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PUBCON New Orleans 2013 | Nathan Safran "Social Content"


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Conductor's Director of Research, Nathan Safran presented at Pubcon New Orleans 2013 at the "Social Media and Content Creation" session: …

Conductor's Director of Research, Nathan Safran presented at Pubcon New Orleans 2013 at the "Social Media and Content Creation" session:

"Successful social media practice begins with a thorough content strategy. This session will delve into the creation, management, and strategies of a social media content calendar. We will cover exact details and descriptions of the most successful content for Twitter, Facebook (including notes on EdgeRank), Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube."

In this download, you get an entire bundle of content creation resources:

Nathan's full presentation from Pubcon

A content creation spreadsheet
Whitepaper: "How to Build Share-Worthy, Link-Worthy, Complete Content the Search Algorithms Will Love"

Get your content creation resources today by filling out the form here:

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. @nathan_safranSocial Media Content CreationPresented by:Nathan Safran, Director of ResearchConductor, Inc.
  • 2. @conductor@nathan_safranAbout Me• Former ForresterResearch Analyst• Director of Researchfor Conductor• Search EngineLand/Search EngineWatch Columnist• Study the Search/SocialSpace
  • 3. @conductor@nathan_safranAbout• Market leader inEnterprise SEOTechnology• 1500+ top brandsincluding FedEx,HSN, Staples
  • 4. @conductor@nathan_safranThis session willdelve into the creation, management, andstrategy of a social media content calendar.We will cover exact details and descriptions ofthe most successful content for Twitter,Facebook (including notes on edge rank),Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.”“Successful social media practice begins with athorough content strategy.Today’s Session
  • 5. @conductor@nathan_safran• How has content become the backbone of searchand social?• What does it mean for a brand to become apublisher?• Success Stories: How brands have successfullytransitioned into publishersAgenda
  • 6. @conductor@nathan_safranContent is the foundation of SEO + SocialContentSEOSocial
  • 7. @conductor@nathan_safranFrom an SEO perspective, content has becomeincreasingly important as Google algo changes(Panda/Penguin) place renewed focus oncontent quality
  • 8. @conductor@nathan_safran“You want to have a well-rounded site and oneof the best ways to do that is to havefantastic, interesting, useful content, greatresources, great information, and then thatnaturally attracts the links…”–Matt CuttsHead of Webspam, GoogleMarch 2013
  • 9. @conductor@nathan_safranSearch Rankings DropKeyword View
  • 10. @conductor@nathan_safranKeyword View• Before the Panda GoogleAlgorithm in position 4Keyword: ‘New Years eve tabledecorations’• After the Panda GoogleAlgorithm Change:Not ranking
  • 11. @conductor@nathan_safranThe “Throw-Some-Content-Up-and-Rank”paradigm no longer cuts it…
  • 12. @conductor@nathan_safran…And, content must be accessible across social networksbecause discovery is now contextualFor each of the following, indicate the frequency youturn to search versus a social network:(Always or Often Reponses)
  • 13. @conductor@nathan_safranWhat it all means:Content is the foundation of SEO + SocialContentSEOSocial
  • 14. @conductor@nathan_safranGiven:(1) A renewed emphasis on content quality in Search(2) the emergence of Social as a content discoveryplatformHow, if at all, has the focus of theonline marketer changed?and
  • 15. @conductor@nathan_safranContent development is now #1 goalfor online marketersSource: Conductor and Search Engine Watch’s survey of 600Online Marketers, Why 2013 Will Be the Year of the SEO
  • 16. @conductor@nathan_safran
  • 17. @conductor@nathan_safranSo, brands are now publishers.What does it take for a brand to(really) be successful as a publisher?
  • 18. @conductor@nathan_safran“Provide value to your customers. Be helpful.Become the best publication and informationsource in your industry. This is the core ofinbound marketing.”–Mike Volpe, CMO Hubspot
  • 19. @conductor@nathan_safranSource: Rand Fishkin/SEOMozPut another way…
  • 20. @conductor@nathan_safranBut, it’s not just “Create More Content!”The whole paradigm has shiftedOld Content Paradigm New Content Paradigm“Make sure we have website copy withour keywords in it”“How are we creating content our readerswill find valuable?”Build Links Earn LinksGoal of Product Info on the Web:‘Tick a Box’Goal of Product Info on the Web:Add Value (Educate, Inform, Entertain…)Build Content for single/few platforms(website…)Build Content for Multi-Platforms (search,social, blog, video…)It’s all about me and my brandI’m a Publisher, working in strategicmentions of my brand (more on this later)
  • 21. @conductor@nathan_safranHow are you adding genuinevalue for your readers?The question the modern ‘Brand-Owner-as-Publisher’ must answer:(When you have a good answer to this question,the rest - links, shares, community - will follow)
  • 22. @conductor@nathan_safranA few ways of doing this:• Educate• Inform• Entertain
  • 23. @conductor@nathan_safranEducate and Inform…
  • 24. @conductor@nathan_safranEntertain…
  • 25. @conductor@nathan_safranBrandBrandNon-BrandNon-BrandNon-BrandSlip your brand in-between ‘value adds’Entertain…
  • 26. @conductor@nathan_safranConductor Tweet Stream:Slip Your Brand in-Between ‘Value Adds’Non-BrandNon-BrandBrandBrandDon’t try to take toomuch. Bring people backby sending them away
  • 27. @conductor@nathan_safranHow addresses the‘Brand-as-Publisher’ question
  • 28. @conductor@nathan_safranContent Creation Lifecycle:Everything starts with ideas
  • 29. @conductor@nathan_safranIdeation: Identify where you can ‘add value’• What do people want to know more about in ourindustry?• Develop content that meets that need• Rinse, and repeat
  • 30. @conductor@nathan_safranIndustry Influencers (or leading publications in your industry)help identify what people want to know more about
  • 31. @conductor@nathan_safran
  • 32. @conductor@nathan_safranRead more:
  • 33. @conductor@nathan_safranWhat Do People Want to Know More About?
  • 34. @conductor@nathan_safranWhat is the brand impact (beyond clicks) inappearing on page one of the search results?• Our analysis showed industry focusdisproportionately on trafficbenefits of appearing in search• Marketers underinformed aboutother brand benefits of appearingin search• Research study on brandperception/intent to purchase liftwhen appearing on page one insearch• Covered by industry publications,largest lead generator forConductorThe Branding Value of Search’s Page OneDownload:
  • 35. @conductor@nathan_safranIt all comes back to:Always Be Brainstorming (ABB)Always Be Reading (ABR)
  • 36. @conductor@nathan_safranIn Summary: Build content your audience willgenuinely be interested in.Repeatedly. (It sounds obvious, but…)
  • 37. @conductor@nathan_safranNot having success?
  • 38. @conductor@nathan_safranMost content creators spend a bit of time on Ideation at the start, andthen focus the majority of time on creation, publishing and promotion
  • 39. @conductor@nathan_safranYou may not be giving ideation the mindshare it requiresto create awesome contentIdeation must be given sufficientmindshare in your contentcreation process for your brandto truly become a publisherBeforeAfter
  • 40. @conductor@nathan_safranIdeation Tips• People love brainstorming new content ideas. Findcreative people in your org and buy them lunch• Hire with the intention that content brainstormingbe one of the new hires responsibilities• Leverage tools to organize ideas
  • 41. @conductor@nathan_safranAlways Be Brainstorming (ABB) Tips• Identify creative data sources in your industry you are notcurrently leveraging
  • 42. @conductor@nathan_safranFinal TakeawayWhereever your organization is as a content creator, take a stepback, look at your content with a critical eye, and answer thisquestion:How are we (really)adding value for ourreaders?ContentSocialSEO
  • 43. @conductor@nathan_safranThank You!DOWNLOAD THE SafranDirector of