Top 10 Secrets of Successful SEO Cultures

Top 10 Secrets of Successful SEO Cultures



This presentation was prepared for Search Exchange 2011 and presented by Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik. ...

This presentation was prepared for Search Exchange 2011 and presented by Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik.

Whether you are a big or small company, global brand or local business, SEO represents the most cost effective opportunity for you to get more traffic, grow conversions and increase revenue. Seth shares the top 10 winning SEO secrets used by leading brands to consistently stay on top of the search engines.



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Top 10 Secrets of Successful SEO Cultures Top 10 Secrets of Successful SEO Cultures Presentation Transcript

  • Top 10 Secrets BehindWinning SEO CulturesEveryone Should Know or be an idiot to ignore @conductor
  • Most widely used SEO platform Over 500 leading brands rely on Conductor Optimizing billions worth of SEO revenue“Searchlight identifies our SEO shortcomings and increases our natural search ranking.Searchlight is the best solution out there.” - Jeremy Smith, Secondmarket @conductor
  • The world of search engine marketing is upside down @conductor
  • 22 BillionMonthly Google Searches @conductor
  • 92% TrafficComes from Natural Search @conductor
  • Consumers trust search engines @conductor
  • 11%Budget For SEO @conductor
  • Why did this paradigm exist? PPC is predictable SEO was notYou get out what you put in Not easy to determine ROI Easy to measure Difficult to quantify Easy to understand Executives don’t get it Easy to test Hard to prove Big Opportunity, Yet Difficult to Realize @conductor
  • Success SEO is an Enterprise-Wide Effort CEOIR Sales Com Marketing Tech PM Paid Display Email PR SEO SEO @conductor
  • @conductor
  • 1.They know their search market opportunity @conductor
  • Calculate your potential search opportunity animations Determine secondary Determine the keywords keywords you need that are in your ecosystem to create content for Don’t forget! Secondary keywords will have a lower conversion rate Determine the search volume for your keywords Total Realized Opportunity 160mm VisitorsWork out how aggressive you think you can be 14.0% Correlate against click through curve = 86.0% Total Unrealized Opportunity 1 Billion Visitors @conductor
  • Why we go to work everyday Total Realized Opportunity 160mm Visitors 14.0% 86.0%Total Unrealized Opportunity 1 Billion Visitors @conductor
  • 2. They are self aware about their SEO @conductor
  • Take a deep look inside Don’t preach SEO confusion Judge success by business metrics Everyone has SEO weaknesses Take an honest assessment Get better with KPIs @conductor
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses Rating Skills Low HighKeyword Discovery 1 2 3 4 5 Keyword Analysis 1 2 3 4 5 Copywriting 1 2 3 4 5 Link Building 1 2 3 4 5 Social Media 1 2 3 4 5 Blogging 1 2 3 4 5 PR 1 2 3 4 5 SEO Reporting 1 2 3 4 5 Analytics 1 2 3 4 5 HTML 1 2 3 4 5 Communication 1 2 3 4 5 Cooperation 1 2 3 4 5 @conductor
  • 3. SEO is paid media abusiness process @conductor
  • CEOIR Sales Com Marketing Tech PM Paid Display Email PR SEO @conductor
  • Create a center of SEO excellence CEO IR Sales Com Marketing Tech PM Paid Display Email PR SEOLinkbuilders Content Creators Auditors Tech Experts Analysts Business lead @conductor
  • Help cross functional teamsYOUTUBE SEO CHEAT SHEET SEO • Title text: You have 99 characters to optimize your title text, so consider your target keywords and any other keywords you may want to rank for, but dont forget including your branding and descriptive text. • Description: Write as much about your video as possible. Because user ratings and views play a factor in your search rankings within YouTube (and therefore Google) • Tags: Useful for search terms you use in your title text and description, including names and branding. @conductor
  • Implement SEO into business processes SEO Add keyword rich alt text to images. Make sure meta description resembles highest performing paid search snippet. All redirects for combined pages must be 301 @conductor
  • 4. Embrace Technology for Scale <hug> @conductor
  • Benefits of SEO technology Workflow ROI ReportingProgram Prioritization Customizable Reporting Keyword Discovery Unlimited Search ScaleContinual Optimization Page Recommendations Keyword Research Real-Time Keyword Alerts International SEO Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence Social Signal Tracking SEO Workflow Optimization Analytics Integration Preferred Landing Page Management @conductor
  • @conductor
  • @conductor
  • 5. They realize the value of competitive intelligence @conductor
  • Ranks are based on relative optimizationRank Optimization @conductor
  • Understanding who your real competitors are 800 keywordsx 100 positions Can subdivide by Category for 80,000 Ecommerce Sites / high variability on competitor domains Site/Keyword/ Position Data points Top 50% by Saturation Top 50% by Avg. Rank @conductor
  • Data driven way to understand you competitors Domain % Saturation Average Rank 68.35 3.2 59.73 6.7 58.47 2.4 @conductor
  • Understand your competitors momentum Competitor trending - Follow ranking shifts of competitors to identify aggressive movement either positively or negatively# Keyword 659 625 54305/30/2011Avg. Rank 7.34 14.20 2.1206/06/2011Avg. Rank 7.49 8.92 2.14 Delta -0.15 +5.28 -0.02 @conductor
  • Quickly identify new competitors 3rd Query – New Competitor Alerts - look at top three pages and identify new competitors that did not exist in previous time interval Rank Movement 2 4 New 6 4 Competitor 6Keyword Keyword 1 Keyword 1 Keyword 1Domain @conductor
  • Track competitors with a dashboard @conductor
  • Be bus c om6. They run SEO ine e a ss g uy like a business @conductor
  • Manage Against Metrics with Milestones (don’t manage against milestones) Managed SEO Keywords SEOSEO Search Position Milestones Milestones Traffic Success Success Revenue Metrics Metrics @conductor
  • 7. They measure SEO like paid media $ $ $ @conductor
  • SEO ROI =SEO Revenue - Revenue you’d get from doing nothing Investment in SEO @conductor
  • Factors to calculate All Natural Multi-Session All Keywords Revenue RevenueREVENUE Non-Branded YOY Last Click Keywords SEO Headcount COST Technology Programs @conductor
  • How to look badREVENUE Non-Branded YOY Last Click Keywords SEO Headcount COST Technology Programs @conductor
  • How to look good All Natural Multi-Session Revenue RevenueREVENUE Non-Branded Keywords SEO Headcount COST Technology Programs @conductor
  • How to look great All Natural Multi-Session All Keywords Revenue RevenueREVENUE SEO ( )- % of Social Headcount COST Technology % of PR % of PPC Programs % of Other @conductor
  • REVENUE All Keywords, All Natural Revenue, Multi-Session Good Great Non-Branded, All Natural, Multi-sessionNon-Brand, YOY Delta, First Click Bad All SEO Headcount + (All SEO Headcount + Technology & Technology & Program Program Investment) - % of PPC, PR, Investment SOCIAL Costs Cost @conductor
  • 8. They make SEOeveryone’s responsibility @conductor
  • SEO is in everyone’s interest Keyword rich and link Technical/Style ready Guidelines boiler plates PR IT SEOLists of high value keywords PPC missing content Editorial Keyword sharing @conductor
  • 9. They spread SEO transparency @conductor
  • Share your wins and lossesGive everyone access to your SEO dashboard Send SEO reports to key stake holders Hold SEO contests Present “Good SEO” awards Give everyone else credit @conductor
  • 10. SEO IS NOT “FREE SEARCH” @conductor
  • SEO P& @conductor
  • 1 Work out your share of search2 Become SEO self aware3 Make SEO a business process4 Embrace SEO technology for scale5 Unlock the power of competitive intelligence6 Run your SEO like a business process7 Report SEO like other business channels8 Make SEO everyone’s responsibility9 Be transparent10 Teach people SEO is not “free search” @conductor
  • Download today’s presentation & resources question? @besmertnik @conductor