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IRWD 2013 | Seth Dotterer: "The Latest Search Engine Changes" (with HSN)


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Fresh content, page design, usability – all of those never used to be part of ranking high in search engine results. Today they’re all important factors in whether consumers will be able to find a …

Fresh content, page design, usability – all of those never used to be part of ranking high in search engine results. Today they’re all important factors in whether consumers will be able to find a site in search results. This presentation features Hugo Guzman, Senior Manager of Online Marketing at HSN and Seth Dotterer, VP of Product & Marketing at Conductor, brings marketers up to date on the latest changes to Google and what they mean to a marketer’s success.

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Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Welcome to IRWD 2013The latest search engine changes –what all marketers need to know.Hugo Guzman – HSNSeth Dotterer - ConductorR
  • 2. We live in veryinteresting times
  • 3. ®SEO Leadership•  150+ pieces of SEO thoughtleadership in 2012•  C3, the largest userconference in enterprise SEO•  Dedicated to raising theprofile of search marketersWho We Are•  Founded in 2006•  Located in New York, SanFrancisco, and BostonConductor Searchlight•  Supporting SEO success forover 2000 leading brands•  $4.5B in SEO revenue undermanagement•  18TB of SEO data collectedweekly
  • 4. There are 3 billionsearches every day
  • 5. Google is obsessedwith the internetuser
  • 6. And makes over500 updates to itsalgorithm a year tokeep them happy
  • 7. Since 2000 wehave seen updatesthat fluctuate inimpact.
  • 8. Until 2010 thesehad little impact onmarketers whowere not SEOs.
  • 9. The last two yearsthey have increasedin frequency anddisruptions caused.
  • 10. Top Google changesin 2012
  • 11. The menu barmigrates north
  • 12. Google introducesthe knowledgegraph.
  • 13. Enhanced SearchResults sprinkled inSERPS
  • 14. SERPS arechanging fast andthat meansopportunity isincreasing
  • 15. Not everything wasan immediatesuccess.
  • 16. Penguin & Panda keepeveryone on alert
  • 17. Making yourselfalgorithm proof anduser friendly
  • 18. What to do in thenext algorithmupdate1.  Make Sure you Know!2.  Don’t Panic3.  Make sure you understandthe intent of the algorithmupdate4.  Check Google/Bingwebmaster tools5.  Conduct a visibility analysisusing your search platform6.  See if your competitors areaffected
  • 19. Create new andrelevant contentregularly.
  • 20. Duplicate content isnot a good strategy
  • 21. Achieved successwith cross-functionalcollaboration
  • 22. Great in-houseSEOs are best atengaging Non-SEOs versus beingtechnical gurusThe Engagerof Non-SEOsTheTechnicalGuru
  • 23. Format yourplatforms for easyanalysis andreporting
  • 24. Establish a SEOchecklist forcontentThe Engagerof Non-SEOs
  • 25. Hunt down contentpoachers
  • 26. Stay away fromboiler plates
  • 27. Become a voice ofauthority in yourindustry
  • 28. Focus on relevancewhen link building
  • 29. Social media is notabout selling butengaging.
  • 30. Make friends withGoogle+ but not bestfriends.
  • 31. User orientatedweb strategiesincreased traffic
  • 32. •  One Domain –•  Four Screens– TV– DesktopLaptop– Smartphone•  Dozens of internal stakeholders– Digital Marketing– Brand Marketing– PR– Creative– Merchandisers/Buyers– Product Management– Analytics– Legal– Finance– Executives Committee•  Thousands of products•  Millions of pages and in-boundlinksHSN SEO
  • 33. HSN Keys tosearch success•  Stakeholder Buy-in•  Alignment with dev/IT•  Unique and authoritative content•  Influencer Engagement•  Enterprise Analytics andReporting– Leads to stakeholderempowerment
  • 34. Download the presentation