not yet visible - Working together on customer experience - Analyzing touchpoints - Saving time and money What?
  • 6. Method workshop Customer Journey Mapping 6  steps  of  the  Customer  Journey  Mapping  Methodology  by  Conexperience     1.  Define  the  scope   Make clear what will be in scope for the Customer Journey Map and what is not 2.  Episodes   Choose the beginning and the end of the Customer Journey Create the large blocks of the steps a customer goes through Merge episodes which belong to each other 3.  Touchpoints   Create per touchpoint a sentence which describes: 1. the customer, 2. verb, 3. channel, 4. activity, will be: 1. I 2. go to 3. the website 4. to look for a phone number 4.  Mapping  the  Customer  Journey   Put the touchpoints in the episodes 5.  2  scenario’s  of  most  common  Customer  Journeys   Create 2 scenario’s with the available touchpoints to build a story line of the customer, which we call storytelling 6.  Add  emoCons  to  episodes  and/or  touchpoints  to  validate  the  Customer  Journey  Map   Usage of verbatims, complaints, reports, Customer Experience input, Customer Safari, Customer Interviews, Customer Arena, CJM workshop Possible emotions customers can have Theory from Robert Plutchik Touchpoints mapped in Touchpoint Dashboard, webbased software for Customer Experience Management
  • 7. Why companies choose for Touchpoint Dashboard: •  It saves time and money; •  You can work on Customer Experience with your colleagues in the same environment; •  It makes it possible to communicate with other departments, to visualize and to give presentations; •  You can make the business or other departments (also) responsible for Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience; •  You can monitor the improvements on the touchpoints; •  You can share results and your Customer Experience vision to colleagues and ask for input. Why a tool?
  • 8. Why companies choose for Conexperience: •  Over 18 years of experience in Customer Service and Customer Experience; •  Combination of theory and practice; •  Creating urgency and fun at the same time; •  Result driven, always aiming for effect at the customer directly; •  Puts the customer first and let you experience what it is to be a customer; •  Working with the newest methodologies and training material; •  Involving management, employees and customers, because only these three groups can make the difference. Why Conexperience?
  • 9. Some facts and figures: •  No installation (on company server) required, software works in the cloud, in the browser on internet; •  License model starts at one license with 4 hour training included; •  Sharing maps is possible, also with people who don’t have a license; •  Touchpoint Dashboard is a company from the US with partners in different countries; •  Conexperience implemented Touchpoint Dashboard and the Customer Journey Mapping methodology at e.g.: What else?
  • 10. Example
  • 11. Customer Journey Map ‘SIM change’ Customer Service – post paid and pre paid 11   Episode 2 I contact Company X for help Episode 5 I can use my phone again Episode 4 I receive a solution Episode 3 I/they make a diagnose I’m experiencing the technical knowledge of Company X, because they are trying to find out what the problem is. I understand they cannot solve it in a minute, but I expect them to find it easily. To get help for solving the problem, I contact Company X for help. I hope they can fix it. I am customer of Company X , so I have the feeling they will help me fast and good. I choose the channel to contact Company X . They found the problem and are providing me a solution. I understand that sometimes it is my fault, but it can also be the fault of Company X. I hope they gave me the right solution, so I can call again. I am experiencing the solution to be implemented.The problem is solved and I can call again. I can use the service of Company X again.The problem is solved, I had an experience with Company X and with their employees. I’m experiencing problems with my phone/SIM. I cannot call, I lost my phone or it is stolen. I feel really bad, because I cannot use the Company X services. I have problem and I want it to be solved as fast as possible. Episode 1 I have a problem with my phone 11   Customer  Journey  over  <me   Moment of truth To the shop 1 Emo<on   Solved on the spot 11  11   Moments of truth 1. I want to receive a solution from Company X on the spot and fast. I don’t want to lose my information which is on the SIM. Company Xneed to inform me about the costs,lost information, processing time, waiting time for activating the new SIM and the difference between a shop and dealer/franchise. annoyance I have a problem trust sadness acceptance disgust acceptance joy 1 Used theory: Robert Plutchik’s ‘Wheel of emotions’
  • 12. Contact Conexperience Office inThe Netherlands Groesbeekseweg 69 6524 CR, Nijmegen,The Netherlands +31 24 3010 024 Office in México Capuchinas 1166-8 C.P. 44510, Col. Campo de Polo Chapalita Guadalajara, Jalisco, México +52 33 1365 9082 E-mail: Skype: dannypeters Whatsapp: +52 33 1365 9082 / +31 6 22 05 05 20 Website: Support: Chamber of Commerce: 53092066 Registered in The Netherlands